1 hour 0:19
DOOGEE V31GT|10800mAh Large Battery
📷📱More Power, Less Worry#doogeev31gt 🔋🪫The 10800mAh battery ensures that you maintain your momentum and productivity effortlessly while enjoying uninterrupted entertainment along your journey.
1 hour 2:05:06
Intel Innovation 2023 Livestream - Day 2 featuring Greg Lavender Keynote
Join us for Intel Innovation 2023, a conversation with developers, technologists, and engineers advancing technology for the future.
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3 hours 0:35
[Samsung Core Technology] Air Conditioner: WindFree™ l Samsung
Introduce WindFree™ cooling as a Samsung core technology of air conditioner. Stay comfortably cool without feeling cold. spr.ly/6054PsFtK #Samsung
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3 hours 0:19
DOOGEE V31GT|Multiple Colors, Beautifully Powerful
🎉🤩Sunshine Gold Moonlight Silver Classic Black ✔️Gradient Cover Plate ✔️Decoration Ring ⏰World Premiere: 18th-25th Sep.
3 hours 2:22
Nokia Industrial devices connect people and machines
Nokia Industrial devices are ruggedized, designed and developed for harsh conditions.
5 hours 0:14
Expand your digital horizons with the ADATA microSDXC 128GB card!
Expand your digital horizons with the ADATA microSDXC 128GB card – the code to limitless possibilities!
5 hours 0:21
DOOGEE V31GT|All-round Outdoor Photography System
📷📱Unleash the True Power of Photography 💫🤩#DOOGEEV31GT boasts an exceptional Sony® IMX766 50MP main camera, which empowers you to effortlessly capture the mesmerizing essence of your surroundings
6 hours 0:21
Store Safely! ADATA 64GB UV320 USB 3.1 Flash Drive
The only thing you need to be dropping, is storage onto the ADATA UV128 USB. With 256GB of Storage. 💥🤯 Check out this powerhouse on Newegg!
6 hours 0:12
Corsair Icue Link
Tune in to Newegg Live! as we are joined by Corsair to celebrate their iCUE LINK product launch!
6 hours 1:14:22
Introducing Amazon's Latest Devices and Services 2023
Introducing more intuitive, personalized experiences with our new smart home devices, plus more conversational interactions with Alexa.
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7 hours 0:18
Corsair Icue Link
HUGE NEWS!!! Join us LIVE, September 21st , from 4pm-7pm PT for our TikTok Exclusive Sale Event + LIVE PC Build brought to you by Corsair.
7 hours 1:08
PolyAI at NVIDIA GenAI Meetup London
Catch a brief message from #NVIDIAinception member PolyAI as they share how they work with NVIDIA NeMo and Riva services.
8 hours 0:14
Don't blend in! Stand OUT With The Camo DualSense PS5 Controller!
Don't blend in! 🎮🌿 The magic of the Camo DualSense, always ready for gaming. Get yours today and keep your friends guessing!
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9 hours 1:28
Quick Tour Of Nvidia Dgx H100
To learn more about how to accelerate #AI on NVIDIA DGX™ H100 systems, powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, visit our page here
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10 hours 3:57
Get Started with Intel® Developer Cloud | Intel Software
How to get a machine up and running in 2 minutes on the Intel Developer Cloud. Intel developer cloud has the latest hardware from Intel, with the latest software already installed.
10 hours 0:18
Unleash your productivity with the Acer Iconia 10 tablet!
Unleash your productivity and tech dreams with the Acer Iconia 10 tablet!
10 hours 1:44
AWS + NFL's Next Gen Stats Unveil Pressure Probability | Amazon Web Services
Leveraging ideas and concepts from the 2023 Big Data Bowl, AWS and the NFL's Next Gen Stats team created a series of AI and Machine Learning models that better captures QB pressure and how it
11 hours 0:13
Feel the heat anywhere with the Rosewill Portable Induction Cooktop!
Feel the heat anywhere with the Rosewill Portable Induction Cooktop!
11 hours 3:43
Now in Android: 91 - Jetpack Glance, Android 14 QPR, Google Play policy and console updates, & more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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11 hours 10:19
The Time I Got Possessed And Built A PC | Build Of The Month | Ep 2
ATTENTION: YouTube just removed the link to enter the giveaway, so I put it on my Twitter/X: twitter.com/iamkylehansen Seems like the best option for now, as I'd rather not repost the link
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11 hours 8:50
Affordable 75” Tv! Lg Qned
For more information on LG QNED: US ➡ bit.ly/LGQNED_JonR1 UK ➡ bit.ly/LGQNED81_JonR2 #Ad #LGQNED81 #75inchTV #4KTV #LGTV Are you looking for your next big-screen TV that won't
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12 hours 8:45
How to enable and authenticate Amazon Connect users through AWS Managed Microsoft AD
In this demo, learn how to configure Amazon Connect users through AWS Managed Microsoft AD.
12 hours 2:29
Learn How IDEAYA Biosciences Used Machine Learning to Increase Speed of Innovation with AWS
IDEAYA Biosciences is a clinical-stage precision medicine oncology company that uses an innovative treatment called “synthetic lethality” to fight cancer.
12 hours 0:36
The secret to a good prompt with Bing Image Creator #shorts #bing #microsoft #ai #bingai
Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/microsoft Twitter: twitter.com/Microsoft
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12 hours 11:46
Using Active Directory as an identity source for AWS IAM Identity Center | Amazon Web Services
In this demo, learn how to enable Microsoft Active Directory as an idenitty source in AWS IAM Identity Center.
13 hours 0:49
ABCs of #AI - L is for Large Language Models
Welcome to ABC’s of AI, where we’ll cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence using the Alphabet. Today, L is for Large Language Models!
13 hours 25:49
Huawei Watch Gt 4 In-Depth Review! - Best Smartwatch 2023 ?!
The HUAWEI Watch GT 4 has been released. What a crazy Smartwatch with 14 days battery life and many premium Features.
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13 hours 7:06
Enhanced vulnerability intelligence on Amazon Inspector | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Inspector provides enhanced vulnerability intelligence as a part of its findings.
13 hours 6:27
How to use Accessibility Scanner
Accessibility Scanner is a tool that scans an app’s user interface and then provides recommendations on how to improve the accessibility of that app.
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14 hours 10:36
Data Strategy Unravelled: Leveraging Amazon OpenSearch with Generative AI | Amazon Web Services
In this video, Khendr’a Reid, Principal Data Strategy Tech Specialist at AWS, Marc Clark, Worldwide GTM Leader for Amazon OpenSearch at AWS, to discuss how Amazon OpenSearch can be leveraged as a
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