Amazing Cute Yarn Cat Making 🐱 How to make a cat of yarn and a paper tube 💛 Woolen Craft

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Published on 24 Apr 2022, 14:25
DIY Tutorial: How to make a very cute cat from a sleeve and threads with your own hands.
To make this cat, I used thick yarn, a toilet paper roll and hot glue, as well as beads for the eye.

The number of turns for making pom-poms depends on the thickness of the yarn, and in this video I used yarn with a thick thread, so there were not many turns. If you are using thinner yarn, then do a lot more turns.
Head: 30 turns per sleeve + 10 turns of other color.
Tail: 30 turns per hub.
Tail: 10 turns on 1 finger and 8 turns on 2 fingers.
Muzzle: 6 turns on 3 fingers.
Paws: 8 turns on 2 fingers.

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