Amazon Accessibility Anthem (audio described)

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Published on 3 Oct 2022, 7:01
We’re building a more accessible future. Amazon’s vision is to become Earth’s most customer-centric company. We’re working hard to make all of our devices and services delightful for customers with disabilities. Find out what our accessible products and services can do for you at

Transcript with visual description:
The video is a montage of a multitude of quick moments in time featuring Amazon customers with disabilities using Amazon devices and features.
The video opens with an aerial drone shot of an Amazon delivery truck. We meet the truck and the driver down on a residential street. The Amazon delivery person hands off a package to a man in a wheelchair at his front door. They smile at each other.
Then we see a sequence of fast-paced brief scenes:
- A young man with Down Syndrome looking into his fridge, visibly disappointed by the sheer amount of vegetables: kale, lettuce, green onions, radishes.
- Two women on a couch, signing in ASL with gusto.
- A close up of a woman adjusting her hearing aid.
- The Fire TV setup screen to connect compatible Bluetooth hearing aids.
- A teenager in a motorized wheelchair with his grandpa watching an eagle fly by in a park. The teenager uses a Bluetooth switch connected to his Fire tablet to look at an illustration of bald eagles.
- A young person at a farmer’s market opening the Amazon app on their phone and looking at their Alexa shopping list.
- A blind teenage girl baking in her kitchen, using Show and Tell to identify a can. She says “Alexa, what am I holding?”
- A woman lounging on her deck watching the audio described version of the TV show Bosch on her Fire tablet.
- A dad reading a story to his son in bed off of a Fire tablet using Reading Ruler.
- A close up of a woman’s hands on a refreshable braille display. She is at a desk in her home office. She then turns to the camera smiling, and feels for her service dog by her side.
- A man who uses a wheelchair in his kitchen, petting his dog and drinking coffee. He speaks to his Echo Dot on the kitchen table: “Alexa, open the blinds.” His dog watches the blinds open.
Rapidly, back to the two women on a couch singing, laughing, the dad tucking his son in bed, the grandpa and grandson in a motorized wheelchair in the park watching the sky, a blind woman using a cane walking down the street, the teenage girl laughing with her grandpa as she bakes, a close up of the German Shepard service dog in the home office, as the woman pets it.
Finally, the woman in her office, facing the camera. Words appear: Jessie L, Sr. Accessibility Specialist. She says: “And then, you’d get back to work.”
We see Jessie from the outside of her office window as the shot goes up and above the house to reveal the Seattle skyline in the background.