CTECHi GT300 Portable Power Station

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Published on 4 Oct 2022, 9:18
Get the CTECHi GT300 Portable Power Station at: bit.ly/3SxW08R
Portable and Powerful
Features a 300W AC inverter, a 299Wh LiFePO4 battery, and 5 sockets, this power station ensures that your most important devices are powered on the go or in the event of a power failure at home.

Safe and Long-Lasting LiFePO4 Battery
This portable power station is equipped with high-quality LiFePO4 batteries, which provide a 6 times longer service life. The pure sine wave inverter and the BMS system provide additional protection for you and your devices.

5 Outputs Ports
Equipped with 1 x pure sine wave AC, 1 x PD 45 W, 2 x USB QC 3.0, and 1 x DC, it can power up to 5 devices simultaneously. Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, fans, CPAPs, and much more to meet your needs.

3 Recharging Modes
The built-in MPPT regulator supports solar inputs of up to 100W (solar module idle voltage range 12 V-26 V), which is ideal for outdoor life and even for unexpected power outages. Besides, it can be charged by a wall outlet or a car outlet.

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