YouTube Will Demonetize This Video - WAN Show January 13, 2023

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Published on 14 Jan 2023, 4:12
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:09 Intro
1:32 Topic #1 - YouTube changes guidelines, YouTubers pissed
2:23 Guideline changes in regards to swearing
3:34 RTGame requested an appeal, YouTube instead flags many videos
4:16 ProZD's experiment demonetized ft sponsors shoutout
4:52 YouTube's statement to The Verge
5:42 What is YouTube's responsibility when announcing changes?
7:33 Impacts on advertisers, Riley's & Luke's live notes
10:34 Creator's responsibility, Luke's thoughts on LTT's "safe content"
13:44 FloatPlane's business model & creator's revenue
19:04 Discussing Nebula subscription model
21:02 FloatPlane's annual revenue towards LTT
23:26 Topic #2 - WotC backpedals on OGL after backlash
23:36 Summarizing last week
27:14 "Three goals in mind," Linus calls it bull
29:26 Linus on copyrighting cosplays, new OGL changes
32:05 Salty comment, Linus on "Trust Me Bro" & policies
36:38 Paizo's OGL to be "open, perpetual and irrevocable"
38:54 Perpetual WAN show document, mentioning TeamViewer
39:56 Linus's failed set up, Luke's comment & Yvonne on DnD
41:53 Discussing LTTStore, printing update
43:33 Merch Messages #1
46:27 Out of Intel, AMD & NVIDIA, which is the bigger liar?
55:48 IPv4 block addresses, using BGP for anything?
56:45 Know when to complain to higher-ups, and to move on?
1:04:20 Sponsor - Notion
1:06:02 Sponsor - Freshbooks
1:07:13 Sponsor - Squarespace
1:08:06 Topic #3 - Windows 81 officially discontinued
1:09:54 Linus on his recent Vista experience
1:11:36 Where would you rank Win 8/81 on worst versions?
1:15:32 Merch Messages #2
1:16:04 Does Linus take any action to protect his voice?
1:18:52 What product Linus wants to make? ft angry Linus
1:22:56 Topic #4: Intel releases the first 6 GHz CPU
1:23:17 Intel I9 13900KS, pricing & specs
1:25:02 Luke on binned CPUs
1:25:44 Linus explains the unhinged WAN show
1:27:44 Intel's past Tejas project, GHz versus efficiency
1:29:03 Expectable trends to push in, TSMC on cache size
1:32:08 Topic #5: Tim Cook takes 40% pay cut
1:33:26 Linus questions rate per minute, "eat that puss"
1:35:44 Mentioning Nintendo CEO's cut due to Wii U & 3DS
1:37:38 Anker removes Linus from endorsement list
1:38:28 Topic #6: Mercedes' level 3 self-driving cars
1:39:30 Audi's 2019 A8, Linus' on auto-driving & "giving BJ"
1:41:09 FloatPlane, Creator Warehouse & LMG hiring
1:43:27 Linus on the lack of burst of sales this week
1:44:19 Topic #7: AMD's 7900XTX cooler issues
1:46:02 Low stock, replacement cost, Der8auer on refunding
1:46:43 Faulty VRMs, faulty drivers, 48 dead 6900XT's
1:48:13 How would you solve this as AMD?
1:49:06 Linus wonders what happens to dead GPUs
1:50:18 Merch Messages #3
1:50:25 Favorite Mario kart game ft Dan's pronunciation
1:52:24 Canceled LTX purchasers, FP casting not working
1:53:47 Anything interesting running in Linus's home server?
1:55:40 Using blockchain technology to resolve revenue?
1:58:58 "Why have a marketplace for maps when you can share for free?"
2:01:36 LTTStore not com for LTX
2:02:16 How many shirts to get Linus to say "Snoochie Boochies"?
2:03:20 Any games to introduce to wife into mobile legends?
2:04:54 Companies as "infrastructure," Government regulations, shutting down?
2:07:07 Who would be the Dante and Randal of LMG?
2:07:52 What caused the private items policy?
2:09:17 Thoughts on the Steam Deck 2 leaks
2:10:28 When would Luke want to retire?
2:11:04 Does over-engineering carry over weight of consideration?
2:11:21 Buttons to start & stop launch sequences?
2:11:53 What enclosure does Linus use?
2:12:36 How many people at LMG would Linus consider a friend?
2:14:29 Most important upgrade in Linus's house?
2:15:09 Rating before starting a video?
2:16:06 Outro