I'm A Short King - WAN Show January 20, 2023

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Published on 21 Jan 2023, 5:43
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
0:57 WAN show full-time employee, WHEEL OF PAAAIN
2:04 Intro
2:39 Topic #1: Smosh's "Short Kings Rank Short Kings" video
3:05 Watching the video, ranked next to Markiplier & Tom Holland
4:37 Luke's short joke, Linus on half inches & finding the board
6:22 Discussing ranked people, Tom Cruise's tenacity
7:33 Topic #2: Microsoft & Google lay off thousands again
7:56 Reasons provided by Microsoft, focus on AI
9:04 Exactly a year after Microsoft's major plans, Luke on OpenAI
10:24 Quote from Google's CEO, Linus on sustainable hiring
12:57 Linus looks at Google's stock, incompetent management
14:16 Linus hints at an official investment
14:33 Google offers 60 days of pay & 16 weeks of severance
15:36 Linus on GPT replacing Google until it fails to make revenue?
18:04 Linus on jewelry shopping, comparing to Microsoft
21:03 Twitter thread on paying for GPT 4, Luke mentions company costs
23:24 Linus compares GPT 4 to real-estate
23:53 Linus on Merch Messages with GPT 4, Luke on IRC & selling tools
27:31 Update on shadow-banning, discussing NDA & embargoes
32:44 Linus's on algorithm = audience, 7900XT/X embargoes
36:35 Shutting down "AliExpress" screwdriver & backpack argument
39:36 Being unable to defend yourself, Luke on RTX 6000 comments
43:33 Luke's video idea, James's "How to Make Good Linus Videos"
45:41 Laws of Linus #1: Never insult the audience
50:11 Topic #3: Two major lawsuits on AI art generators
50:53 Stable Diffusion's habit of replicating "Getty Images" watermark
52:06 AI replicating images, "remixing" copyrighted artwork
53:05 Luke on using replicated AI images for mobile games
55:04 Does it matter what the law is if the benefits outweigh negatives?
56:18 Reaction channels, fair use & YouTube revenue
1:06:18 Linus's "ethical reaction guidance," Luke on unfair usage
1:09:02 Linus on unfair usage of LTT content & mutual agreement
1:12:27 Floatplane Poll: "Reaction content" on submissions
1:15:50 Linus on LMG's transformative reaction content
1:17:44 LMG Clips's revenue & viewership V.S. timestamps
1:19:43 Alex P still gets clickbaited into WAN clips
1:20:55 Luke on "names of things matter," TARKOV short video
1:21:54 Sponsor - Thorum
1:23:42 Sponsor - Audible
1:25:37 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear
1:26:33 WHEEL OF PAAAIN explained
1:28:30 WoP #1: Twitter apps broke, rules on 3rd party apps
1:30:26 Consulting firm not paid after forcing Elon to buy Twitter
1:30:53 Luke tells Linus to "sit the F down," argument starts
1:37:01 Dan the Adjudicator, Luke to "shadow-ban" Linus
1:41:12 WoP #2: Samsung to use old patent to ban TP screen imports
1:42:44 AFBF signs Right to Repair with JD, argument starts
1:54:26 Dan the Adjudicator's, "defend the indefensible"
1:58:59 Luke recalls Namco Ltd's patent, TESRenewal's Skyblivion
2:06:15 LTTStore's new underwear designs
2:07:32 Merch Messages #1
2:08:14 Playing Runescape back in the day.
2:11:43 Account-locked phones as tech waste?
2:15:28 Merch Messages criticism from a Floatplane user
2:18:32 What is Linus's process for choosing a supplier?
2:22:36 Topic #4: LTX 2023 update
2:23:59 Topic #5: Linus on his investment in a NAS product
2:27:55 Topic #6: Apple's new HomePod & Mini
2:28:56 M2 Pro & M2 Max, new Macbooks, possible SC videos
2:30:10 Apple TV requires another Apple device to accept TOS
2:31:25 Linus & Luke on AirPods & lack of firmware update
2:33:10 "It's a bug," Linus on hand washer not working with POC
2:36:39 Apple TV+'s horrific video quality on non-Apple devices
2:37:35 Topic #7: Wyoming's bill to phase out EVs by 2035
2:42:54 Topic #8: Stadia's self-service to enable BT
2:43:36 Merch Messages #2
2:43:50 Thoughts on 10Gbps home fiber?
2:55:01 Addon that warns products using Labs reviews?
2:57:02 Advice for starting a job with an unfamiliar field?
3:00:11 What fictional technology do you wish to review?
3:01:25 Would you consider a team that investigates shady practices?
3:02:35 Explain the need behind improving WAN show
3:12:26 10Gbps for 3-2-1 backups, wanting 4K3D, home of 40Gbps
3:14:35 Tips of traveling with a newborn
3:15:25 Experience with Valve Index & Quest 2 for Beat Saber
3:17:12 What's your favorite dad joke?
3:18:15 Luke addresses 1Gb chat misconception
3:19:05 Does Linus code?
3:22:35 Biggest struggle as a new developer after graduation?
3:25:22 chatGPT prompt on why one needs 10Gbps
3:26:01 Being a successful YouTuber while keeping your life private?
3:28:39 How do you come up with products to develop & sell?
3:31:18 Did Luke try out Dark and Darker?
3:33:56 Does LMG have a gym for employees to use?
3:35:40 Outro