I Am Hard... [REDACTED] - WAN Show March 17, 2023

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Amazon... more like SCAMazon
Published on 18 Mar 2023, 5:22
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:31 Intro
2:09 Topic #1 - Linus's home server update
9:48 Luke's AC quote, Linus on borrowing GPUs, Aj's reponse
13:30 Linus asks Dan about showing pictures, Teams rant ft. Worried Luke
14:42 Linus explains custom & proprietary pins, sends photos to A Prime
17:22 Photo of Linus's janky solution, kicked PSU story
20:09 Photo of "custom 20-pin", Linus on "borrowing"
22:35 Linus's convo with the logistics team on RAM
26:22 Luke on coming back to LMG & his pairs of cloth
27:33 Linus on color coding his wife's & children's socks
29:35 Luke on someone's "office," lack of good headsets
34:12 Linus on LTT Labs & the size of LMG buildings
37:28 Luke on the productivity of local V.S. remote work
38:57 Topic #2 - Mint Mobile sold to T-Mobile
43:42 Ryan Reynold's insincere statement, Linus does math.
47:32 Ryan's football team, selling a gym, discussing benefits
50:55 Merch Messages #1
1:06:48 Luke's birb that passed away, Linus's cheat sheets & birthdays
1:14:35 Sponsor - Backblaze
1:17:10 Sponsor - Zoho One
1:18:20 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear
1:20:12 LTTStore's new shape sorter toy ft. Luke unboxing
1:25:42 Baby's first PC idea, issues with magnets
1:26:51 Buy team red's CPU pillows, get a chance for a real CPU
1:29:15 Topic #3 - OpenAI releases ChatGPT-4 & ChatGPT Plus
1:31:46 Discussing power-seeking large models
1:32:08 Reselling software, #HustleGPT on github
1:42:08 Midjoruney no longer has issues generating hands
1:43:48 Linus on paying for ChatGPT to resell products
1:45:52 Luke on AI hallucinations & people misusing Bing
1:48:36 ChatGPT in Google Docs, Gmail & Microsoft 365, Teams
1:55:28 Linus leaves, Luke on Office 365 Co-Pilot's videos
1:57:28 "Dan" talks, Linus on AI hands, Luke on companies using ChatGPT
2:02:00 Topic #4 - Samsung fakes moon images via live processing
2:09:15 Topic #5 - Cloud offers pool heater if you host its server
2:11:18 Luke on NVIDIA winning due to hardware AI
2:12:16 Google announces MedPaLM 2 & medical benefits
2:13:47 Topic #6 - Cerebral leaks info of 31M patients
2:14:52 Betterhelp ordered to pay 77M in damages
2:15:08 GoodRx fined for sharing info, WAN writer's note
2:19:12 Dating sites' accurate data & the ad industry
2:22:32 Topic #7 - Luke's "Mineral oil" PC & NAS update
2:24:01 Colton took over Linus's office, Linus's offices history
2:28:10 LTTStore looking for volunteers to try out 5-6XXL
2:29:52 Topic #8 - Meta lays off 22,000 within 4 months
2:33:01 Meta's history of employees, recalling LMG's history
2:34:23 LMG & Floatplane are currently hiring
2:35:44 Merch Messages #2
2:35:50 Any fun PC myths or legends?
2:37:24 Who is the biggest potty mouth in real life?
2:39:52 How much content waste is in LMG?
2:42:09 Ever had any motorcycle accidents?
2:47:51 Why are companies focused on PCI-E speed & not count?
2:52:33 Did Linus's publicity help Framework grow?
2:56:50 Devil's advocate, VP winner of merch rewards program
3:00:55 Specs of the first PC built, and first PC you used?
3:08:30 Combine two connections to use a printer wirelessly?
3:12:58 Why did Luke stay in LMG instead of relocate?
3:18:46 Tips to introduce games to kids without addiction? ft. Australian Dan
3:20:38 Any tech that is perfect & cannot be improved upon?
3:23:21 If you got an offer to go to the moon, would you?
3:24:04 Does LTTStore screen print designs crack?
3:26:13 Is the down jacket good for motorcycling?
3:27:50 Follow-up to VP winning merch
3:28:56 If Dan got the keys to LMG, what would you change?
3:31:46 What future innovations does Luke look up to?
3:32:42 Did Luke have any experience or did he become a CEO off the bat?
3:33:44 LMG's expansion onto other sites
3:36:20 Choose a main focus for Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch
3:38:38 Requirements for LMG & needs, would you consider the right resume?
3:40:32 Does LMG do baby baskets? When would Sarah make child cloth?
3:42:27 Daily kilowatts used in Linus's Taycan?
3:44:08 What is the longest you've used a PC component?
3:46:02 Favorite piece of equipment you had to buy for LMG?
3:50:51 Do you think home AI is as good as the cloud?
3:52:22 What game have you spent on doing random stuff?
3:53:22 What do you use for encoding/decoding your Linux ISOs?
3:54:06 Which tech is notably over-engineered?
3:55:51 "What are guys' current phones?"
3:56:54 615 merch messages answered this show
3:59:13 Outro
3:59:58 Praising Dan on handling the Merch Messages