eFishery Revolutionizes Sustainable Aquaculture for the World with AWS | Amazon Web Services

Published on 8 Nov 2023, 19:41
eFishery is the first and largest Aquatech startup in Asia, founded in 2013 and based in Indonesia. Their mission is to feed the world through aquaculture, making foodtech accessible and affordable, promote responsible and sustainable farming practices and support food security for the next generation. The startup has to-date supported more than 200,000 fish and shrimp farmers with 4 flagship products in 280 cities and districts, and have granted access to over 24,000 farmers to financial institutions through their Kabayan program in Indonesia.

eFishery leveraged AWS to build a robust and scalable infrastructure to streamline their development and management processes, while also being able to ensure data protection and business continuity, utilizing services including Amazon EC2, Amazon EFS, AWS Secrets Manager, Amazon Key Management Service, and more.

The startup plans to explore Amazon CloudFront as part of their strategy to expand their reach globally for swift and efficient worldwide content delivery, minimizing latency and enhancing user experience.

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