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17 May 2006
6 days 36:23
The ULTIMATE Car Enthusiast Garage & Acreage - 1320Garages | Ep. 2
Episode 2 of 1320Garages takes us 20 minutes outside Omaha to our buddy Chris Sills garage. Chris has what most of us car enthusiasts dream of - 35 acres and more garage space than house!
225 313
9 days 13:22
Flame Spitting Stick Shift King | Grubworm Camaro
We ran into one of our favorite stick shift cars at World Cup Finals, Grubworm! Not only is it one of our favorites, it holds the world record for quickest stick shift car with a 6.61 at 216mph!
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14 days 10:43
Truck takes FLIGHT! All 4 wheels off the ground! (RedRum OBS Pickup)
Who doesn't love a full size race truck? Red Rum just might be THE MOST badass full size race truck we have ever seen.
164 314
18 days 40:35
How I Started 1320Video 20 Years Ago | 1320 Stories
This is the first of many videos to come of a new series we call 1320 Stories. We travel all over the world and meet some incredible people in the automotive community.
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21 day 21:08
Top 10 CRAZIEST Moments from 2022!! (1320video's Favorites)
2022 was a great year for 1320video. We got to experience new events like Alaska & Big Rig Racing, and of course hit up our favorites like TX2K, RaceWeek, and Import vs Domestic.
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28 days 27:56
Street Outlaws FIRST 1/4 MILE Races.. Easy 5 second passes?
1320video Merch & More!: 1320video.com This year at Import vs Domestic - World Cup Finals, we were graced with seeing a few of the Street Outlaws make some quarter mile passes in cars that
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34 days 1:36:47
The SUPERBOWL of Street Racing (Texas Streets: The Hunt)
"Texas Streets: The Hunt" is an iconic movie from the 1320video Archives that we're happy to release as a part of our annual Holiday free DVD uploads.
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37 days 56:23
120mph T-BONE, Wrecks, INSANE Racing (Import vs Domestic 2022 Highlights)
1320Video Merch ► 1320video.com 20,000 fans packed Maryland International Raceway for Import vs Domestic this year, hungry for the action that this event is guaranteed to provide.
353 587
39 days 27:51
1320 Garages: Kyle’s 4,000hp car collection!
This is the first of many episodes to come of 1320 Garages! We are going to bring you the absolute coolest garages we can find and take out some of the owner's favorite cars for a rip!
277 817
41 day 1:05:09
Street Car Racers Battle For Cash (Kots Ix Throwback Dvd)
As apart of our annual throwback DVD series, we're pleased to bring you King of the Streets (KOTS): IX. This one takes us back to June of 2013, where the cars were starting to make some serious power.
176 355
54 days 13:54
One of the CRAZIEST builds we’ve EVER seen.. (1933 Dodge Big Block | Twin Turbo)
Nick Plewniak has been a recognizable face on our channel for nearly a decade now. He's built crazy looking drag cars since at least 2013 when we first ran into him and the Stretchy Truck.
182 516
61 day 51:47
We went back to the SKETCHIEST Track in the U.S. (It didn't disappoint)
How could we not return to Brown County Dragway for War in the Woods 7?
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64 days 11:29
AWD No Prep Syclone built by twin brothers is absolutely NUTS!
25% off ENDS TONIGHT! Coupon “25off” - 1320video.com We've seen this Syclone before and it may be the coolest one we've ever laid eye on!
234 297
70 days 22:57
Cleetus & Mullet go DOMINATION MODE at WCF 2022!!
2 WEEKS LEFT to Enter to WIN Twin Turbo GT350 -- 1320video.com After Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals 2021 where Cleetus and Mullet didn’t qualify for eliminations, they are back for
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74 days 11:19
200mph ENDO - First 6-Second Honda 1/4 Mile (H-Pattern)
Twin Turbo GT350 Giveaway HERE: 1320video.com James Kempf has been a household name in the racing community for many years now.
300 295
78 days 12:27
ZOMBIE is a 110mm Turbo Mazdaspeed3 No Prep MONSTER
LAST DAY FOR 3x entries on GT350 Giveaway: 1320video.com (3X ends 11:59pm 11/12/22) We took a trip down to Hartshorne, Oklahoma for H-Town Throwdown!
238 068
79 days 23:31
A night PACKED full of STREET RACES (600-1200hp Street Cars)
3x entries on GT350 Giveaway: 1320video.com (3X ends 11:59pm 11/12/22) It's been awhile since we've had a night like this on the streets.
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82 days 38:45
INSANE Car Party & Race: Ice Cream Cruise 2022
3X Entries NOW LIVE: 1320video.com Ice Cream Cruise 2022 was a HUGE success! $91,044 was raised for Least of my Brethren! A record donation for the Ice Cream Cruise!
119 463
93 days 21:00
Quickest Diesel in the WORLD makes its LAST passes ever
2X Entries GT350 Giveaway: 1320video.com FirePunk Diesel is a household name in the diesel racing world as it is the quickest diesel ever.
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98 days 9:34
Turbo Datsun Detonates At The Finish Line (Close Race!)
GT350 Giveaway 2X ENTRIES: 1320video.com every $1 = 2 entries for a chance to win! (2X entries ends October 29th) You really hate to see it..
172 586
107 days 17:34
Boostedgt Vs Beater Bomb.. Best Two Out Of Three!
ENTER HERE TO WIN 750hp Shelby GT350: 1320video.com every $1 is 1 entry for a chance to win! Beater Bomb and BoostedGT are two of the fastest small tire cars in the country.
222 389
112 days 31:01
CLASSY but NASTY - Our 750hp Twin Turbo Shelby GT350
ENTER HERE: 1320video.com every $1 is 1 entry for a chance to win! This Hellion twin turbo 750hp Shelby GT350 (plus $15K cash) can be YOURS.
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115 days 13:49
MASSIVE twin turbos and INSANE launches from this 68' Camaro!
We stumbled upon this beautiful, FAST first gen Camaro at Ice Cream Cruise and it turned out to be our friend Chad Fegley! The massive turbos out front are what initially caught our eye.
233 426
124 days 49:19
The SKETCHIEST Drag Strip in the United States?? (Wrecks EVERYWHERE!)
It's no secret that Brown County Dragway is one of, if not the sketchiest 1/8 mile tracks in the United States. The track surface is full of bumps, undulations, and even..grass.
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132 days 20:32
700-1500HP Street Racing! Lambos, Bikes and MORE Roll Racing
NEW merchandise here!: 1320video.com We made our way to the streets for some good old fashioned fun in Mexico! The variety of cars made for a great time!
355 171
135 days 9:57
All Wheel Drive Cutlass does NASTY Burnout!! 850hp | Supercharged
The All Wheel Drive Olds is back on the channel doing what it does best - BURNOUTS!
152 249
141 day 55:08
V6 Chevette goes rounds + CRAZY FINAL RACE and more! | Race Week 2.0 Day 6
NEW merchandise here!: 1320video.com The final day of Race Week is here! We're back at the track we started at, Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble Oklahoma.
251 632
142 days 21:41
LUXURY Trailer Burnouts - Cadillacs THROW DOWN! | Race Week 2.0 Day 5
NEW merchandise here!: 1320video.com Driving only today on the 5th day of Race Week 2.0, no racing! No worries, drive days mean tons of trailer burnouts! This year we got some gems for sure!
92 901
143 days 1:15:19
FASTEST stick car EVER on a Drag & Drive, LIVING in Racecar Trailer + MORE! | Race Week 2.0 Day 4
NEW merchandise here!: 1320video.com Race Week 2.0 Day 4 is our second day at Tulsa Raceway Park!
881 054
144 days 53:16
3000hp Camaro goes 198mph, CHROME Milk Truck + More! | Race Week 2.0 Day 3
NEW merchandise here!: 1320video.com Race Week 2.0 Day 3 starts off with a grueling drive to Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa Oklahoma.
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