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11 Aug 2010
9 hours 6:17
The world's fastest TVS Apache RR 310! | Track Ride | Autocar India
It maxes out at 211kph and weighs just 110kg! Meet the very advanced race-spec TVS Apache RR 310 built for the Asian Road Racing Championship.
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2 days 1:01
The winners at OLX Autos - Autocar India Pre-Owned Car Awards 2023!
Watch the quick recap of all the winners at the OLX Autos - Autocar India Pre-Owned Car Awards 2023!
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2 days 14:50
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee review - Can it be your mobile office? | First Drive | Autocar India
Want a luxury SUV with serious go-anywhere capability? Jay Patil finds out if the Grand Cherokee fits the bill and if it can be your new work station.
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3 days 42:36
OLX Autos - Autocar India Pre-Owned Car Awards 2023
Welcome to the second edition of the OLX Autos - Autocar India Pre-Owned Car Awards. The awards commemorate the best pre-owned cars on sale and help you, the buyer, make an informed decision.
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3 days 19:51
2022 Toyota Innova Hycross review - India's favourite MPV reborn | First Drive | Autocar India
The all-new Toyota Innova Hycross is an Innova unlike any before.
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4 days 12:58
2022 BYD Atto 3 review - Funky & feature packed EV driven | EXCLUSIVE! | First Drive | Autocar India
BYD's Atto 3 is a grounds up EV with a modern design, outlandish interior and a strong claimed range as well. Shapur Kotwal takes it for a spin to find out more.
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5 days 7:49
Toyota Innova Crysta diesel to return, Tata Nexon price hike & more | News| Autocar India
This week on the Autocar Show we have prices of the Mercedes-Benz GLB and EQB, details of the Toyota Innova Crysta's return and more. Philip Binoy gets you up to speed.
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5 days 6:59
2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB review- 7 seat flexibility meets zero emissions | First Drive| Autocar India
You've already seen the Mercedes-Benz GLB. Now meet its all-electric derivative, the EQB. Nikhil Bhatia gives you a quick tour.
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6 days 1:37
India through the Porsche Taycan’s eyes - Kashmir to Kanyakumari | Feature | Autocar India
Watch snippets from the amazing Porsche Taycan K2K drive and if you haven't already check out the full episodes on our channel.
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7 days 11:37
2022 Audi Q3 review - Lovable Audi junior SUV is back with a bang | First Drive | Autocar India
The Audi Q3 is back in India in second-gen avatar. Does it have the widespread appeal that made the original such a hit? Nikhil Bhatia has the answer.
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7 days 11:10
Mercedes Benz GLB and EQB launched - Santosh Iyer, VP Sales & Marketing | Interview | Autocar India
In conversation with Shapur Kotwal, Santosh Iyer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes Benz India talks about the newly launched GLB and EQB and future plans.
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8 days 3:49
The Amperion Advantage - Apollo Amperion Tyres | Special Feature | Autocar India
The Amperion is Apollo's EV tyre that is developed specifically, keeping in mind EV traits.
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9 days 11:00
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB review - Merc's new 7 seat SUV is a mini GLS | First Drive | Autocar India
The Mercedes-Benz GLB is an interesting new option for luxury SUV buyers. It's got three rows of seating like the larger GLS, it's about the size of a GLC and it's got the youthful vibe of a GLA.
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10 days 6:18
2022 Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport review - Power Play | First Drive | Autocar India
Mahindra has upped the power on the XUV300 with a new 131hp mStallion engine. Jay Patil takes it for a spin to find out how good is it?
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11 days 2:00
Highlights of the Porsche Taycan Kashmir to Kanyakumari Drive | Feature | Autocar India
If you've missed out on the epic and the amazing Porsche Taycan K2K drive, here is a quick overview to revel in. If you haven't already, do watch all three episodes on our channel.
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12 days 16:10
Toyota Innova Hycross, Citroen C3 electric, next-gen Duster for India & more | News | Autocar India
On this week's edition of Autocar Quick News, we have details of the new Toyota Innova Hycross, Pravaig Defy electric SUV, Citroen eC3 electric, Royal Enfield electric bike and more.
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13 days 8:49
2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS review - Lord of the wings | First Drive | Autocar India
Hormazd Sorabjee gets a taste of the latest 911 GT3 RS at the fabled Silverstone Circuit. Lots of aero tech, but same old magic that 911 is famous for.
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14 days 3:45
2023 Pravaig Defy - What to expect on Indian EV startup's rad SUV | First Look | Autocar India
Bengaluru-based EV startup Pravaig Dynamics has just revealed its first model for sale - Defy. Nikhil Bhatia has a look at a pre-production Pravaig Defy and tells you the key details.
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14 days 9:24
2022 Toyota Innova Hycross walkaround - Hybrid engine, exterior, interior and more | Autocar India
Toyota’s latest blockbuster is the Innova Hycross that will be offered in petrol and petrol-hybrid guise. Shapur Kotwal takes a closer look.
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15 days 2:11
2022 Ultraviolette F77 walkaround - Range, price, variants & more | Autocar India
Ultraviolette has finally launched the F77 and Zaran Mody takes you through the motorcycles and what all it offers.
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17 days 14:08
2022 Tata Punch vs Citroen C3 - Tough city cars face-off | Comparison | Autocar India
Has the cleverly positioned Tata Punch met its match in the new Citroen C3? Nikhil Bhatia finds out.
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18 days 5:50
New Jeep Grand Cherokee - Nipun Mahajan, Head, Jeep India | Interview | Autocar India
In conversation with Shapur Kotwal, Nipun Mahajan, Head, Jeep India talks of the launch of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and more.
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19 days 4:28
Royal Enfield Continental GT-R 650 race bike - Not your average Continental GT! | Autocar India
The Continental GT-R 650 is capable of setting some seriously quick lap times in the right hands.
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20 days 9:58
Toyota Innova Hycross leaked, BYD Atto 3 price, 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 650 & more | News| Autocar India
On this week's edition of Autocar Quick News, we have the first image of the Toyota Innova Hycross, prices for the BYD Atto 3 and Jeep Grand Cherokee, details of the PMV Eas-E micro car and more.
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21 day 3:06
Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 walkaround - exhaust sound, riding position & more | Autocar India
You've seen the pictures, you've studied the spec sheet, but now, we've finally managed to get up close and personal with the new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, in the flesh.
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21 day 3:22
Tata Altroz DCA - The Automatic Choice | Branded Content | Autocar India
The Tata Altroz DCA adds automatic gearbox convenience to the hatchback's already long list of highlights.
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23 days 13:57
Exclusive! 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee review - American idol | Drive | Autocar India
The new and very American Jeep Grand Cherokee is here to rival the European brigade of luxury SUVs like the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. What makes the Jeep special?
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24 days 4:01
Apollo Tramplr XR - New radial on/off road motorcycle tyres experienced | Autocar India
Apollo Tyres is out with its new Tramplr XR range of motorcycle tyres. Rishaad Mody tells you what makes them special.
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25 days 10:21
Exclusive! 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB review - It's a mini GLS! | Drive | Autocar India
With its mini GLS look, seven seat flexibility and relatively compact size, the India-bound Mercedes-Benz GLB is a very interesting proposition.
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26 days 9:05
Toyota Glanza CNG launched, Urban Cruiser discontinued, Super Meteor 650 & more |News| Autocar India
On this week's edition of Autocar Quick News, we have details of the Toyota Glanza CNG, Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 and more. Jay Patil brings you up to speed.
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