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21 Nov 2006
7 days 4:34
Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer – the electric estate we've all been waiting for?
The Volkswagen ID.7 has already impressed us in its hatchback form, but those looking for a touch more versatility to their electric VW will most certainly be interested in the ID.7 Tourer.
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12 days 9:54
2024 Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid review – the ultimate family SUV, for right now anyway..
Porsche has long been a purveyor of hybrid technology as a bridge between petrol and full BEV powertrains, and until we're all forced to go pure electric Steve Sutcliffe thinks that a plug-in
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19 days 8:31
2024 Hyundai Kona Electric review – why this is our Car of the Year!
The new Hyundai Kona Electric is our reigning Auto Express Car of the Year 2023, Jordan Katsianis finds out exactly why it won the hearts and minds of our esteemed road test team!
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26 days 8:01
All-new Polestar 4 – Tesla and Porsche better watch out
Jordan Katsianis has been spending some time with Polestar's brand new 4 in the studio to find out whether the EV status quo is about to be changed.
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33 days 8:52
BMW X6 M Competition review – the CRAZIEST performance SUV on sale?
We've all seen high performance SUVs before, so what makes this one different?
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40 days 18:34
Audi RS estate super-test – seven high performance icons on track!
Steve Sutcliffe is back on track with seven of Audi's most iconic RS estate models to follow the lineage of motoring's most eccentric dynasty.
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47 days 7:20
New 2024 Toyota C-HR UK review – frugal and funky!
The stylish Toyota C-HR has long been a favourite model in the UK, but does the more substantial and more expensive second generation keep its edge?
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61 day 7:23
Auto Express Track Battle – Honda Civic Type R vs Ford Focus ST
In our next Track Battle, Steve Sutcliffe pitches the venerable Honda Civic Type R against the latest Ford Focus ST at Llandow circuit in Wales.
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68 days 5:14
2024 Porsche Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid – the king of high-tech
The new Porsche Panamera packs some mighty new tech under the skin so to walk us through all the new bits, Jordan Katsianis is on hand to run through all the fascinating new tech that aims to make
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75 days 6:17
Auto Express Track Battle – Audi RS4 Competition vs BMW M3 Touring Competition
BMW's new M3 Touring Competition has been hogging the limelight in fast estate circles recently, so keen to show it up Audi have sharpened its RS4 to create its own Competition variant.
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82 days 6:09
2024 Hyundai Santa Fe review – is this the coolest new family car?
The family-friendly seven-seater Hyundai Santa Fe has been completely revamped for 2024 and we've been to South Korea to try it.
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89 days 3:22
2024 Dacia Duster revealed – Europe's best selling SUV reborn!
The Dacia Duster is brand new and completely redesigned! Our Senior News Reporter Alastair Crooks was on hand to show you all its fabulous new features, and funky new design!
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96 days 6:30
Hyundai Ioniq 5 N review – finally a fun EV!
The Ioniq 5 N is the brand's first branch out to high performance EVs, but is it a good one?
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101 day 9:06
McLaren 750S review – as good as it gets?
The new 750S is more than just a simple facelift.
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124 days 8:15
NEW vs OLD Skoda Octavia vRS – the best car in the world?
Think about it. What's the best car in the world, really? We're not talking about a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari, but the best car you might actually be able to afford one day.
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132 days 5:28
New 2024 Citroen e-C3 – a £22k 200-mile EV!
We were given some time with Citroen's new all-electric e-C3 in Paris recently, getting an inside look into the new affordable EV that it thinks will bring electric motoring to the masses.
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137 days 8:37
Lucid Air review – is this the world's best electric car?
Lucid might be a relative unknown in the UK, but it's generated quite a reputation in the USA building what many consider a new era of high-end electric cars.
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145 days 6:16
Abarth 500e review – the noisy EV
Abarth has made the loudest EV since, well, ever. But is it good noise, or just political?
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152 days 11:16
Ferrari Roma Spider review – 9 things we love about Ferrari's new drop-top
Ferrari's Roma GT has lost its top, creating the delectable new Roma Spider.
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160 days 5:48
New 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan – is this your next family SUV?
This is the all-new Volkswagen Tiguan, a new generation of VW's best selling model globally and vying for its place as your next family car.
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161 day 5:51
How Shell V-Power improves the performance of your car | Promoted
We find out how Shell V-Power can rejuvenate the performance of your engine from the scientists behind it.
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166 days 7:52
2023 Mercedes CLE Coupe review – is this the perfect Coupe?
The new Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe has the job of replacing both the C and E-Class, but can it do both? Steve Sutcliffe tries out Merc's brand new midsize two-door to find out.
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171 day 4:18
New 2024 MINI Countryman E – this funky crossover is so cool!
Part two of MINI's new era is here in the form of the brand new family-sized Countryman SUV.
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171 day 1:00
The new Lotus Emeya. What do you think? #shorts
Lotus is fully focused on an all-electric future and has launched its third EV in the form of the Lotus Emeya four-door electric GT car.
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178 days 7:19
New 2024 MINI Cooper EV - is the retro supermini better than ever?
MINI has reinvented its iconic hatch for its fifth generation.
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187 days 9:10
Best family hatchbacks 2023 – our top 7 list from the c-segment class
This is our comprehensive list of the top 7 family hatchbacks on sale right now.
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201 day 5:27
Porsche 911 Sport Classic review: A future icon?!
The latest 992-generation Porsche 911 Sport Classic is so much more than a limited run, six-figure sports car.
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207 days 12:25
2023 Fisker Ocean review: super-stylish electric SUV with a couple of tricks up its sleeve...
Not to be confused with the before-its-time Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid saloon, the Fisker Ocean is an all new, eco-focused electric SUV with its sights set firmly on the Tesla Model Y.
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215 days 6:31
BMW M2 review: a brutal and brilliant M car
BMW's long awaited M2 has come with quite a lot of baggage to contend with...
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