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6 Jul 2007
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Look At The Size of Those Wings
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Was It A MISTAKE Getting THIS 630 Horsepower Audi RS e-Tron GT?
Rory's new Long Term test car has arrived and it's a good 'un; the Audi RS e-Tron GT. But did he get the spec wrong?
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This Is A Tesla Race Car
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The Tesla That DESTROYS Everything
Rory takes to the race track in Dark Helmet, a heavily modified Tesla Model S Plaid with extreme aero, to see if it’s capable of keeping up with the best sports cars For more on Unplugged
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9 days 13:10
Audi Q8 E-Tron: Is Audi’s Electric Family SUV Good Enough?
With competition in the electric family SUV category heating up, is Audi’s effort, the Q8 e-Tron, doing enough to stand out? Rory delivers his verdict. Looking for your next car?
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Why This NASCAR Racer Drives a Z06
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NEW Corvette Z06 Review: The Chevy With A 'FERRARI' Engine? | 4K
The Corvette C8 took the world by storm; a great performance car, even compared to its European rivals.
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16 days 7:33
New BMW I5: The Electric 5 Series Takes SELFIES As You Drive | 4K
Alex Legouix has a sneak preview of the new electric 5 Series, known as the BMW I5 to see if it's all BMW says it is. Looking for your next car?
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Longest Spin Ever!?
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The TIME Machine: Porsche 911 Speedster By Guntherwerks Review | 4K
Only two examples of the 993 Speedster exist. But for nearly $1million Gunterwerks will build you a perfectly reimagined Speedster - crafted for the modern age. Is it as good as the original?
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23 days 15:26
VLOG: Living With A Bentley Bentayga: 1000 Mile USA Road Trip!
Rory hits the road in the most luxurious Bentley ever, the new Bentayga Long Wheel Base, to see what's it's like on a road trip. But he's not alone...
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27 days 13:11
Porsche 911 GT3 vs BMW M4 CSL: Track Battle! | 4K
We haven't seen the CSL badge in 20 years, but can BMW's latest offering stack up against Porsche's GT3 variant of the 911? Rory Reid and Alex Kersten put the cars head to head and find out.
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30 days 14:40
How Tesla Beat The ENTIRE Car Industry
Tesla is everywhere! How did Tesla go from nothing, to the most valuable car company in the world, in fewer than 20 years?
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35 days 11:03
NEW Cadillac Escalade V: 680hp Beast TRACK Tested! | 4K
Rory tests the ENORMOUS Cadillac Escalade V, but not on the streets. On the track! Find out how this absolute mammoth of a seven-seater family car copes in extreme circumstances!
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37 days 9:51
Porsche 911 GT3 vs BMW M4 CSL | Drag Race
Rory Reid and Alex Kersten line up on the drag strip to put the Porsche 911 GT3 against the BMW M4 CSL in a straight line battle. Who will emerge victorious? Looking for your next car?
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42 days 9:32
Ferrari Roma VS Porsche 911 Turbo S: Which Is Best? | 4K
Alex Legouix asks which high end sports car is best; the Ferrari Roma or the Porsche 911? Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever.
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Is Merc's Model S Rival REALLY Worth £160,000?
Rory’s long term verdict on the Mercedes EQS 53 is here. Is it a hit or a flop? And is it worth £160,000? [Re-upload] Looking for your next car?
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49 days 8:39
Honda Civic Long Term Test: Everything I HATE... And Love
We've had this Honda Civic E:HEV for quite a while now. But before it goes home, we reveal the good, the bad and the ugly. Looking for your next car?
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Maybach EQS SUV First Look: The FINEST Maybach Ever? | 4K
Maybach are all about luxury, but is the brand about to take a giant leap forward with its first electrified offering, based on the already incredibly luxurious EQS SUV? Legouix takes a look.
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55 days 7:31
VW Golf R20 Review: Is The Fastest Golf Ever Worth £50,000? | 4K
Alex Kersten slides aboard the new Golf R20 years, a car that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Golf R, to see if it's worth the nearly £50,000 asking price. And if blue wheels make sense.
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58 days 10:47
NEW Mercedes A-Class Review: Best Premium Hatch? 4K
Rory hops into the new Mercedes A-Class to find out if the tweaks and changes of this 2023 facelift elevate it above the premium hatch competition. Looking for your next car?
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63 days 9:59
NEW Mercedes SL63 Review: 585hp AMG Monster
Is the new AMG SL63 everything the SL55 should have been? And can it be compared to a 911 Cabriolet? Alex Legouix takes a look. Looking for your next car?
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65 days 9:51
NEW Mercedes EQE SUV: Fast, Big & Luxurious! | 4K
The new Mercedes EQE SUV is the big brother of the EQE saloon, and shares much of the sleek styling, premium infotainment and futuristic tech that is common across the Mercedes family.
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The IONIQ 5 Namsan has SCREENS for Door Mirrors!
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New Lamborghini Revuelto: New 1000hp V12 Hybrid Monster
Lamborghini has revealed the replacement for the Aventador and it’s a beast.
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NEW Citroen Oli: Weird, But You'll LOVE It!
Alex Kersten has a little poke around the Citroen Oli to discover its oddball design and even takes it for a spin! Looking for your next car?
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BMW i7 vs Mercedes EQS: Which Is The KING Of Luxury? | 4K
Rory takes the two finest luxury cars for a drive to see which is which. But can the BMW i7 holdof the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 to take the top spot as king of the luxury cars? Looking for your next car?
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New Ford Explorer ELECTRIC: The Ford That’s Also A VW?
Ford has unveiled a new all electric version of the Explorer for Europe. It uses VW architecture and will go head to head with the likes of the Tesla Model Y.
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84 days 15:10
10 Best Electric Cars For PETROL Heads
So you're an old school, piston-loving petrolhead and you hate the idea of buying an electric car? They just don't do it for you.
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Hybrid vs Electric Car: Which Is REALLY Cheaper?
Electric cars are often said to be cheaper than hybrid or plug-in hybrid, but is that always the case.
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