How Boba Fett is Coming Back to The Mandalorian

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Published on 12 May 2020, 20:30
Good news for Star Wars fans! Temura Morrsion has reportedly been cast as Boba Fett in The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney Plus.

The size of the role is still unknown, but the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunter hasn't been seen since he fell into the Sarlacc pit when Jabba the Hutt tried to execute Luke Skywalker and Han Solo at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. However, Chuck Wendig's Star Wars Aftermath novel, highlights a Star Wars theory that Boba Fett actually survived. That book barely scratches the surface of the Start Wars lore - both Legends (old Expanded Universe) and canon - surrounding Boba Fett. History has taught us that no character is truly dead if Disney really wants to bring them back. Let's hope Dave Filoni has some interesting ideas to have Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal) meet the bounty hunter in Mandalorian Season 2. Boba Fett will have a lot of explaining to do if he does show up, that's for sure.

There is one main reason why Boba Fett can only be played by Temuera Morrsion. Boba Fett was revealed to be a clone in Attack of the Clones since he was given to Jango Fett as payment for being the model for all the Republic's clone troopers used during the Clone Wars.

Either way, this is an interesting development for Disney. Star Wars would be a much richer place with now-alive Boba Fett. The real question is: Will Boba Fett be featured in the Mandalorian Season 2 trailer?

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