4 hours 6:23
Is 5G Home Internet BETTER Than Fiber?
Remove your personal information from the web at joindeleteme.com/techquickie and use code Techquickie for 20% off. Could 5G home internet be a better solution than fiber, cable, or satellite?
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9 hours 13:56
Adam Savage Answers a Personal Question
What meal could Adam make at home tonight without any shopping? What is a craft Adam has little to no experience with that he's interested in diving into?
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7 hours 0:56
What Happens When You Go ULTRA...
Check out the new Govee Glide Hexagon Light Panels Ultra: Amazon: amzn.to/48n4Xu2 Govee Website: bit.ly/3PLsldp Thanks to Govee for partnering on this video #GoveeULTRA
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12 hours 14:28
eufy Security's All-New Dual Camera's Are Here! eufy Indoor Cam S350 Review: Crisp 4K & Hybrid Zoom
🔥 eufy Indoor Cam S350 – Get It From Amazon: eufyofficial.com/T84166DH |
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11 hours 14:31
Windows 11's new AI Copilot - Hands On & Demo
Microsoft Copilot is rolling out in the latest Windows 11 update. Here's a quick look at how it works.
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15 hours 9:37
Recap | Xiaomi Launch September 2023
Watch the #XiaomiLaunch in 10 minutes and revisit the reveal of our latest #Xiaomi13TSeries as it emerges from the shadows and into the spotlight!
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19 hours 32:59
The Level1 Show September 29 2023: Reading Robots Results In Rage
one-tab.com/page/hWbPEoX7QfWcL3pU0l_lSA 0:00 - Intro 0:42 - OpenAI's DALL-E 3 to integrate ChatGPT 1:42 - First Google Search Result for Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” Is AI Generated
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9 hours 4:10
How to use Reading Mode
Android’s Reading mode allows you to customize your reading experience across apps to fit your vision needs and preferences.
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17 hours 11:44
Is Serverless SRE needed?
Google manages your infrastructure if you use Serverless, like Cloud Run or Cloud Functions. Then, do you still need an Operations team?
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5 hours 0:45
Source maps - DevTools Tips
Source maps let you keep your code readable and debuggable even after you've combined and minified it, without impacting performance. #DevToolsTips
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4 hours 1:31
Accelerating Generative AI in Biology and Healthcare
Watch the full session at nvda.ws/44nGXF0 Kimberly Powell, VP/GM of NVIDIA Healthcare and Life Sciences, explores how the intersection of generative AI with biology and healthcare is driving
7 hours 6:01
Introduction to Colab Enterprise on Vertex AI
Colab Enterprise is a collaborative, managed notebook environment that provides access to Vertex AI's machine learning capabilities.
18 hours 25:50
Modern Tooling for Your Website using AWS, Contentful & Next.js | Amazon Web Services
In this video, I’ll share my workflow from beginning to end to help you get an A-level Lighthouse performance blog website while reducing maintenance friction as much as possible.
4 hours 0:53
ABCs of #AI - N is for #NLP
Welcome to ABC’s of AI, where we’ll cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence using the Alphabet. Today, N is for Natural Language Processing. #GoogleCloud #ABCsofAI
6 hours 0:21
Write what you mean and ask Duet AI in Google Workspace to set the tone 🪄 #Shorts
Try Gmail for yourself → goo.gle/3r1VcAm What is Google Workspace → goo.gle/42Yc0FU Set up Google Workspace → goo.gle/3OC6J1i Subscribe to Google Workspace →
34 min 5:52
Debugging Chrome extensions - DevTools Tips
Extensions are built on web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and let you extend Chrome to make it your own.
3 hours 10:25
Getting Started with AWS Clean Rooms | Amazon Web Services
AWS Clean Rooms helps customers and their partners more easily and securely collaborate and analyze their collective datasets—without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data.
4 hours 14:35
How To Deploy A Next.js App On AWS With CDK | Amazon Web Services
In this video you'll learn how to host your website on AWS Amplify hosting using AWS CDK. We will connect our repository on Github to Amplify Hosting.
3 hours 3:30
Tennr Builds Specialized Language Models on AWS to Help Industry Customers Automate
Tennr’s Solution on AWS helps address automation bottlenecks for industry customers.
5 hours 15:35
Sofabaton X1 vs U2 Comparison & Review: Best Remote Life Hack Ever - You Can NEVER Go Back!
🔥 Sofabaton X1/U2 Universal Remotes – Get Them Here: X1 Amazon: amzn.to/3rb6dPR | U2 Amazon US: amzn.to/3rkL0TI ( Coupon Codes Below !!
1 hour 8:38
AWS Private CA launches Connector for Active Directory | Amazon Web Services
The AWS Private Certificate Authority (CA) Connector for Active Directory (AD) allows customers to use AWS Private CA as a drop-in replacement for self-managed enterprise certificate authorities
6 hours 3:12
Weathering Disruptions with a Culture of Trust | Amazon Web Services
Economic downturns, supply chain issues, global pandemics, disruptive geo-politics: there are innumerable crises your organization will face throughout its lifetime.
6 hours 5:12
Leading Your Enterprise in an Economic Downturn | Amazon Web Services
Economic downturns, like many crises, can present a false dichotomy for leaders wanting to undergo a digital transformation: cut costs, or invest in becoming an agile organization that can weather
9 hours 0:34
Intel® Trust Authority | Intel Software
Intel® Trust Authority takes confidential computing to the next level. Proving Hardware based, private, secure and verified execution environment anywhere.
22 hours 0:00
Newegg Live! Big Friday Energy!
Newegg Live! Big Friday Energy with Shade & Tomm. Shop deals @ Newegg.com/LiveNewegg.com/Live newegg.io/2a05ef8 Legal: Newegg Inc.
8 min 5:08
NVIDIA at Ray Summit
At Ray Summit 2023, NVIDIA VP of Enterprise Products, Justin Boitano, announced the partnership with Anyscale to integrate NVIDIA #AI products with Ray open source and the Anyscale platform.
6 hours 9:56
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