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11 Mar 2006
9 hours 1:00
Solve for Tomorrow: Recycled Plastic, Recovered Life | Samsung
Meet the winners of Solve for Tomorrow Peru who are making a tangible difference in the lives of stroke patients by turning recycled plastic into splints.
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9 hours 0:36
Solve for Tomorrow: Hear with your Eyes | Samsung
Listen to the story of a young groundbreaker from Singapore who is using technology to enrich the lives of the hearing impaired.
9 hours 0:54
Solve for Tomorrow: Bugs Can Save the Planet | Samsung
See how Solve for Tomorrow US winners are using bugs to save the planet by turning trash into treasure.
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19 hours 9:23
A friendly guide to Galaxy Watch Ultra, Watch7 and Buds3 Pro | Samsung
Push your limits. Balance your fitness. Hear the difference.
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20 hours 8:06
A friendly guide to Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 | Samsung
Galaxy AI is here to help you create, connect, and achieve more than ever.
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21 hour 0:36
Galaxy Z Flip6: Chat Assist | Samsung
Have quick and easy conversations instantly. Suggested Replies with Chat Assist on the Galaxy Z Flip6 offers you contextually relevant, optimal responses.
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22 hours 0:35
Galaxy Z Fold6: Note Assist | Samsung
Introducing a new way of note-taking and summarizing, all in one place. Record and summarize with Note Assist on the Galaxy Z Fold6—and unleash your productivity.
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23 hours 2:56
Galaxy Z Fold6: Craftsmanship behind the foldable display | Samsung
Introducing the technology behind the Galaxy Z Fold6's display. With new materials, the display has been upgraded to provide our most advanced and durable screen ever.
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Galaxy Watch Ultra: How to use Power Saving Mode | Samsung
Gear up with the Galaxy Watch Ultra for up to 100 hours of adventure. Instantly switch between Power Saving Mode and Exercise Power Saving Mode for your multi-day journey.
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1 day 3:31
Galaxy Watch Ultra: How to use the Quick Button | Samsung
Ready for a workout? Skip swipes, taps and jump right into it with the Quick Button. Check out how to set it up on your watch for instant access to workouts, flashlight, Water Lock mode and more.
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1 day 2:27
Galaxy Z Flip6: How to use FlexCam and Instant Slow-mo | Samsung
Ready to make your best moments shine? Capture shots hands-free from the optimal angle with FlexCam. Then, film with Instant Slow-mo for an epic and dramatic footage of your highlights.
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Widen your creativity with ViewFinity I Samsung
Find the space to flourish on a wider hi-res screen. Find out more at #Olympics #HighResolution #ViewFinity #Samsung
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1 day 2:22
Galaxy Watch7: How to use Sleep Tracking | Samsung
Get quality sleep with boosted sleep tracking and analysis. Now with sleep apnea detection, breathe easy all night long.
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Glare Free is the way to go I Samsung
Game on without glare. Go OLED Glare Free. Find out more at #Olympics #OLEDGlareFree #Odyssey #Samsung
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Galaxy Ring: How to use the Ring | Samsung
Slip on the Galaxy Ring and let it do the rest. See how you can use the Galaxy Ring, from monitoring your health to setting up heart rate alerts.
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2 days 2:33
Galaxy Z Flip6: How to use Suggested replies on FlexWindow | Samsung
Flex 💪 new possibilities with the Galaxy Z Flip6! Stay connected with Suggested replies without even opening 🙏 your phone. Plus, personalize your screen with your favorite apps and dynamic wallpapers.
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2 days 2:16
Galaxy Z Fold6: How to use Chat Assist | Samsung
Struggling with texts in foreign languages? 🧏‍♀️ Writing Composer on your Galaxy Z Fold6 translates emails and suggests professional-sounding messages so you can communicate freely across languages.
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3 days 0:28
Get a bigger boost with Odyssey I Samsung
Odyssey is the secret weapon for speedy and seamless gaming. Find out more at #Olympics #Gaming #Odyssey #Samsung
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4 days 3:17
Galaxy Z Flip6: How to use Interpreter with Galaxy Buds3 Pro | Samsung
Meet your personal, pocket-sized 🤝 Interpreter—the new Galaxy Z Flip6.
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4 days 1:45
Galaxy Z Fold6: How to use Drawing Assist | Samsung
Unleash 🌪 your creativity 🎨on the all new Galaxy Z Fold6. Turn scribbles ✏️ into show-stopping works of art using Sketch to image.
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6 days 1:15
Galaxy Watch Ultra: Introducing Band Lineup | Samsung
Whatever adventure you’re looking for, we've got the band for you. Waterproof for open water activities, lightweight for active comfort, and all-in-one hybrid for everyday wear.
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6 days 1:57
Galaxy Watch Ultra | Watch7: How to use Energy Score | Samsung
Start your day smarter with Energy Score, an indicator of your condition based on 7 key sleep and activity metrics. Then, receive personalized advice on how to improve your well-being.
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7 days 2:16
Galaxy Book4 Edge: How to communicate easily from PC to phone | Samsung
🚀 Maximize your productivity with the Galaxy Book4 Edge! With Copilot, enjoy seamless communication and simplified multitasking between devices.
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7 days 0:35
Galaxy Z Flip6: Interpreter | Samsung
One screen for you, one screen for whoever you want to hold a conversation with. Introducing dual screen translation with Interpreter on the Galaxy Z Flip6.
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7 days 0:35
Galaxy Z Fold6: Performance | Samsung
Don't just play the game, become immersed in it. Enjoy powerful gaming with the fastest Snapdragon on mobile with the big immersive screen of the Galaxy Z Fold6.
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8 days 2:39
GalaxyxTXT: ‘Open Always Wins’ | Samsung
New anthem drop! Watch ‘Open Always Wins’ by @TXT_bighit. Learn more: #GalaxyZFlip6 #GalaxyAI #GalaxyxTXT #Samsung
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9 days 2:23
Galaxy Z Fold6: Galaxy of Inspirations | Samsung
Unfold your creativity by capturing your inspirations with Galaxy AI.
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9 days 1:18
GalaxyxTXT: ‘Open Always Wins’ with Galaxy Z Flip6 | Samsung
Let's explore the behind-the-scenes making process of the anthem 'Open Always Wins' by @TXT_bighit with the Galaxy Z Flip6.
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12 days 2:09
Galaxy Ring: How to find your size with Sizing Kit | Samsung
With the Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit, there’s no need for all the what-ifs. After placing an order, get the Sizing Kit first and choose from 9 sample rings to find the right size for you.
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