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Makibes X1: Gets the Basics Right & Decent Engraving Ability
The Makibes X1 Laser Engraver will be soon available on Geekbuying :D Check out all the available coupons and get a discount on the product featured in this video here: bit.ly/3EQlf0f
2 hours 50:27
The Level1 Show February 8 2023: Profitless Prime
one-tab.com/page/hkFUf_QkTuSr4Kvk4qDFSw 0:00 - Intro 0:36 - PayPal to lay off 2,000 employees in coming weeks, about 7% of workforce 0:56 - Software company HubSpot cuts 500 jobs 1:24
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Sony A95K QD OLED is the Best TV, For a Price !
Sub To iGyaan : 1gn.in/YouTube Buy it here : amzn.to/40wsMvP If you enjoyed the content consider subscribing for more You can also follow us on our socials : Instagram : 1gn.
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Galaxy S23 Series: How to install and remove cases & gadgets | Samsung
This is a tutorial on how to install and remove cases and functional gadgets for your Galaxy S23 | S23+ | S23 Ultra. Make your day-to-day life easier with these accessories.
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4 hours 2:27
Galaxy S23 Series: How to apply Screen Protector | Samsung
Here’s how to apply the Screen Protector on your Galaxy phone without leaving any of those annoying bubbles or dust particles trapped underneath.
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4 hours 2:52
SmartThings Station: How to use SmartThings Station | Samsung
See how easy it is to use the new #SmartThingsStation. By connecting it with your Galaxy phone, you can conveniently control smart home devices, run preset routines and find missing items.
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5 hours 1:37
Highlights from Bing and Microsoft Edge's February 2023 Event
Today, launched an all new, AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser, available in preview now, to deliver better search, more complete answers, a new chat experience and the ability to
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7 hours 55:10
Introducing your copilot for the web: AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge
Reinventing search with a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web.
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8 hours 0:31
Connecting you to the tech you love 🧡
Thank you to you, our customers, for the support over the past 20 years. We’re excited for what the future holds. - Legal: Newegg Inc.
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8 hours 3:59
NVIDIA RTX Extreme: Real-Time Automotive Rendering with Dual NVIDIA RTX A6000 and NVLink
3D artist David Baylis brings realistic automotive designs to life with real-time ray tracing and path tracing. Watch how he enhances creative workflows using NVIDIA RTX A6000.
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Tuesday Tech Deals w/ NELIVE!
Newegg Live! Tuesday Tech-tacular with Tom. Shop deals now! newegg.io/ffb4a3c Legal: Newegg Inc. provides the information contained herein as an educational service.
9 hours 2:32
Permanent, temporary, and situational disabilities - Accessibility on Google Play
Create apps that are accessible for all users, regardless of their permanent, temporary or situational disabilities.
10 hours 0:35
Unboxing the NEW Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!
#Shorts Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Unboxing 🚨 TikTok - bit.ly/ZoTTikTok 😁 Subscribe - goo.gl/yMWV8c 🤳 Instagram - instagram.com/ZONEofTECH 🐤 Twitter
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How to: Use Asana for Google Chat
In this video, We’ll walk you through setting up Asana for Google Chat and cover some of its key features to help you start using it like a pro!
12 hours 4:50
Was The Most Important PC an Apple?
to get started learning STEM for free, and the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium subscription.
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Wesfarmers brings together people and technology with AWS DeepRacer | Amazon Web Services
Wesfarmers brought together employees across their business for an enjoyable and exciting AWS DeepRacer event.
13 hours 1:01:27
AppSheet Office Hours: Updates and tips using the App Editor, Chat Apps, and AppSheet Databases
AppSheet Office Hours are back and we’re kicking off 2023 covering the latest updates and tips using the AppSheet App Editor, no-code Chat Apps, and AppSheet databases.
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ATLAS super humanoid Robot is better than you! #shorts
ATLAS is a dynamic humanoid robot designed by Boston Dynamics to mimic human movements and eventually eradicate us and take over the world.
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13 hours 21:47
Why Emulate Pc Games??
Shop Micro Center’s Build Your Own Month Long Deals: micro.center/uwj Submit your build to Micro Center’s Build Showcase: micro.center/3c2 Start monitoring your network and servers
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BASF Digital Farming: Productionizing ML with a Cross-Account Model Deployment Solution
BASF Digital Farming develops software and hardware solutions for farmers to feed the world more sustainably.
13 hours 9:54
Modernize Applications with CfCT and Refactor Spaces | Amazon Web Services
In this video, you’ll see how to modernize applications using Customizations for AWS Control Tower (CfCT) and AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces.
13 hours 1:00
OnePlus is BACK!....Kinda 🤔
Buy items in this video from Amazon at the links below: GET MERCH ► hwcstore.com SUBSCRIBE ► bit.ly/SubHWC Review unit provided free of charge by OnePlus.
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#WeArePlay | Valentin | Gronda | Austria
Meet Valentin from Innsbruck, Austria. He co-founded Gronda, a place where chefs can share their recipes and bring the world’s culinary knowledge into the pocket of foodies everywhere.
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16 hours 11:01
OnePlus 11 Review: They're Back?!
OnePlus 11 is a flagship for $699 MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com OnePlus 11: geni.us/xJWn9XK Tech I'm using right now: amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Playlist of MKBHD Intro
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16 hours 0:57
This is the OnePlus 11 5G 🔥
This is the OnePlus 11, what the company calls as like the Pro, Max, Ultra, But not overpriced, and I kind of agree.
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16 hours 6:48
5.1: Transfer learning: Retraining existing models in the web browser with TensorFlow.js
Learn about transfer learning, reusing existing trained models in the browser to solve similar but different problems, and it’s advantages like how it can greatly improve the time needed to retain a
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16 hours 15:24
Show and Tell: Adam Unboxes Prop Replica Projects!
As Adam settles back into the cave and workshop after a month away from home, he unboxes two recent prop replica acquisitions that he made before the holidays.
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16 hours 50:33
AWS Supports You | Diving Deep into AWS Systems Manager
We would love to hear your feedback about our show!
17 hours 12:28
This RTX 4090 Gaming Laptop is INSANELY Fast
This is and will probably always be the fastest gaming laptop of 2023.
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