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13 Feb 2006
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The Positive Leadership Podcast with JP & Dorie Clark: Reinventing yourself
When she was laid off from her job as a reporter, Dorie Clark promised herself that she would never let herself be in the same situation again.
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How leaders can empower personal productivity with AI | AI at work with Microsoft’s Jared Spataro
Our fourth annual Work Trends Index report offers a deep dive into the evolving landscape of AI in the workplace. One of the key insights: the everyday employee is all in on AI.
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Unilever and Microsoft are teaming-up to accelerate scientific discovery
Microsoft is teaming up with Unilever, a global consumer goods giant which serves over 3.4 billion people daily.
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Bringing AI tools to the remotest reaches of Ireland
Through its Skill Up Ireland initiative, Microsoft is making AI training available to everyone in Ireland.
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Chef Lenora was on a mission to get an updated review
Upon experiencing the Keith Lee effect, Mondays was searching for ways to streamline operations across the business.
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How Do You Solve a Problem That’s Never Been Solved Before?
The best leaders have a framework for stepping confidently into the unknown. This includes creating an AI-powered organization, a challenge that has many up at bat. In this episode, Dr.
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Anyone else still thinking about that BGC Mac? 😍
Becoming Keith Lee-approved was a win, but Chef Jessie of Brunchaholics quickly realized he needed a better way to stay organized.
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Ethan Mollick, on future opportunities with AI in education | Behind the Tech
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Ethan Mollick, Author & Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Ethan Mollick is an associate professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches innovation and entrepreneurship.
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A few minutes of extra sleep? Yes, chef! #KeithLee #TheReheatWithKeithLee
After a review from Keith Lee helped The Pretty Little Kitchen take off, Chef B experienced a roller coaster of emotions adjusting to overnight success.
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Moving from AI experimentation to business breakthrough | AI at work with Microsoft's Jared Spataro
Our recent Work Trends Index report reveals that AI is already having an impact on the workplace, with 75% of knowledge workers using AI at work.
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Introducing The Reheat with Keith Lee, Presented by Microsoft. Episode 1 drops here on June 10.🔥
Keith Lee’s viral food reviews result in overnight success for some locally owned restaurants. And also an overwhelming number of new customers and challenges.
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From doodles to opened doors | People of Microsoft
Caroline Scalley invites us into their world through cherished possessions that act as chapters of their journey.
19 days 1:59
Freedom in self-expression | People of Microsoft
Emerging from a journey of self-discovery and embracing their nonbinary identity, Caroline Scalley, senior business administrator at Microsoft, embodies resilience.
19 days 1:30
Rewiring our life’s routes | People of Microsoft
Our path in life is unpredictable, and there may be pivots and deviations on that road.
19 days 2:01
Dismantling the stereotype | People of Microsoft
Empowered to explore their gender expression fully while working from home, Iain Raleigh, a software engineer at Microsoft, felt supported when it was time to work in an office again.
19 days 1:22
A tech journey beyond borders | People of Microsoft
From his Help Desk headset to his Brazilian passport that marks his first visa in tech, Joao Madureira's tech journey is framed by meaningful artifacts.
19 days 2:00
Utilizing your superpower | People of Microsoft
Armed with what he calls “super empathy,” Joao Madureira, principal customer reliability engineer at Microsoft, harnesses inclusivity as his strength.
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On June 5 we’re bringing the heat. Stay tuned🔥 #KeithLee #TheReheatWithKeithLee
Food critic Keith Lee has been instrumental in shining a light on local Black and African American-owned restaurants, with community and family at the center of everything he does.
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BWT Alpine F1 Team's Everyday AI Companion | Microsoft Copilot
When team driver Pierre Gasly forgets a birthday, Microsoft Copilot has his back.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast avec Jean-Philippe Courtois: Thierry Marx, chef
Les grands leaders font preuve preuve de curiosité, de créativité et de discipline. Le pionnier de la gastronomie moléculaire Thierry Marx en est l'expression parfaite.
25 days 1:23
Through a collaboration with Microsoft, Photonic demonstrates distributed quantum entanglement
In November 2023, Microsoft and Photonic initiated their collaborative effort to advance quantum networking and computing.
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Charles Duhigg on How to Build New Habits for the AI Era
Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter, author, and productivity expert.
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Empowering students with digital skilling | Microsoft Nonprofits x Magic Bus India Foundation
Magic Bus India Foundation uses Microsoft Community Training to provide mobile learning experiences for individuals at the employable age.
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Basketball and STEM are a slam dunk | Microsoft and WNBA
Microsoft and WNBA are teaching kids the science behind the game. How gravity affects ball handling. How geometry helps sink shots.
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Basketball and STEM are a slam dunk | Microsoft and WNBA
Microsoft and WNBA are teaching kids the science behind the game. How gravity affects ball handling. How geometry helps sink shots.
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An open-source screen reader for all #shorts #microsoft #github #coding #screenreader
Mick Curran and Jamie Teh met as kids at a music camp for the blind and have remained good friends.
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Mick and Jamie: An open-source screen reader for all​ | Powered by Microsoft
Mick Curran and Jamie Teh met as kids at a music camp for the blind and bonded over a shared love of music and programming.
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Security is a team sport: What developers need to know in today's threat landscape
A conversation between Julia Liuson, President of Microsoft’s Developer Division, and John Lambert, Corporate Vice President and Security Fellow, at Microsoft Build 2024.
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AI and Developers Creating Technology That Matters | Microsoft Build 2024
A look at societally meaningful technology solutions created with generative AI, including a chatbot solution that helps those facing food scarcity more easily locate assistance and AI speech
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