13 Feb 2006
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It only takes one | Microsoft Holiday Card 2022
It only takes one to make a change for many. Happy holidays. From us to you.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast with Jean-Philippe Courtois: Michael Bungay Stanier, author & coach
JP will never forget the time he was coached live on stage, in front of thousands of Microsoft employees, by one of the world’s leading coaches: MBS.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast with Jean-Philippe Courtois: Akhtar Badsah, author & philanthropist
Every one of us has a purpose mindset – a true desire to do good and to contribute to society’s wellbeing.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast with Jean-Philippe Courtois: Baroness Martha Lane-Fox
Opportunity gives us power to move forward, live with purpose, and reach our true potential. This is a belief that Baroness Martha Lane Fox and JP share passionately.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast avec Jean-Philippe Courtois: Guila Clara Kessous, professeure
Si le #PositiveLeadership est une science, c’est aussi un art. En effet, comme le grand art, le leadership consiste à donner vie à une vision, à susciter la réflexion et à inspirer l'action.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast with Jean-Philippe Courtois: Amy Hood, Microsoft CFO
What does it mean to belong to an organization, to a team, to your colleagues? For JP’s latest #PositiveLeadership podcast guest, Amy Hood, belonging is a purpose in itself.
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Six ways we are innovating for inclusion
At Microsoft, we have a long history of innovating to address some of the world's most complex challenges.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast | JP & Bill George: Finding Your True North
Bill George is a Harvard Business School professor and former business executive best known for his books about finding your True North as a leader.
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Microsoft + NFL – Powering a better game, featuring Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett
Microsoft has been a proud NFL partner for 10 years, helping clubs, players, and coaches prepare and perform, creating a better game for all.
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Doing more with less: How organizations shape the future with a strong digital posture
How do we define and think about the “industrial metaverse”?
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The Positive Leadership Podcast | JP & Sir Ronald Cohen: Reinventing capitalism for impact
How can you help an entire industry to transform and do more good in the world … especially one as profit-driven as the venture capital industry?
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Satya Nadella Keynote Sizzle Microsoft Ignite 2022
Satya Nadella Keynote Sizzle from Ignite 2022.
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Satya Nadella Full Keynote Microsoft Ignite 2022
Satya Nadella Full Keynote Microsoft Ignite 2022 Audio Described Version: Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: Follow us on
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Investing For Impact
Microsoft’s partnership with First Women’s Bank is supporting small business owners like Aisha and Ruth Miller near Chicago.
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Microsoft Pride 2022 | Christopher Street Park metaverse tour
Christopher Street Park has been at the center of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement since the historic uprising at Stonewall Inn.
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The Positive Leadership Podcast | JP & Bozoma Saint John: Living with urgency
Join JP and former Netflix CMO, author and entrepreneur Bozoma Saint John for a powerful conversation.
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Together, we’re powering a new vision of tennis.
Microsoft partners with Billie Jean King and the International Tennis Foundation’s (ITF) Billie Jean King Cup by Gainbridge to develop and promote technology that empowers players and coaches by
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"One Of The Most Incredible Experiences Of My Life” | Hispanic Heritage Month
Rodrigo Stabio shares how his experience growing up undocumented inspired him to join Microsoft volunteers helping at the US-Mexico border.
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Randall Munroe: XKCD Cartoonist, Author, & Physicist
XKCD is one of our favorite webcomics - and it started out as doodles in Randall Munroe's college notebooks.
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Sam Schillace: Deputy CTO, Microsoft
Have you ever wondered who was behind the creation of Google Docs?
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Simone Giertz: Inventor, entrepreneur & robotics enthusiast
This 31-year old YouTube phenom constantly pushes the envelope with her unique inventions – from her Every Day Calendar or a screwdriver ring to the world’s ‘worst’ jigsaw puzzle.
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An alphabet of their own
Language has the power to do so much more than communicate. It represents people, nations, cultures.
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A language comes to life
Pulaar, a dialect of the Fulani people of West Africa, is spoken by millions, but until recently had no alphabet.
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That's #MicrosoftLife
Across 190 countries and filled with over 180,000 passionate people, we’re a global community of curious, purpose-minded individuals.
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Countering Foreign Information Operations: Developing a whole society approach to build resilience
Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith spoke at an event hosted by the Reagan Institue on Russia’s unprecedented hybrid war in Ukraine that has challenged the United States and democracies
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Microsoft sustainability commitment: Pledges to progress
Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith spoke at the Berlin Microsoft Office, delivering a public keynote and participating in a moderated panel to advance the carbon call, promote
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Developing Microsoft's Responsible AI Standard
Microsoft’s updated Responsible AI Standard is our internal framework for developing innovative AI products and services aligned with our company’s core values.
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Pride has no borders
On June 17th, we gathered community members and allies across the globe to discuss the state of the LGBTQIA+ rights. How do you hold that many people in one place? Hold it in the metaverse.
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Pride has no borders
LGBTQIA+ communities at Microsoft invite everyone to join in our experimental “Pride has no borders” metaverse event. Experience Pride in VR.
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How we keep the Microsoft cloud up and running
Go behind the scenes to the operations rooms where highly trained technicians and AI monitor the data center's critical infrastructure.
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