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24 Oct 2008
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MSR Talk: Unsupervised Speech Reverberation Control with Diffusion Implicit Bridges
Speaker(s): Eloi Moliner Host: Hannes Gamper Speech reverberation control involves the manipulation of acoustic characteristics in speech recordings, including tasks like speech dereverberation
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Unlocking Real world solutions with AI – Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop reveals how AI is revolutionizing material science with an innovative battery electrolyte material.
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How will AI transform precision medicine? – Ava Amini
Ava Amini explores the role of AI in precision medicine, with a focus on personalized cancer treatments.
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AI Case Studies for Natural Science Research with Bonnie Kruft
Generative AI is unlocking new research tools for bold scientific discoveries.
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AI For All: Embracing Equity for All
This grand seminar was hosted by Microsoft Research Africa, Nairobi together with the Microsoft AI for Good team in April 2024.
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TrustRate: A Decentralized Platform for Hijack-Resistant Anonymous Reviews
Host: Kim Laine Speakers: Rohit Dwivedula Reviews and ratings by users form a central component in several widely used products today (e.g., product reviews, ranking content, etc.), but today's
27 days 57:52
Women in Data Science Fireside Chat with Ilda Ladeira, Karin Kimbrough and Lisa Cohen
Watch the WiDS event -- Ilda Ladeira fireside chat with Karin Kimbrough and Lisa Cohen, hosted by Women in Data Science @ Microsoft community on March 21st, 10:30-11:30am PT.
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Combining Machine Learning and Bayesian networks for Decision Support in Arrythmia Diagnosis
We propose an architecture for a personal health agent (PHA) that combines machine learning and a Bayesian network for detecting and diagnosing arrhythmia based on electrocardiogram (ECG)
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Strategic Subset Selection in Satellite Imagery: Machine Vision Insights
The abundance of the currently available satellite and aerial images contrasts sharply with the scarcity of labels for these images.
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GigaPath: Foundation Model for Digital Pathology
Microsoft Research Forum | Episode 2 |
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69 days 5:06
What's new in AutoGen?
Microsoft Research Forum | Episode 2 | March 5, 2024 Chi Wang discussed the latest updates on AutoGen – the multi-agent framework for next generation AI applications.
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Research Forum 2 | Panel Discussion: Transforming the Natural Sciences with AI
Microsoft Research Forum | Episode 2 | March 5, 2024 Microsoft researchers shared their advancements in the fields of foundations models, drug discovery, material design and machine learning.
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Connectivity is a thing, is THE thing
The Internet began switching packets on October 29, 1969. Since then, we’ve been awash in connectivity – over five billion people are already on the Internet, mostly mobile, mostly video.
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Meet the 2024 Microsoft Research AI & Society fellows
These esteemed fellows will join researchers at Microsoft to collaborate from all over the world across 13 high impact research challenges.
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Research Forum: Closing Remarks and Announcements
Microsoft Research Forum - January 2024 Ashley Llorens, VP and Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research presents closing remarks and announcements at Microsoft Research Forum.
109 days 4:47
Kahani: Visual Storytelling through Culturally Nuanced Images
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Sameer Segal, Principal Research Software Development Engineer at Microsoft Research India, discusses Kahani, a research prototype that allows the user to
109 days 3:17
Generative AI meets Structural Biology: Equilibrium Distribution Prediction
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Shuxin Zheng, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research AI4Science presents how his team uses generative AI to solve a long-standing challenge in
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Augmenting Human Cognition and Decision Making with AI
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Jake Hofman, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research NYC discusses recent research in building and evaluating AI tools for helping people make
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109 days 5:28
Evaluation and Understanding of Foundation Models
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Besmira Nushi, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research AI Frontiers summarizes timely challenges and ongoing work on evaluating and in-depth
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Improving Reasoning in Language Models with LASER: Layer-Selective Rank Reduction
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Dipendra Misra, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research New York City and AI Frontiers lightning talk presentation at Microsoft Research Forum.
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Research Forum: Panel Discussion: AI Frontiers
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Hosted by Ashley Llorens, VP and Distinguished Scientist, Microsoft AI researchers, Sébastien Bubeck, Ahmed Awadallah, and Ece Kamar discuss frontiers in
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Research Forum Keynote: Research in the Era of AI
Microsoft Research Forum, January 30, 2024 Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research and Incubations, discusses how recent developments in AI have transformed the way Microsoft
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Sébastien Bubeck on Phi-2 and the surprising power of small models
Sébastien Bubeck leads the Machine Learning Foundations group at Microsoft Research.
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Effective Human-AI Decision-Making or Everyone: A Sisyphean Task?
The talk will capture the broad scope of Human-AI decision-making, the prevalent challenges in this space, the role of trust, and how we can foster appropriate reliance on AI systems.
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AI Forum 2023 | The Emergence of General AI for Medicine
Large language models such as GPT-4 have emerged as powerful new tools for information work, including aspects of healthcare delivery, healthcare management, and advancing medical science.
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