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24 Oct 2008
08.01.13 1:17
IllumiRoom Projects Images Beyond Your TV for an Immersive Gaming Experience
IllumiRoom is a proof-of-concept Microsoft Research project designed to push the boundary of living room immersive entertainment by blending our virtual and physical worlds with projected
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06.09.16 1:16:05
Outliers: Why Some People Succeed and Some Don't
Outliers is a book about success. It starts with a very simple question: what is the difference between those who do something special with their lives and everyone else?
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14.05.18 1:28:23
Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists
This talk discards hand-wavy pop-science metaphors and answers a simple question: from a computer science perspective, how can a quantum computer outperform a classical computer?
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04.08.16 1:08:42
Leaders Eat Last : Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't
Simon Sinek's mission is to help people wake up every day inspired to go to work and return home every night fulfilled by their work.
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19.10.11 4:15
HoloDesk: Direct 3D Interactions with a Situated See-Through Display
HoloDesk is a novel interactive system combining an optical see through display and Kinect camera to create the illusion that users are directly interacting with 3D graphics.
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06.03.12 3:23
Applied Sciences Group: High Performance Touch
Modern touch devices allow one to interact with virtual objects. However, there is a substantial delay between when a finger moves and the display responds.
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04.08.16 56:25
I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook
Sarah Wilson thought of herself as a relatively healthy eater. She didn't realize how much sugar was hidden in her diet, or how much it was affecting her well-being.
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06.10.14 3:21
RoomAlive: Magical Experiences Enabled by Scalable, Adaptive Projector-Camera Units
RoomAlive is a proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented entertainment experience.
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08.11.12 9:05
Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word
Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid demonstrates a speech recognition breakthrough via machine translation that converts his spoken English words into computer-generated Chinese language.
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02.11.20 3:23
Spotlight on advancements in AI, HCI, Computing, VR, Systems Networking & more at Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research is dedicated to conducting both basic and applied research in computer science and software engineering.
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09.12.16 3:58
Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction
New research uses a mobile phone’s ability to sense how you are gripping the device, as well as when and where the fingers are approaching it, to adapt interfaces on the fly.
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27.02.12 1:49
Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Behind the Screen Overlay Interactions
Presented at Microsoft TechForum 2012 Behind the Screen Overlay Interactions: Behind-the-screen interaction with a transparent OLED with view-dependent, depth-corrected gaze.
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29.04.13 5:29
IllumiRoom by Microsoft Research: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences
IllumiRoom is a proof-of-concept system that augments the area surrounding a television with projected visualiza­tions to enhance traditional gaming experiences.
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01.02.16 2:39
Microsoft's underwater datacenter: Project Natick
Introducing Microsoft Project Natick, a Microsoft research project to manufacture and operate an underwater datacenter.
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01.12.14 3:10
How To Use the Translation Features of Microsoft Excel
Translate your spreadsheets in a snap with the Translator features of Microsoft Excel! This quick tutorial will show you everything you need to begin translating right away.
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02.10.13 2:09
Behind the eyes of Xbox One Kinect
Microsoft's Scott Evans and Kareem Choudhry show off the eyes of the new Xbox One Kinect.
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28.05.14 2:03
Skype Translator: Breaking down language barriers
Peter Lee, Microsoft Research corporate vice president, shares insights and a sneak peek into the Skype Translator, derived from decades of research in speech-recognition, automatic-translation, and
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24.08.15 2:19
MobileFusion: Create 3D scans with your mobile phone
MobileFusion is a research project that turns ordinary mobile phones into 3D scanners without any additional hardware.
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4 days 28:37
Foundation models and the next era of AI
AI advancements are outpacing expectations and presenting novel opportunities and research challenges. In this video, Microsoft Senior Principal Research Manager Ahmed H.
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06.01.12 4:20
Vermeer: Direct Interaction with a 360-Degree Viewable 3D Display
Vermeer is a novel interactive 360° viewable display suitable for a tabletop form factor from Microsoft Research Cambridge.
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06.06.18 3:25
Microsoft tests Project Natick, self-sustaining underwater datacenter
Read more: Visit the project page: Microsoft's Project Natick is leveraging technology from submarines and working with pioneers in marine energy for the
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07.11.14 3:42
How To Use the Translation Features of Microsoft Word
Do you have a Microsoft Word document that you want translated into another language?
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06.10.14 4:26
FlexSense: A Transparent Self-Sensing Deformable Surface
We present FlexSense, a new thin-film, transparent sensing surface based on printed piezoelectric sensors, which can reconstruct complex deformations without the need for any external sensing, such
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27.07.16 0:59
Introducing Microsoft Pix – A Smarter Camera App
Get Microsoft Pix FREE today at Microsoft Pix is a smart camera app that automatically helps you take better photos without extra effort.
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15.07.14 59:50
Leslie Lamport: Thinking Above the Code
Architects draw detailed blueprints before a brick is laid or a nail is hammered. Programmers and software engineers seldom do. A blueprint for software is called a specification.
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08.10.12 2:35
Digits Hand Tracker: Freehand 3D Computer Interaction Without Gloves
Digits, a wrist-worn gloveless sensor developed by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K., enables 3-D computer interaction in any environment and is practical beyond computer gaming.
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05.02.15 2:06
Image Composite Editor 2.0 adds auto-completion, stereographic projection
Image Composite Editor 2.0 introduces new features to the popular advanced panoramic image stitcher, including a new automatic image completion feature, which fills in the missing pixels when
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05.11.19 3:09
Project Silica - Storing Data in Glass
Data that needs to be stored long-term is growing exponentially. Existing storage technologies have a limited lifetime, and regular data migration is needed, resulting in high cost.
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14.06.17 1:49
Divide and conquer: How Microsoft researchers used AI to master Ms. Pac-Man
Read more at Next at Microsoft: Microsoft researchers have created an artificial intelligence-based system that learned how to get the maximum score on the addictive 1980s video game
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26.07.10 3:01
Microsoft Research Street Slide View
Street Slide is a novel browsing interface for street-level imagery that combines the best aspects of the immersive nature of "bubbles" with the overview provided by multiperspective strip
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