1 Sep 2007
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It’s giving blue bubble gf 💙green bubble bf 💚
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Apple users, have you ever dated someone who sends green texts?
Ziwe unifies both blue & green texters as she finds them their perfect match.
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Finding Love with Ziwe
Watch as Ziwe brings singles face-to-face with their ideal person.
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How to use Circle to Search with Google
Circle it. Search it...But how? Learn how to use Circle to Search and instantly search anything you see on your phone, without switching apps.
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Inside our Android experience at #CES2024
On this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re giving you an inside look into our Android Experience at #CES2024.
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Android Down Low’d: CES 2024
Bard? Watch videos on your car display? Multitasking with foldables? Yup. All that and more was revealed at #CES2024. It’s time for the Android Down Low’d.
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36 days 0:34
New ways to stay connected with Android Auto
With new messaging updates on Android Auto, it’ll be even easier to communicate while you’re on the road.
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Introducing Circle to Search with Google, only on Android
Circle to Search is a new way to search anything on your Android phone, without switching apps. Get information right where you are... and then get back to what you were doing.
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37 days 1:52
Jules Terpak X Google Leaders #CES2024
#CES2024 may be over, but the conversation continues!
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Android: #CES2024 Wrapped
And, that's a wrap for #CES2024! #Android had some big announcements this year, and our activation on #SphereVegas 💚. Read more updates:
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Magic Compose (Beta) in Google Messages POV #CES2024
Feeling excited for #CES2024? Shakespearean perhaps? Dive into an up-close POV of Magic Compose (Beta) in Google Messages on #Android, effortlessly striking the right vibe.
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Something Special on Sphere
A sight to be seen at #CES2024, #Android took over @spherevegas.
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41 day 2:46
POV: Android Auto and Google built-in take on CES #CES2024
Check out New EV routing features on Android Auto and access new apps like Chrome browser, PBS KIDS and Crunchyroll in cars with Google built-in.
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Magic Editor in Google Photos POV #CES2024
Reimagining your photos just got easier with Magic Editor in Google Photos.
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Awestruck #Android Sphere takeover
A sight to be seen at #CES2024, as #Android took over #spherevegas
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#Android welcomes you to #CES2024
Welcome to #CES2024! Stay tuned for demo experiences, and learn more about new Google on Android features!
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Lock, unlock, and start your car with a digital car key on Android
With digital car key, you can lock, unlock and turn on a compatible car using just your phone.
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The evolution of Android Auto
Android Auto brings the best of your phone to the car.
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Experience cars with Google built-in
Cars with Google built-in always have a copilot along for the ride — so every drive is more connected, helpful, and personalized.
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#CES2024 has updates for any POV.
#CES2024 is almost here! Follow along as we show you how you can do more with Google on #Android. Which POV are you looking forward to the most?
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How to personalize your Android for blindness or low vision
For people who are blind or have low vision, Android makes reading and navigating your surroundings more accessible with a range of personalization options.
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How to personalize your phone for mobility disabilities
For people who have limited dexterity, Android has a range of helpful settings and apps. In this video, we’ll explore Android’s Accessibility Menu, Voice Access, and Switch Access.
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How to navigate your phone using facial gestures
For people with speech and motor impairments, Android devices can be navigated using eye movements and facial gestures.
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How to turn off TalkBack screen reader
TalkBack is an accessibility feature that helps people who are blind or have low vision to interact with their Android devices using touch and spoken feedback.
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Keep your surprises…a surprise. 💍
Now you can securely access password-protected content across all your devices with cloud backup for Locked Folder in Google Photos.
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Check out how you can up your year-end photo dump with a few tricks from Android. #AndroidPhotoComps
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We've all been there, that text that didn't quite land 👄
Never be misunderstood again #TextItLikeYouTalkIt 👄 New Google Messages Features. Download now on the Google Play Store.
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Texting just got a whole lot more expressive! 😂
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Text It Like You Talk It - New Google Messages Features
✨ React the way you want by turning any photo into an emote 🔊 Add your emotion to any audio 🎉 Fill the screen with how you’re feeling ✏️ Use the power of AI to help you find the right words
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