1 Sep 2007
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“Hey Google, Take a selfie!” #SamsungGalaxyZFlip4
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Reading mode: A more accessible screen reading experience on Android
To help everyone catch up on the latest content, the new Reading mode on Android creates a more accessible reading experience that’s especially useful for people who are blind, low vision, or
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New on Android: Reading mode, YouTube widget, Wear OS tiles and more
Android's newest features for expression and entertainment add powerful new tools to create, capture, and share your holiday magic from more devices than ever before.
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Wind down with a scroll, and plank up hands-free with the #SamsungGalaxyZFlip4
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Bigger Widgets for Tablets: get more done across devices
Get more done across your devices. We’re continuing to optimize your favorite Google apps on tablets to make multi-tasking a breeze, starting with redesigned widgets for Google Drive and Keep.
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Updated Gboard and Google Meet to make messaging more enjoyable
Connect and express yourself fully. Gboard now lets you “emojify” your messages.
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Use Accessibility tools for sound alerts and audio descriptions
Designed in partnership with the Deaf and hard of hearing community, Sound Notifications within Live Transcribe & Notifications can detect critical household sounds like fire alarms, running water
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Wear Os: New Watch Faces & Tiles
Tiles on Wear OS let you pick and choose what essential information you need throughout your day, in just a swipe.
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Get more done and have fun with new Android features
Android is always working on new features to help you stay productive, communicate with loved ones, and enjoy entertainment across devices.
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Messages by Google - New features and a new look coming your way
The messaging app you love has helpful new features and a fresh new logo on the way. Learn how Messages by Google gives you more ways to stay connected.
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Get early warnings from the Android Earthquake Alerts System
Android’s safety features offer proactive protection, so you can worry less. Learn how the Android Earthquake Alerts System helped a real user stay safe during an earthquake.
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Von fällt um zu fällt auf: Das Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 mit Google
When other phones fall flat, the new Samsung #GalaxyZFlip4 stands up. On the go, on the town, or in the air, #Google apps make sure you never miss a moment.
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Ve más allá con el nuevo Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
Ve más allá con el nuevo Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Un teléfono inteligente que se adapta a ti y a lo que te gusta. Dóblalo, ábrelo, pídele que te tome una selfie y más.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 takes video on the move
Take a video-- hands free-- with the new Samsung #GalaxyZFlip4 and #Google Assistant. Just say "Hey Google, take a video" to record high quality video content.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with Google Assistant
In the air, on the move, or at home, Samsung #GalaxyZFlip4 and #Google apps move with you. Apps like Google Assistant, Google Meet, and YouTube Shorts help you stay connected wherever you are.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Stand Up
When other phones fall flat, the new Samsung #GalaxyZFlip4 stands up. On the go, on the town, or in the air, #Google apps make sure you never miss a moment.
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Sound Amplifier: Best practices for using conversation mode
Do you ever find it difficult to follow one-on-one conversations in noisy environments? Find out how to use conversation mode to hear better in noisy places.
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Protected by Android
Android is all about keeping you and your information safe so you can focus on what matters most.
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A new design for Android Auto
Android Auto’s new design brings universal split-screen support, expanded Assistant features, and enhanced messaging to improve the driving experience.
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Help is on the way with car crash detection on Android
Android can deliver help in critical moments when you need it the most. Hear the story of how Android car crash detection connected first responders to a real user after a crash.
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Lando and Daniel of McLaren Formula 1 take Android for a spin
Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo of the McLaren F1 team take their new Android devices and Google apps for a test drive.
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#Shorts New Android features headed your way
💚Organized inbox and nudges in Messages by Google 💚Highlights on Google TV 💚Portrait Blur in Google Photos 💚Live Transcribe offline mode 💚Nearby group share 💚Emoji Kitchen combos 💚Screen time widget
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Google TV Highlights: Keeping up with your favorite shows just got easier on Android
No more FOMO! It’s easy to keep up with all your favorite shows and discover new ones on #Android.
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Add Portrait Blur to old or new photos on Android
It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo of a cat or a houseplant. Or if you snapped the picture ages ago.
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Easily switch to an Android phone
Switching to a new phone should be a seamless and reliable experience.
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Artist Jessica Oddi Empowers the Disability Community Through Accessible Design
Jessica Oddi, a disabled designer, focuses on projects that empower marginalized communities and is rooted in accessible design.
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#Shorts Happy Lunar New Year from Android
Happy Lunar New Year! Use the new Emoji Kitchen combinations on your #Android phone to wish loved ones luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.
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Android Presents: A Conversation about Connected Devices & Equity
On January 7th, Android hosted a special talk with Sabrina Ellis, Mark Risher and Florian Koenigsberger about connected devices and equity to wrap up our virtual presence at #CES2022.
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Android 2022: New helpful features for you
We're changing the way your devices connect.
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