1 Sep 2007
02.06.17 0:31
Google Pay: A Clerk's Life
Paying with a wallet can lead to many inconveniences. But now a better way to pay is already in your hand.
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22.08.19 1:00
The next evolution of Android
Android’s brand identity is evolving. As we continue to build Android for everyone, we want to make sure that our brand is as inclusive as possible.
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08.05.18 1:40
Android: Open to the future
Celebrating a decade of the world's most popular operating system.
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16.12.19 0:30
Digital Wellbeing on Android: Wind Down, your way
Your phone shouldn’t distract you from getting sleep. The Wind Down feature on Android reminds you that it's time for bed, based on a schedule you set.
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08.09.20 1:41
Top Features in Android 11
Android 11 is here!
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09.01.18 0:43
Your Google Assistant on Android Auto: Plan your day
Your Google Assistant is now available on Android Auto. So whether you have a compatible car - or the Android Auto app - you can now have hands-free help while you drive. To learn more, visit android.
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21.05.20 3:08
Android presents: Paul + Voice Access
Paul Lane is a loving husband, tech enthusiast, and a quadriplegic. He uses his platform to tell others how important adaptive technology is.
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21.02.18 1:06
Android Enterprise Recommended
Android Enterprise Recommended makes it easy to find the best enterprise devices and services.
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18.05.21 0:46
#Android12: Designed for you
#Android12 is here - and it’s for you. We’re introducing a new visual redesign that gives you the power to customize the look and feel of your phone across the whole system.
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25.11.19 1:24
Ambient Mode: Android's proactive Google Assistant
Ambient Mode brings a proactive Google Assistant experience to your Android phone.
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27.02.18 0:54
Android Oreo (Go edition): Ready. Set. Go.
A powerful experience for entry-level smartphones with 1GB of RAM or less.
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19.10.21 2:02
The newest features for you in Android 12
The next chapter of Android is here!
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03.09.19 1:46
10 ways Android 10 will help you
Introducing Android 10 - accessible, inclusive and safe. See the latest features that make it our most helpful release yet.
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08.02.17 1:01
Wear OS by Google: Make the most of every step
Play tunes, count steps, make calls, and send texts. All from your Wear OS by Google smartwatch.
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22.08.19 2:42
Say hello to Android’s new brand identity
Android’s brand identity is evolving with new colors and an updated logo.
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04.02.19 2:48
Android Accessibility: Live Transcribe
Imagine a world where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can have everyday in-person conversations, in real time.
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208 days 0:35
A new design for Android Auto
Android Auto’s new design brings universal split-screen support, expanded Assistant features, and enhanced messaging to improve the driving experience.
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07.01.20 2:47
Read It with the Google Assistant: Listen to web pages
Check out a preview of the new Google Assistant experience “Read It” that enables natural reading of long form content on your phone, like a news article, blog, or short story, out loud.
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12.11.14 0:44
Android: Garage Band
Android phones have cameras that rock, no matter how you roll.
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08.10.20 0:48
Google Assistant features on Android
Want to order pizza? Google Assistant can help with that. Want to set the mood and dim the lights for your pizza party? Google Assistant can also help with that too.
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08.05.19 1:09
Introducing Live Caption on Android
Turn on captioned audio across apps with Live Caption. Hear Android Accessibility product manager Brian Kemler explain how it supports across the Android system.
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07.05.18 1:15
JBL LINK BAR powered by Android TV
Android TV brings effortless entertainment right to your living room. First on JBL LINK BAR, a soundbar powered by Android TV with the Google Assistant Built In. Coming Fall 2018. #androidtv
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07.05.19 0:55
Android Q: Dark Theme is here
Dark Theme has arrived. Group product manager Shenaz Zack explains how going dark saves your battery and works across the Android Q system and apps.
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10.04.19 1:24
Now Your Android is a Security Key | Android
Now on Android, your phone is a security key to protect your accounts from phishing.
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04.08.20 1:45
Share links, photos and more with Nearby Share on Android
Nearby Share on Android is a way to seamlessly share content with other Android phones near you.
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30.10.19 1:27
How to protect yourself from phishing with Android
Today, phishing is one of the most common causes of data breaches. Hear how your Android phone can double up as a security key to become your best defense against phishing.
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08.09.20 1:45
Android 11: New ways to communicate and control smart devices
Android 11 brings you a more intuitive mobile experience, so you can get to what’s important on your phone.
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07.05.19 1:11
Android Q: Powering foldables
The foldables revolution is just beginning and it’s being powered by Android Q. Developer tools lead Leo Sei explains how Android’s openness makes it a great fit for foldables.
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27.02.19 2:57
5G: First on Android | Mobile World Congress 2019
Welcome to the age of 5G, first on Android.
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27.08.20 1:19
Get your tasks done with Google Assistant Snapshot on Android
The new Google Assistant Snapshot on Android is here. Gather your most important to-dos into one accessible place, to help you get all of your tasks done.
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