1 Sep 2007
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New on Android: Reading mode, YouTube widget, Wear OS tiles and more
Android's newest features for expression and entertainment add powerful new tools to create, capture, and share your holiday magic from more devices than ever before.
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“Hey Google, Take a selfie!” #SamsungGalaxyZFlip4
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15 days 1:01
Messages by Google - New features and a new look coming your way
The messaging app you love has helpful new features and a fresh new logo on the way. Learn how Messages by Google gives you more ways to stay connected.
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5 days 0:46
Reading mode: A more accessible screen reading experience on Android
To help everyone catch up on the latest content, the new Reading mode on Android creates a more accessible reading experience that’s especially useful for people who are blind, low vision, or
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13 days 0:55
Bigger Widgets for Tablets: get more done across devices
Get more done across your devices. We’re continuing to optimize your favorite Google apps on tablets to make multi-tasking a breeze, starting with redesigned widgets for Google Drive and Keep.
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13 days 1:09
Updated Gboard and Google Meet to make messaging more enjoyable
Connect and express yourself fully. Gboard now lets you “emojify” your messages.
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Wind down with a scroll, and plank up hands-free with the #SamsungGalaxyZFlip4
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Get more done and have fun with new Android features
Android is always working on new features to help you stay productive, communicate with loved ones, and enjoy entertainment across devices.
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Wear Os: New Watch Faces & Tiles
Tiles on Wear OS let you pick and choose what essential information you need throughout your day, in just a swipe.
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13 days 1:07
Use Accessibility tools for sound alerts and audio descriptions
Designed in partnership with the Deaf and hard of hearing community, Sound Notifications within Live Transcribe & Notifications can detect critical household sounds like fire alarms, running water
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