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23 Aug 2007
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Getting started with GenType
Ready to re-learn your ABC’s? Check out our latest experiment, GenType, an Imagen-powered alphabet generator that helps you build a custom font out of anything! Want a behind-the-scenes view?
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Do you keep it casual or classy with your team?
Classy or casual? πŸ€” Let us know below what your go-to is for celebrating. #GoogleIO Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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It doesn’t stand for Luscious Lemon Meringue? πŸ‹
What does LLM stand for? Let us know your best (wrong) guess! Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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Revving up relaxation (or trying to) - Delorean ASMR
Let’s count how many times the word “Delorean” was mentioned. Shall we? Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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What's in your Google Wallet?
Google Wallet will soon be available in all major countries and territories.
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Do you have what it takes to win the Gemini API Developer Competition?
Jump into the Gemini API developer competition and join the race to catch up with Christopher Lloyd's coding wizardry. Show off your skills and snag the grand prize while you're at it!
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Tips & tricks for using IDX: Enabling Docker
Learn how Project IDX allows you to enable Docker support with just one line of code so you can customize your workspace quickly and easily.
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POV: You just wanted to be an SWE.
Some could say that a programmer is a jack of all frameworks. Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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Tips & tricks for using IDX: Building with Gemini in IDX
Learn how to use some of Project IDX’s built-in AI-assistance features to help speed up and refine your end-to-end developer workflow, all backed by Gemini, Google’s latest and most capable AI model.
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Propose a solution to ensure modifications are reflected accurately. Go!
Attention Python and Flask developers! 🚨 Our latest challenge digs into the world of objects stored in dictionaries. Can you unravel the quirks and propose a solution?
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17 days 5:53
How GDGs are building with Google AI
In this video, @TiffInTech attends the Google Developer Group’s Build with AI event in NYC.
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What's your most epic memory of Google I/O?
Live from #GoogleIO, we caught up with attendees about their most epic memories—from groundbreaking announcements to unforgettable moments. What’s your favorite moment from Google I/O 2024?
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Prior experience and questions in your technical interviews?
From humble beginnings to being a master at his craft, Frank Van Puffelen’s experience spans the entire spectrum. πŸš€ Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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Night owl or a rise-n-coder? πŸŒ™β˜€οΈ
Are you more of a night owl or a rise-n-coder? We asked some devs at #GoogleIO to find out... Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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These phrases hit a little too close to home. 🫣
What gives you the side-eye? Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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When The Voice speaks, everyone listens. β˜•
In moments of dire coffee needs, activating The Voice is the only option. β˜• Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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Can a backend engineer learn Flutter with AI?
Have you ever wanted to learn a new framework without reading through endless documentation? With power of AI, we can!
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How can we ensure consistent object comparisons in this Flask application? Go!
We have a Flask application where we compare two instances of the CustomObject class using the equality operator. At first glance, it seems like a straightforward scenario.
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25 days 1:12:32
Developer Keynote (Google I/O '24) - Audio Described
Learn about the latest updates to our developer products and platforms.
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Top AI developer news from Google IO 2024
Learn about the top artificial intelligence (AI) technologies from Google I/O 2024.
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Purple links 😒
Don't let those purple links get you down! Just a part of the technicolor coding journey. πŸŸͺπŸ’» Subscribe to Google for Developers →
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Reimagine the Future of Gaming with Google AI
Tune into a keynote from Google's leading AI minds as they delve into the transformative applications of Generative AI in the gaming landscape.
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30 days 3:09
Visualize Models with Model Explorer
Model Explorer is a new ML tool from Google AI Edge that makes it easy to visualize, inspect, and debug large model graphs. Get started with Model Explorer at
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31 day 38:36
Upskill your org in ML/AI with Kaggle
Discover how Kaggle empowers your organization to rapidly upskill its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities through a vast library of free competitions, private competitions for
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31 day 33:39
Using Gemini Pro Vision for multimodal use cases with text, images, and videos
What are the applications of multimodality with Gemini?
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31 day 33:37
Collaborative model development with Keras, Kaggle, and Colab
In this workshop, AI/ML developers will learn how to use Keras to fine-tune Gemma, a new open large language model from Google, for their generative AI applications.
31 day 35:11
Visual Blocks ML: Create AI demos faster using custom nodes for your favorite APIs
Visual Blocks ML is a powerful low-code solution that provides over 70 nodes you can arrange or connect together to take any AI powered idea to working prototype faster.
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