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6 Feb 2013
1 day 2:02:01
LIVE Shop Project Build with Bob and ILTMS Team!
Building a mobile carrier for common shop tools to easily move around the shop. Today's live is sponsored by Fanhome!
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21 day 15:06
Can I Make Toast Art?
I want my breakfast toast to be art inspired - what could go wrong?
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36 days 12:41
Floating Shelves You Can Stand On
I literally STOOD on a floating shelf that was hanging on my wall. I also had to learn some lessons along the way.
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48 days 12:39
Making a Guitar YOU CAN WIN | Great Guitar Build Off 2022
Great Guitar Build Off is officially here and I'm super happy with how it turned out - I might have to make another one just like it for myself.
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57 days 12:23
How to Avoid Mistakes With a Unique Tile Backsplash
I wanted a super unique design for a tile backsplash but I needed to put time into the prep to make it right! Save 40% on your SimpliSafe system. Visit SimpliSafe.com/ILTMS to customize yours!
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78 days 15:07
It's Time To Upgrade Your Workbench! (With Build Plans!)
Out with the old & in with the new - I made a better workbench and you can too with our plans! Save up to 40% on your SimpliSafe system. Visit SimpliSafe.com/ILTMS to customize yours!
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92 days 11:38
Gallery Display Walls: Easier Than You Think.
We wanted to spruce up a boring room by adding a gallery wall. By adding some display boxes, we transformed this space into a beautiful museum for past projects.
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105 days 10:29
Making a fake hand with FRANK IPPOLITO! (Hollywood prop maker)
A Hollywood prop maker cast my hand to look like Luke’s hand from Empire Strikes Back. Save up to 40% on your SimpliSafe system. Visit SimpliSafe.com/iltms to customize yours!
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113 days 1:23:36
Finding old projects around my shop! LIVE with Q&A!
Join us as we try to find lots of our old projects around the shop and fix anything that needs work! Ask questions and join in LIVE!
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120 days 12:58
Can I Recreate the Original Star Wars Lightsaber?
I love the lightsaber Obi-Wan gives Luke. Can I take a vintage Graflex flash handle and make it the same way they did for the original movies?
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126 days 17:52
The Table That Took 8 Years To Make
I finally did a collab with Jimmy Diresta & David Picciuto! Save 20% on your system and your first month is free when you sign up for interactive monitoring.
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134 days 15:05
Spend The Day With Mark Rober? Absolutely! [Behind The Scenes]
🛠 Join for early access and extra BTS: themakeralliance.com Ever wonder what a day messing around with Mark Rober would be like? Come let us show you.
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141 day 17:44
Surprising Mark Rober With a Giant Toy
We had the silly idea to make a giant pin impression toy for our buddy, Mark Rober.
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148 days 18:07
Easiest Mobile Podcast Setup
We were challenged to make a complete podcast recording setup that fit inside a travel case for Pat Flynn.
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162 days 15:04
Making a 3d Print Look Like REAL METAL! | Thermal Detonator Prop
Save 20% on your system and your first month is free when you sign up for interactive monitoring. Visit SimpliSafe.com/ILTMS to learn more! Try SimpliSafe risk-free.
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169 days 20:55
Secret 4-Player Arcade (with build plans!)
For those of you who may not want an arcade cabinet in your living room, we've got you. We made a nice piece of furniture that hides a 4-player arcade in plain sight!
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176 days 1:17:46
We're Building an Arcade! LIVE BUILD with Q&A!
Follow along as Bob works with a Raspberry Pi and button controls for a RetroPi Arcade build. He also answered some great questions from the audience and supporters! Time Codes listed below!
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183 days 14:56
Shop Organization For Cheap
Save 20% on your system and your first month is free when you sign up for interactive monitoring. Visit SimpliSafe.com/ILTMS to learn more!
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190 days 14:27
Organized Lumber Storage (with build plans!)
Go to our sponsor betterhelp.com/iltms for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.
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197 days 14:41
Starting To Look Like A Car Again | Karmann Ghia Restoration
I have turned a corner and started adding new body panels to the Karmann Ghia! I'm cautiously optimistic about the progress I'm making and becoming more comfortable with the tools.
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204 days 14:01
Can Adding Ridge Vents Cool Your House?
Does adding a ridge vent to your roof cool down your attic? Does that vented attic help cool down your house?
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218 days 15:40
Make Your Own Concrete Countertops (From a Kit!)
We helped Anthony pour his own concrete countertops using the Z Counterform kit from Concrete Countertop Solutions.
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225 days 21:19
Make a Prop Sword From Cheap Foam Panels | Adventure Time Sword
Need a cosplay sword or a display prop? We made a cartoon sword from Adventure Time out of cheap insulation foam and a hot wire cutter.
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232 days 26:18
Overcoming My Fear of Machining Metal
I've been afraid to use the Bridgeport and South Bend Lathe, my two machining tools. To get over this hesitation, I'm making a project using the two machines; a T-track stop block.
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246 days 20:12
Making a Backyard Climbing Wall | DIY Outdoors
I wanted to make a climbing wall tower out at the farm to teach my kids bouldering and climbing.
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253 days 18:27
"I Can't Believe I Made This!" | Sofa Table with Basic Tools
Lacking tools, a shop, and confidence, we helped Meighan build a beautiful sofa table as her first project!
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260 days 13:44
Sliding Room Divider (Inspired by Star Wars)
We wanted a cool looking room divider that could block out bright light. Using our CNC and some rollers, we made a sliding room divider straight out of Star Wars!
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274 days 17:31
Prototyping a New Product!
We want to turn an old project into a NEW PRODUCT! Come see how to refine an idea, source materials, and simplify construction when making a new product.
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281 day 13:54
I Might Have Ruined My Karmann Ghia
I may have went too far in the Karmann Ghia restoration. It's going to take all my focus and attention to come back from these recent setbacks, can I do it? I hope so.
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288 days 13:23
Make Your Own D&D Dice Towers | Table Top Games
Dice towers are fun projects for the role-playing gamer in your life. You can make them out of anything, come see how to make your own!
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