41 min 2:09:30
WWDC 2023 — June 5 | Apple
Watch the WWDC23 Apple Keynote announcing the latest Apple Vision Pro, MacBook Air 15", software, services, and operating systems.
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47 min 9:22
Introducing Apple Vision Pro
The era of spatial computing is here, where digital content blends seamlessly with your physical space. So you can do the things you love in ways never before possible. This is Apple Vision Pro.
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35 min 2:26
Introducing MacBook Air 15” | Apple
MacBook Air just got bigger. Now with a spacious 15-inch Liquid Retina display in a design that’s impossibly thin and light.
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3 hours 16:01
This Broke One Week out of Warranty... Can I Fix it for Cheap?
See what makes Gorgias different from other help desks at partner.gorgias.com/LTT Check out AMD’s great deals on CPUs and GPUs from June 5th to July 1st, using the link below
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15 min 2:24
WWDC23: 17 big & little things | Apple
Here’s your guide to some of the big (and little) things announced on the first day of WWDC. Wait, what’s that? Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.
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5 hours 11:23
Dual Chamber Case, Mind Blowing Price
The Montech King 95 isn't your typical dual chamber case since it tries a new approach for airflow, curved glass and component visibility. But its price is what's absolutely mind blowing.
5 hours 18:42
The State of Augmented Reality Hardware
Just as Apple is expected to announce its mixed reality headset, we visit this year's Augmented World Expo and demo the latest in augmented reality technologies.
40 min 15:27
2023's Best Mopping Robot - Lefant T1 Review & Test (High End Segment)
🔥 Get The T1 Here: Amazon US: amazon.com/dp/B0B3XMF455 | CA: amazon.ca/dp/B0B3XMF455 | UK: amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B74KZMJJ |
33 min 4:58
Mood Media’s Oracle E-Business Suite migration to AWS | Amazon Web Services
Learn how Mood Media Corporation moved their on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite to AWS, and improved reliability, scalability and productivity while reducing the overall cost.
1 hour 0:59
Microsoft 365 Insider: Improved Accessibility Ribbon in PowerPoint
To learn more, read the full blog post, Improved Accessibility Ribbon in PowerPoint for Windows and Mac here
1 hour 7:54
Overview of encoder-decoder architecture
The encoder-decoder architecture is a powerful and prevalent machine learning architecture for sequence-to-sequence tasks such as machine translation, text summarization, and question answering.
3 hours 0:35
This World Environment Day, save energy with Samsung TVs | Samsung
Let your screen save more energy for you this #WorldEnvironmentDay.
33 min 1:27
Oracle E-Business Suite migration to AWS | Amazon Web Services
Learn how Mood Media Corporation moved their on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite to AWS, and improved reliability and productivity while reducing the overall cost.
6 hours 0:55
Resident Evil 4 - The Radeon™ RX Graphics Experience
Six years have passed since the biological disaster in Raccoon City. Agent Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the incident, has been sent to rescue the president's kidnapped daughter.
1 hour 11:48
Overview of creating image captioning models
Want to learn how to create an image captioning model by using deep learning?
3 hours 1:18
AI-Powered Super Slow-Motion with EVS - NVIDIA M&E Partner Showcase
Jan Mokallai, VP Solutions LiveCeption at EVS, talks about how the AI-powered XtraMotion 2.0 creates artificial frames to deliver a smooth super slow-motion effect for enhanced storytelling in
1 hour 9:06
Introduction to image generation
Diffusion models are a family of machine learning models that recently showed promise in the image generation space. Diffusion models draw inspiration from physics, specifically thermodynamics.
3 hours 0:47
Contribute to the 2023 DevOps survey, and Google named a leader in AI platforms
What’s new with Google Cloud? Welcome to our weekly series where we serve you the lowest latency news.
6 hours 2:45
AWS Office Opens in Budapest | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened its first office in Budapest, Hungary, in June 2023.
1 hour 5:34
Overview of attention mechanism
This video introduces you to the attention mechanism, a powerful technique that allows neural networks to focus on specific parts of an input sequence.
6 hours 23:55
Teen Vogue Editor in Chief Versha Sharma on what Gen Z Wants out of Work | Microsoft WorkLab Podcast
Versha Sharma, editor in chief of Teen Vogue, provides her unique insights into what Gen Z wants from their employers, and Hannah McConnaughey, a communications manager at Microsoft, breaks down
6 min 7:21
How to use Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 to Schedule Queries | Amazon Web Services
This video shows how to schedule queries in Amazon Redshift using Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2.
1 hour 11:38
Overview of transformer models and BERT model
Watch this video to learn about the Transformer architecture and the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) model.
4 hours 0:53
Amazon Echo: Reset Your Echo Pop
If your device isn’t responding, and you’ve tried to restart it, reset your device. Learn more: amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=TcarFFUVyu3RrDLi5Y
4 hours 0:43
Amazon Echo: Set Up Your Echo Pop
This video walks you through the setup of your Echo Pop. Learn more about Echo Pop on Amazon Help: amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=Tdhja0feDINQLl19Ll
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6 hours 3:38
Grundfos extends its culture of learning to every area of its business with Microsoft Viva Learning
Grundfos is a leading water technology company focused on sustainability and innovation for its global clientele.
9 hours 1:17
OUKITEL WP26 - Rugged Phone With Camping Light │ 10,000mAh battery │ MTK P90 processor
👉WorldPremiere date: 12th - 18th June 🛒Add to cart now: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_oCOlbIr 🔥Join FB Group: facebook.com/groups/OukitelMobile Introducing the new Oukitel WP26
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