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8 May 2012
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A few minutes left until the football game!
How do you celebrate before a football game? With Xiaomi products, it's all about fun!
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Give It Time: Future | Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
Time flies, and some things last. At Xiaomi, this is the goal we wish to achieve with our products. #GiveItTime The limited pre-orders of #Xiaomi12TPro #DanielArshamEdition starts on December 5th.
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Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition in 360°
View the "timeless sculpture" in 360°. #GiveItTime The #Xiaomi12TPro #DanielArshamEdition will begin limited pre-orders on December 5th, find out more here: s.mi.com/m-2yd-M0
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Give It Time: Present | Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
We are all witnesses to the development of technology as if constantly traveling through the gate of time. Embrace the present.
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Exploring Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
What does #Xiaomi12TPro #DanielArshamEdition remind you of? Let us know in the comments. Limited Stock | Pre-orders begin on December 5th here: s.mi.com/m-2yd-M0
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1-Min Crash Course on Wearable Devices!
If you're looking for a Xiaomi wearable device, this video is for you! We'll recommend the latest wearable devices that are perfect for you.
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Give It Time: Past | Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
#GiveItTime, as the past shapes who you are now. That's why we are willing to exchange time for quality and technology.
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How to choose the perfect earphones?
There are so many different kinds of earphones in the market. Let's figure out which one is best for you! #XiaomiBuds3TPro #XiaomiBuds3 #RedmiBuds4Pro #RedmiBuds4
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Introducing Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
"I approached the Xiaomi 12T Pro as a sculpture with a purpose outside of it as a functional object." --- Daniel Arsham Learn about @DanielArsham's design motivation behind #Xiaomi12TPro
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ASMR Calm and Relaxing Wave Sounds | 4K | Day & Night | Shot on Xiaomi 12T Pro
How about some relaxing beach sound? #ASMR #MakeMomentsMega Save it for when you miss going to the beach! This video is also entirely shot and recorded by #Xiaomi12TPro!
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ASMR Adorable Dogs Eating | 4K | Shot on Xiaomi 12T Pro
Check out these adorable dogs' 'mukbang'! #ASMR This video is also entirely shot and recorded by #Xiaomi12TPro!
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A Recap of #MakeMomentsMega | Xiaomi 12T Series
Embrace the magic of everyday moments because they make the best memories. Find your mega moments with #Xiaomi12TSeries and keep sharing them with us. #MakeMomentsMega last!
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Meet Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept
Co-engineered with Leica, we invited the engineers to tell you the story behind #Xiaomi12SUltraConcept and the unprecedented dual 1" ultra sensor.
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Livestock | Xiaomi Studios
A photographer received a special request that could save his company from bankruptcy and found his true mega moment.
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Behind the Scenes of The Treasure Hunter | Xiaomi Studios
Did you know that 'The Treasure Hunter' was entirely shot on #Xiaomi12TSeries? Our Xiaomi Creator Luis (IG: luis_guanzon) will tell you how he filmed it!
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The Treasure Hunter | Xiaomi Studios
A dad's love turned a cute bedtime story into a production film. This is how Xiaomi Creator Luis and his little girl Maison #MakeMomentsMega. What are your mega moments that are worth treasuring?
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Xiaomi Master Class | Storytelling Photography: Editing
Learn how to create powerful storytelling photography with simple editing tricks in Hannah's last #XiaomiMasterClass.
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Xiaomi Master Class | Storytelling Photography: Attention
Learn to stay focused when shooting with your phone with Hannah's second #XiaomiMasterClass.
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Xiaomi Master Class | Storytelling Photography: Perspective
Follow the first course of Hannah's #XiaomiMasterClass to find and understand your perspective. Capture your "mega moments" today and share it with us using #MakeMomentsMega #Xiaomi12TSeries!
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Xiaomi Master Class Official Teaser|Storytelling Photography by Hannah Reyes Morales
How do you tell a story through photography? Hannah Reyes Morales will tell you all about it in the upcoming #XiaomiMasterClass.
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Meet The Xiaomi Creators | David Elorza | Tips for Shooting Lifestyle Photos
Patagonia's snow mountain and waterfalls are truly breathtaking.
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200MP Photo Review by Lei Jun | Xiaomi Insider
What kind of moments can the #200MPImagingSystem capture? Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, will tell you how you can #MakeMomentsMega through these photos shot on #Xiaomi12TPro.
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Which smart cleaning appliance should you pick? | Xiaomi Insider
Watch this episode of #XiaomiInsider to learn which smart cleaning appliance suits your household best.
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10-minute Highlight | Xiaomi 12T Series
Everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Launch October 2022 in 10 minutes!
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Exploring Moments | Chapter 4 | Xiaomi 12T Series
With the final chapter of #ExploringMoments, we hope to convey to today's youth the beauty of embracing the value of small tasks and making significant impacts with them. Enjoy!
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How well can smart robot vacuums avoid obstacles? | Xiaomi Insider
Watch this #XiaomiInsider episode to learn about #XiaomiRobotVacuum X10+'s obstacle avoidance ability.
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Immersive Audio Experience | Xiaomi 12T Series
Dual speakers • SOUND BY Harman Kardon • Dolby Atmos® #Xiaomi12TPro delivers an immersive audio experience like no other.
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Exploring Moments | Chapter 3 | Xiaomi 12T Series
In the 3rd chapter of #ExploringMoments, we reflect on how all of us should take a moment to examine our wellness and health, even on busy days.
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Adaptive HDR Display | Xiaomi 12T Series
Do you have the same experience with your naughty kids? Don't worry, #Xiaomi12TPro's Adaptive HDR display allows you to view your content clearly in any lighting situation.
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Redmi Pad Unboxing | Xiaomi Fan
Are you curious about how our #RedmiPad does #AllInOne? Our Xiaomi Fan, Putthimedh, will show you how he took this #PadForFun in this video!
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