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8 May 2012
4 days 0:11
Unleash Your Creativity | Xiaomi Creators
🍁 Unlock new horizons and push beyond your limits with inspiration from Jordi Koalitic.
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Effortless Feeding | Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder
Make feeding time a breeze for your pet with #XiaomiSmartPetFoodFeeder.
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8 days 0:30
Pet Hydration Hero | Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Keep your pet hydrated and happy with #XiaomiSmartPetFountain. 24/7 water supply and healthy tea time.
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OOTD with Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro | Xiaomi Insider
Experience the ultimate fashion upgrade with the #XiaomiSmartBand7Pro. Perfectly match your OOTD and stand out from the crowd.
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13 days 3:55
Meet The Xiaomi Creators | Elliot Simpson | Creative light portrait in seaside
What kind of story can be told when combining creative lighting and a seaside setting? Landscape photographer and Xiaomi Creator Elliot has the answers.
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29 days 1:47
Meet Xiaomi Creators in 2022 |Xiaomi Creators
We met many #XiaomiCreators this year. We met them around the world and shared memorable moments together. Let's check out this recap of our Xiaomi Creators in 2022.
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30 days 1:16
A Year Together | 2022 Recap Video
Everything we do together is done better! Here are some of our favorite 2022 moments with Xiaomi Fans.
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34 days 3:20
Xiaomi Gift-giving | Xiaomi Insider
This holiday season, we're wrapping all your favorite products! Ending the year with a little gift-giving as we welcome the coming of a new year!
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35 days 3:05
Outdoor running with Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro | Xiaomi Insider
If you enjoy running outdoors, here's a video to catch up! The #XiaomiSmartBand7Pro is a great partner for your outdoor running. Hear it from our #XiaomiInsider.
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39 days 2:08
Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2022 Recap Video
Here's a recap of the #XiaomiImagery Awards 2022! Review the beautiful works of our winners! Follow Xiaomi to capture unforgettable moments in life. Even tiny details can tell a big story.
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39 days 1:33
Present | Xiaomi Studios
Check out the #XiaomiStudios interactive film co-created with Xiaomi Creator @Luis Guanzon(IG).
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39 days 1:38
One day in London with Xiaomi 12 Pro
What's your impression of London? Xiaomi Creator Chris shares his view of London with #Xiaomi12Pro. Let's experience the charm of London together in this special #XiaomiImagery video now.
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Can thunderstorms affect smartphone usage?
We've experimented! Don't try this at home.
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Can rice fix a water-damaged smartphone?
Can rice really save your wet phone? Here's the answer. #XiaomiAcademy #RedmiNote11Pro5G
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What happens when you apply toothpaste on a cracked phone screen?
Does toothpaste really work to repair a cracked phone screen? Let's find out! #XiaomiAcademy #RedmiNote11Pro5G
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54 days 5:59
Meet the Xiaomi Creators | Vincenzo De Caro | Rediscover Your Original Dream of Shooting
Welcome to Italy with our Xiaomi Creator Vincenzo! Vincenzo will teach us how to take street photography and cinematic photos in Meet the Xiaomi Creators series video.
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The Most Nervous Moments in Football
Here's why football is the most entertaining sport to watch.
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A few minutes left until the football game!
How do you celebrate before a football game? With Xiaomi products, it's all about fun!
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Give It Time: Future | Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
Time flies, and some things last. At Xiaomi, this is the goal we wish to achieve with our products. #GiveItTime The limited pre-orders of #Xiaomi12TPro #DanielArshamEdition starts on December 5th.
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Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition in 360°
View the "timeless sculpture" in 360°. #GiveItTime The #Xiaomi12TPro #DanielArshamEdition will begin limited pre-orders on December 5th, find out more here: s.mi.com/m-2yd-M0
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Give It Time: Present | Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
We are all witnesses to the development of technology as if constantly traveling through the gate of time. Embrace the present.
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Exploring Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
What does #Xiaomi12TPro #DanielArshamEdition remind you of? Let us know in the comments. Limited Stock | Pre-orders begin on December 5th here: s.mi.com/m-2yd-M0
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66 days 1:00
1-Min Crash Course on Wearable Devices!
If you're looking for a Xiaomi wearable device, this video is for you! We'll recommend the latest wearable devices that are perfect for you.
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Give It Time: Past | Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
#GiveItTime, as the past shapes who you are now. That's why we are willing to exchange time for quality and technology.
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How to choose the perfect earphones?
There are so many different kinds of earphones in the market. Let's figure out which one is best for you! #XiaomiBuds3TPro #XiaomiBuds3 #RedmiBuds4Pro #RedmiBuds4
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68 days 2:14
Introducing Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
"I approached the Xiaomi 12T Pro as a sculpture with a purpose outside of it as a functional object." --- Daniel Arsham Learn about @DanielArsham's design motivation behind #Xiaomi12TPro
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72 days 4:33
ASMR Calm and Relaxing Wave Sounds | 4K | Day & Night | Shot on Xiaomi 12T Pro
How about some relaxing beach sound? #ASMR #MakeMomentsMega Save it for when you miss going to the beach! This video is also entirely shot and recorded by #Xiaomi12TPro!
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73 days 4:18
ASMR Adorable Dogs Eating | 4K | Shot on Xiaomi 12T Pro
Check out these adorable dogs' 'mukbang'! #ASMR This video is also entirely shot and recorded by #Xiaomi12TPro!
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81 day 0:57
A Recap of #MakeMomentsMega | Xiaomi 12T Series
Embrace the magic of everyday moments because they make the best memories. Find your mega moments with #Xiaomi12TSeries and keep sharing them with us. #MakeMomentsMega last!
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88 days 2:29
Meet Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept
Co-engineered with Leica, we invited the engineers to tell you the story behind #Xiaomi12SUltraConcept and the unprecedented dual 1" ultra sensor.
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