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8 May 2012
60 days 4:41
Exploring Moments | Chapter 3 | Xiaomi 12T Series
In the 3rd chapter of #ExploringMoments, we reflect on how all of us should take a moment to examine our wellness and health, even on busy days.
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60 days 0:21
Adaptive HDR Display | Xiaomi 12T Series
Do you have the same experience with your naughty kids? Don't worry, #Xiaomi12TPro's Adaptive HDR display allows you to view your content clearly in any lighting situation.
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61 day 1:31
Redmi Pad Unboxing | Xiaomi Fan
Are you curious about how our #RedmiPad does #AllInOne? Our Xiaomi Fan, Putthimedh, will show you how he took this #PadForFun in this video!
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62 days 4:42
Exploring Moments | Chapter 2 | Xiaomi 12T Series
Join us and experience this journey with the founder of Out of Eden Walk Project and two-time Pulitzer winner Paul Salopek in inspiring youths to stay awake and creative in the 2nd chapter of
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62 days 4:51
200MP Imaging System Explained | Xiaomi Academy
The #200MPImagingSystem combines leading hardware and advanced software to ⁣#MakeMomentsMega in your everyday captures. Watch this #XiaomiAcademy🏫 episode to see how it works!
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62 days 2:21
2-minute Highlight | Xiaomi 12T Series
Review #XiaomiLaunch October 2022 in 2 minutes! What was your favorite product of this launch?
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62 days 1:06
Meet Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+
Free your hands with #XiaomiRobotVacuum X10+, and enjoy more free time with your friends and family at home! It's now more intelligent, more advanced, and more efficient.
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63 days 0:18
This is Xiaomi ProFocus | Xiaomi 12T Series
Run, jump, and have fun! Never miss a moment with your beloved ones. #MakeMomentsMega with #200MPImagingSystem of #Xiaomi12TSeries.
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63 days 0:31
200MP Xiaomi ProCut In Action | Xiaomi 12T Series
Thanks to advanced AI machine learning, 200MP Xiaomi ProCut can easily create ideal photo compositions for you with just one click.
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64 days 4:39
Exploring Moments | Chapter 1 | Xiaomi 12T Series
Meet the founder of Out of Eden Walk Project and two-time Pulitzer winner Paul Salopek as he teaches the kids to rediscover the wonders of life.
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65 days 0:56
The Pad For Fun | Redmi Pad
Why is #RedmiPad the ultimate #AllInOne #PadForFun? Check out yourself!
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65 days 1:45
Make Moments Mega | Xiaomi 12T Series
Mega moments are best described as being truly larger-than-life. #MakeMomentsMega with the company of your family and #Xiaomi12TSeries now!
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65 days 0:25
Meet Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro
#XiaomiSmartBand7Pro comes in an unprecedented look with all-new aesthetics. Just mix-match the colors to #StepUpYourStyle.
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66 days 1:00
Unboxing Xiaomi 12T Pro | Xiaomi 12T Series
The greatest Xiaomi unboxing ceremony ever for the new #Xiaomi12TPro.
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66 days 0:43
Introducing Xiaomi 12T Pro | Xiaomi 12T Series
#Xiaomi12TPro sports an #200MPImagingSystem, a 120Hz CrystalRes AMOLED display, and produces excellent sound quality thanks to SOUND by Harman Kardon. It's time to #MakeMomentsMega.
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66 days 1:16
Exploring Moments with National Geographic Magazine China
Working in partnership with National Geographic Magazine China and Paul Salopek, founder of the "Out of Eden Walk" project and two-time Pulitzer winner, we hope to inspire today's youth in
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66 days 2:02:36
Xiaomi Launch October 2022
Join the mega moment LIVE now!
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69 days 0:08
The First Ever Redmi Pad
Don't miss out on the world debut of the first #RedmiPad! Everything is to be revealed on October 4th.
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70 days 0:21
Xiaomi ProFocus | Xiaomi 12T Series
#200MPImagingSystem ensures your subject is always in focus when shooting on #Xiaomi12TSeries. See you at our #XiaomiLaunch on October 4th!
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71 day 0:21
Ultra Night Video | Xiaomi 12T Series
Mega captures in the dark, made possible thanks to the #200MPImagingSystem. More to come at #XiaomiLaunch!
479 268
71 day 0:20
200MP Xiaomi ProCut | Xiaomi 12T Series
Introducing 200MP Xiaomi ProCut, powered by the #200MPImagingSystem. For more information about #Xiaomi12TSeries, stay tuned for the #XiaomiLaunch on October 4th!
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73 days 1:26
One day in Milan with Xiaomi 12 Pro
Modern, relaxed, romantic, what else is your impression of Milan? Fancy a one-day trip with our exceptional photographer to explore the picturesque city?
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75 days 1:05
Official Recap | Xiaomi Film Festival 2022
The best of all of the films that premiered in this year's #XiaomiFilmFestival, all shot on Xiaomi Series. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the film festival!
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75 days 3:29
Ask Leijun about Xiaomi Film Festival
The founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Leijun, is here to answer all your questions about the #XiaomiFilmFestival. Make sure you follow @leijun on Twitter for more exclusive updates!
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77 days 9:43
"At the forefront of mobile imaging" | Xiaomi Academy Special Edition | Xiaomi Film Festival
Smartphones have completely changed the way we record our stories. Because we have it with us all the time, smartphones allow us to record stories instantly, anywhere, anytime.
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78 days 7:31
"Elaine & Mike" | A Xiaomi Film Festival Film Presented by Xiaomi Studios
An encounter of romance in a diner rolls out the #XiaomiFilmFestival story of "Elaine & Mike". Check out this short film directed by Chinese filmmaker Amelie Wen, and shot on Xiaomi Series.
1 305 852
78 days 11:20
"Blooming" | A Xiaomi Film Festival Film Presented by Xiaomi Studios
Sometimes, a new perspective may be the answer you're looking for. Follow Sara's story in"Blooming," directed by our Brazilian #XiaomiCreator, Eduardo Ohara. Shot on Xiaomi Series.
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79 days 19:24
"The Phoenix of Gloucester" | A Xiaomi Film Festival Film Presented by Xiaomi Studios
Unveil the mysterious phoenix that's so important to Charlie's grandfather. Stream "The Phoenix of Gloucester" now, directed by Academy Award® winning filmmaker James Lucas, shot on Xiaomi Series.
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80 days 0:31
"The Phoenix of Gloucester" Trailer | A Xiaomi Film Festival Film Presented by Xiaomi Studios
"For you, the world" What does this phrase mean to an Academy Award® winning filmmaker? Be ready to unveil "The Phoenix of Gloucester" directed by James Lucas at the #XiaomiFilmFestival.
1 483 860
80 days 1:50
"The protagonist of your world" | A Xiaomi Film Festival film co-created by Xiaomi Fans
Life is like a book. Every experience is like a chapter. And all of these experiences combine to define who you are, the protagonist of your world.
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