7 Sep 2007
29 days 2:12
Fab Construction Enterprise Conference | Intel
FCE is employing advanced digital technologies and strategies to our current construction roadmap.
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32 days 0:40
Intel Evo Laptops Have It All: Make the Switch with Corinne & Jamie Foxx | Intel
It’s time to switch. Upgrade to a long-lasting battery. And faster Wi-Fi. And noise cancellation. And so much more. Jamie finally caught up with the tech age, so now it’s your turn.
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32 days 0:40
Intel Evo Laptops Work for You: Get It All with Corinne & Jamie Foxx | Intel
Compromising what you want in a laptop? Never heard of it.
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32 days 1:37
Introducing 13th Gen Intel Core Processors for Laptops | Intel
With the new 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, you can tap into your peak potential with blazing-fast speed and more performance.
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32 days 48:32
Introducing new 13th Gen Intel Core processors for laptops and desktops | Intel
Learn more about the new processors in the 13th Gen Intel Core processor family, featuring the full lineup of mobile processors and additional processors for consumer desktops.
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66 days 54:15
Processing Out Loud: A Deep Dive on Deepfakes | Intel
In this episode of Processing Out Loud, Intel Technology Evangelist, Marcus Yam, and Senior Staff Research Scientist, Ilke Demir, talk all things deepfake.
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81 day 1:03
Introducing: Intel’s eCycleLand! | Intel
What would you say if we told you the rusted parts cluttering your pockets in Animal Crossing and the e-waste filling your junk drawers…still have value? Don’t believe us?
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82 days 0:47
Un PC à gagner ! Le Black Friday démarre bien avec #IntelStartFriday | Intel
Du 15 au 29 novembre 2022, participez au concours #IntelStartFriday pour tenter de gagner un PC portable neuf !
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82 days 5:04
AI For Youth : premier pilote dans un Lycée français | Intel
L'année passée, nous avons lancé AI4Youth, un programme très spécial autour de l'#IA et de l'#education avec @Entreprendre pour apprendre.
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82 days 1:42
Sport & Tech Manifesto | Intel
Comment viser plus loin alors qu'on a déjà tout gagné ?
82 days 2:28
Olympics | Interview de la team Intel | Intel
Comment repartir et se réinventer quand on a tout gagné ? 🤔 On peut toujours progresser, et c’est à ce moment-là que la technologie vient nous aider.
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96 days 2:48
Certified human: How new Intel tech detects deepfakes in real time | Intel
Intel Senior Staff Research Scientist Ilke Demir explains the concept of deepfakes and how Intel's solution recognizes manipulated videos.
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100 days 1:54
Find Your Voice and Community at Intel - Christina's Story | Intel
Hear about Christina's career journey and how she found her voice and community at Intel.
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100 days 1:13
Building a Network at Intel | Intel
Pablo from the Intel Atlanta Hiring Event discusses the importance of building a network and excelling in your career--and how Intel gives you the tools you need to accomplish this.
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101 day 3:18
Springing to action in India: Helping a community restore Lake Nanjapura | Intel
Lake Nanjapura is a vital resource for Nanjapura Village in Bengaluru, India. It protects biodiversity, supports an ecosystem, and provides water for human activities.
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110 days 2:16
A vision of health: Saving lives with data in Costa Rica | Intel
At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Costa Rica, Intel Engineer Luis Rojas Muñoz wondered how Intel could help. He found his inspiration in dashboards used to summarize data and visualize trends.
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113 days 31:28
Processing Out Loud: Intel Innovation 2022 Discussion on Twitter Spaces | Intel
In our latest edition of Processing Out Loud on Twitter Spaces, we’ll explore some of the topics discussed at Intel Innovation 2022.
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128 days 3:23
Students protecting crops with technology | Intel
2017 was disastrous for farmers in India. This inspired two students who study Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering at VIT-Chennai Campus to find a solution.
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130 days 1:37
Introducing 13th Gen Intel Core Processors for Desktop | Intel
With the new 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, you can tap into your peak potential with blazing-fast speed and more performance.
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131 day 4:07
Intel Caregivers - You Are Not Alone | Intel
Everyone will be touched by caregiving sometime in their lives.
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131 day 2:37
How quantum computing will change our world | Intel
Jim Clarke, Director of Quantum Hardware at Intel Labs, discusses how chemistry and physics drive the development of qubits in these unique systems.
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141 day 2:17
Innovation at Intel - Software | Intel
Listen to the innovative projects our employees are most excited to be working on at Intel.
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143 days 2:02
Advancing High-Performance Computing | Intel
A million times more powerful than a laptop, exascale supercomputers could help solve today’s most pressing problems that much faster.
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143 days 2:12
Go Bigger | Intel
Learn how Intel empowers the big ideas that lead to some of the world's most important innovations.
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151 day 1:11
How Wonderful Is That? | Intel
From beaming deep space into classrooms, and teaching cars how to drive themselves, to making cities smart, and people healthy.
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155 days 1:29
AI backpack helps people navigate the world | Intel
People with visual impairments now have AI looking out for them. This AI powered backpack assists visually impaired people in an affordable way.
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155 days 2:22
Scientists solving the worlds toughest problems | Intel
Seek. Solve. Scale. That’s the rallying cry for Rich Uhlig, Director of Intel Labs and Senior Fellow at Intel.
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155 days 2:20
AI helps people overcome challenges | Intel
Meet Lama Nachman, Director of the Human & AI Research Systems Lab at Intel. She’s developing AI technologies that can help empower people with disabilities to interact with the world.
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155 days 1:45
Liquid cooling enhancing new supercomputers | Intel
The awesome power of supercomputing has the ability to drive wonderful innovations for the world. But supercomputers generate heat from components inside, including memory and storage.
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155 days 3:17
Sisters through STEM | Intel
There’s an infinite number of things to learn about in this world, with endless applications, explains Leslie Espinoza-Campomanes, who studies Biomedical Engineering and Human Rights at Stanford
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