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8 Mar 2010
5 hours 18:16
Tested in 2022: Kayte's Favorite Things!
Workpro tool kit: amzn.to/3VCyIQM Ryobi cordless hot glue gun: amzn.to/3AVGTiN Fiskars heavy duty carving set: amzn.to/3VzIJ0O Sanding block: amzn.to/3Ul1VOR
12 443
18 hours 6:52
Tested in 2022: Bill's Favorite Things!
Satisfactory: coffeestainstudios.com/support/satisfactory Marvel Anatomy: amzn.to/3VY4kjT Crush Metric Pen: crushmetric.com Shapeoko 4
25 519
1 day 10:40
The Original Tik-Tok Robot Costume from Return to Oz!
While at Prop Store's Los Angeles offices, Adam meets the original Tik-Tok from Return to Oz!
85 129
1 day 11:15
Ask Adam Savage: What Makes a Prop Work in Its Universe?
What makes a character, other than the actor? Will Adam ever recreate Sapper's kit from Blade Runner 2049?
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2 days 15:13
Tested in 2022: Sean's Favorite Things!
Iron Man Mark III Construction Version - sideshow.com/collectibles/marvel-iron-man-mark-iii-construction-version-hot-toys-909185 NECA Gremlins - amzn.to/3ONBj82 NECA Frankenstein
27 351
2 days 6:36
Ask Adam Savage: An ILM Build Adam Never Wanted to End
Did Adam ever have an ILM project he was SO passionate about, he never wanted it to end? Did Adam develop any catchphrases at ILM?
67 717
3 days 14:11
Tested in 2022: Jen's Favorite Things!
Black & Decker Matrix Tool Kit: amzn.to/3OYGkL4 DeWalt Mini Circular Saw: amzn.to/3unl2gM Makita Mini Circular Saw: amzn.to/3EZ45OD Other brand mini circular saws
31 441
3 days 11:54
Ask Adam Savage: On the Destiny of "Important" Film Props Post-Production
What would Adam like to see happen with important film props after filming? Does he have advice for building a particular prop display?
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4 days 16:14
Tested in 2022: Norm's Favorite Things!
It's time for the Tested team to share their favorite things of the past year! As we enter the holiday season, we'll be showcasing the tools, tech, toys, and gear that we loved using in 2022.
28 409
4 days 8:51
Ask Adam Savage: When's the Hardest Adam Has Ever Laughed?
When does the tool buying stop? What's the funniest thing that ever happened to Adam?
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5 days 16:21
Adam Savage Meets an Apollo Program Training Spacesuit!
Adam returns to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Conservation Lab to examine astronaut Frank Borman's Apollo training suit!
36 541
6 days 26:46
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Gandalf's Pipe!
Can you believe it's been over 20 years since the release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
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7 days 19:37
Adam Savage's Vacuum Tube Collection Gets CT Scanned!
Learn more about how these object were scanned: lumafield.com/article/ct-scans-vacuum-tubes-tested-adam-savage Among the objects Adam collects are pieces of vintage electronics;
87 359
7 days 10:06
Ask Adam Savage: What Kind of Character Will Adam Not Cosplay?
Do cosplayers want to be who they cosplay? Has Adam ever been so inspired by someone else’s cosplay that it resulted in a build? What's the one thing about cosplay that Adam wished he'd known earlier?
74 512
8 days 6:25
Show and Tell: Batteries Not Included's Wheems Replica!
Adam shows off an incredible replica of the Wheems Fix-It robot from Batteries Not Included, made by prop builder Jason Slepicka.
91 268
9 days 6:10
Ask Adam Savage: Adam's Working Hours and Tidiness
What are Adam's normal hours in the cave? Does Adam tidy up after each project? Has Mrs. Donttrythis ever raised an eyebrow at something Adam's bought?
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10 days 23:18
The 3D-Printed Fashion of Sophy Wong!
Watch this episode in VR on Meta Quest TV: creator.oculus.com/community/802834256715296 Designer Sophy Wong shows how she experiments with 3D printed garments to create accessories and
118 616
10 days 8:15
Introducing the Savage Industries Bedroll!
Just in time for the holidays, Adam's Savage Industries line is debuting new products, including a new EDC, a bedroll (harkening back to Adam's Space Cowboys days), new pouches, signed patches
298 625
11 days 34:15
Adam Savage Takes Apart Star Wars' L0-LA59 Animatronic Robot!
This week only iFixit tools, which are backed by a lifetime guarantee, are up to 25% off! Visit ifixit.com/tested to shop, and use code CELEBRATE for free shipping on your $65 order.
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11 days 8:38
Show and Tell: The Evolution of the Tauntaun
Adam unboxes a new package from our friends at Regal Robot: a limited set of tauntaun concept maquettes sculpted by Phil Tippet while working on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!
54 996
12 days 24:09
Adam Savage Learns About Living on the Space Shuttle!
Watch this episode in VR on Meta Quest TV: creator.oculus.com/community/802834256715296 or download our free app: oculus.com/experiences/quest/2586839431358655 At the
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13 days 26:55
Making the RTV Ghost Trap From Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed!
Check out Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed at ghostbusterssu.com The new game Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed carries forward the story from Ghostbusters: Afterlife and brings along with
54 372
13 days 9:16
Ask Adam Savage: The Very First Mythbusters Experiment
What was the first MythBusters experiment? How did MythBusters find so many volunteers to participate on the show?
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14 days 20:09
The Robot Sidekicks of Jorvon Moss!
Watch this episode in VR on Meta Quest TV: creator.oculus.com/community/802834256715296 or download our free app: oculus.com/experiences/quest/2586839431358655 Robot designer
76 255
15 days 16:07
The Props and Costumes of Star Trek: Picard!
Adam checks out a selection of original props and costumes from the production of Star Trek: Picard Seasons 1 and 2!
66 585
16 days 6:34
Show and Tell: Magswitch Drill Press Vise Mount!
This drill press vice mount, which was sent for the purposes of review, will be going on sale this week, and you can get an additional 10% off your entire purchase with code "Tested" at checkout.
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17 days 1:11:37
Adam Savage's Live Builds: Gundam Build From Gundam Expo Usa!
On Saturday, Nov. 19, Adam Savage will be in New York at the Javits Center for Anime NYC.
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17 days 0:47
Join Our Live Gundam Build TODAY at 12 pm ET!
We are SO excited to be doing a LIVE GUNDAM KIT BUILD TODAY (Saturday, Nov 19) at 12 pm ET! It's part of GUNDAM EXPO USA, happening at Anime NYC.
5 517
17 days 7:47
Ask Adam Savage: Dealing With People Who Underestimate You
Has Adam ever felt someone had underestimated him? If Adam could collaborate with any creator from any point in time, who would that creator be and why?
56 207
18 days 24:01
How to Kitbash a Miniature Spaceship Model!
Watch this episode in VR on Meta Quest TV: creator.oculus.com/community/802834256715296 Veteran modelmaker -- and friend and former ILM colleague of Adam, Grant and Tory's -- @Fon H Davis
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