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8 Mar 2010
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Ow. #adamsavage #shorts
Tested – 5 Feb 2023, 0:10
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Adam Savage Opens His Christmas Mailbag Presents!
As Adam returns back to the cave after the holiday break, he opens a few of the mailbag gifts received from Tested viewers, including two Blade Runner-themed objects!
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1 day 16:14
Adam Savage Unboxes The Hot Toys DeLorean Time Machine!
Adam unboxes and reviews the massive 1/6th scale DeLorean Time Machine model from Hot Toys and Sideshow!
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2 days 10:23
The Original Dr. Evil and Mini-Me Spacesuits from Austin Powers!
Adam is astounded to encounter the original pair of spacesuits for both Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, as seen in the 1999 comedy Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me!
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3 days 0:45
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Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Royal Sceptre!
A year after Adam obsessed over making a replica of St. Edward's Crown of the royal Crown Jewels, Adam becomes similiarly obsessed over recreating the Soverign's Sceptre with Cross.
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4 days 36:16
HTC VIVE XR Elite Hands-On Impressions!
We go hands-on with HTC's VIVE XR Elite virtual reality headset to demo a few native games and experiences, sample wireless streaming VR from a desktop gaming PC, and check out features like its hot
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5 days 0:28
Making #marvelstudios’ #moonknight #costume!
Adam Savage visits FBFX, the specialty costume makers that fabricated the suits for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight, and speaks to head of soft costume Bex Elley about creating the suit's bandage effect.
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5 days 20:57
Making Marvel Studios' Moon Knight Costume!
Adam visits FBFX, the specialty costume makers that fabricated the hero and stunt suits for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight show.
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6 days 9:34
Ask Adam Savage: The Best Way to Store Materials
What's Adam's tipping point between buying a storage solution vs. building one? What's the best way to store materials?
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7 days 8:05
Ask Adam Savage: Has Adam Ever Been Starstruck?
What is Adam's favorite holiday tradition, and does he prefer homemade or store bought gifts? Has Adam ever been properly starstruck, and if so, who was it?
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8 days 22:22
The Mandalorian and Grogu Hot Toys Diorama Build!
With The Mandalorian's third season just on the horizon, it's the prefect time to pay tribute to the show and get back in a Mando frame of mind.
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9 days 13:44
The Original Spacesuits from Event Horizon (1997)!
As we approach the 25th anniversary of the space horror cult classic Event Horizon, Adam examines one of the original spacesuits from that film, now in the collection of Prop Store founder Steven
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10 days 44:59
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Sword Scabbard!
Adam's assassin's sword finds its new home in this custom carved sheath!
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11 days 17:01
Tested: Astera Titan RGB LED Tube Light!
Joey takes us behind the scenes of Tested's production with some high-end programmable LED tube lights he's been testing from Astera.
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12 days 20:32
Adam Savage Installs His New Lathe Chuck!
Adam gets excited by the prospect and potential of a new lathe chuck he just received, using a collet system he's envied for years.
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13 days 9:41
Ask Adam Savage: The One Tool Adam Doesn't Have But Wants
How does Adam deal with producing objects in a digital vs. analog world? If he could have any tool, what would it be and why?
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The Face of #Whoops #shorts
While visiting the #RoyalSociety of London and seeing their perpetual motion machine, #adamsavage experiences something we can surely all relate to.
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14 days 7:41
Ask Adam Savage: Must-Haves for Tiny Workshops and Ideal Shop Temperature
What are "must haves" for a home hobby/maker space where space is an issue? If budget space was not a limiting factor, would Adam get a CNC mill in your space?
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15 days 18:59
Adam Savage's Assassin's Sword: Capstone Build
Adam continues work on his leaf blade assassin's sword by shaping a brass capstone that fits at the top of the hilt.
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16 days 10:13
The Original Spacesuits from Armageddon (1998)!
While visiting Propstore's UK headquarters, Adam gets a chance to examine the science fiction spacesuits in Propstore founder Stephen Lane's personal collection.
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17 days 41:44
Adam Savage's One Day Build: Assassin's Sword!
Adam's first sword build of the year is all about sword furniture: the various housings and fittings that hold and mount onto the blade of a sword!
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18 days 15:22
Wētā Workshop Unleashed's Horror Movie Monster!
In our final video from Adam's early-2020 visit to Wētā Workshop, Adam revisits the sculpting room to preview the in-progress sculpt of the monster from Wētā Workshop Unleashed's horror film "Fauna".
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Adam Savage Meets an Official Standard Yard!
Subscribe for more videos (and click the bell for notifications): youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=testedcom Before we departed from our amazing visit to The Royal Society
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Ask Adam Savage: How to Find Time to Curate Your Space
How does Adam make time to "curate" his space? Does Adam think cooking is making?
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Tested, The First 10 Years: 2012
Over the past 10 years, we've shot thousands of videos, met hundreds of makers, and filmed at events across the country and globe.
21 day 8:10
Ask Adam Savage: Which Film Prop Would Adam Like to Make Real?
"If you could make a prop in your collection work like it did in the movie it came from, what would it be and why?" "What prop have you seen or worked on that you most wished was a real thing?" "How
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22 days 19:21
Nreal Air Review: Don't Call These AR Glasses
We're going to see a lot of augmented reality devices hit the market this year, but the technology and use cases for these glasses are wide-ranging and still relatively nascent.
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23 days 32:39
Sculpting Hyperrealistic Giant Heads at Wētā Workshop!
Adam Savage visits Wētā Workshop's sculpting room where he learns how artists sculpt hyperrealistic giant heads for exhibitions like the one in Wētā Workshop Unleashed.
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24 days 1:02:21
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hasbro Proton Pack Upgrades!
It's finally here! After examining the prototype of the HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack over a year ago, Hasbro has sent Adam a production pack to check out.
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