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8 Mar 2010
1 day 13:35
Faster-Than-Light Jumpship Model from Foundation!
One of the most intricate scale models we saw at this year's WonderFest modelmaking show was Bauble Young's recreation of a Faster-than-light Jumpship from the AppleTV show Foundation.
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2 days 12:02
Workshop Destroyed? Start Here
Where should someone start (and what should they avoid) if their shop was destroyed, for example, through fire? Are there any fonts or typefaces that inspire Adam as a maker?
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2 days 14:27
Adam Savage Wields The Props of The Expanse!
Last year, Adam visited Propstore to check out costumes and props from The Expanse, but we were unable to share that experience due to the Hollywood strikes.
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3 days 29:52
How They Work: Self-Driving Robot Lawn Mowers!
This video is sponsored by Husqvarna.
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4 days 54:51
Adam Savage's Miniature Vault Door Build! (Part 3)
Now this is starting to look like a real vault door! Adam accomplishes what may be his greatest machining feat with the build of the miniature vault door frame and hinge.
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5 days 0:00
Adam Savage's Live Streams: Wednesday, June 12, at 11 am PT
We are taking a bit of a break from live streams after this stream (they'll be back in July), so be sure not to miss this one! Adam will be taking questions about anything you choose.
5 days 12:56
The Most Important Device in the Universe, Miniaturized!
At this year's WonderFest scale modelmaking convention, we once again catch up with prolific master modelmaker Jason Eaton and check out his selection of newest builds!
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6 days 9:40
The Search for Adam's Favorite Mechanical Pencil
Ever since Adam shared his frustrations about how his favorite PaperMate mechanical pencil has changed, viewers have been sharing information about why the change occured as where Adam can source
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7 days 7:50
Three Tools and Materials for Every Beginner Maker
What tools and materials does Adam Savage suggest for makers just starting out? What's the best way to regain your former making skills? Does Adam talk to inanimate objects off camera?
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8 days 9:29
When a Giftee Throws Away Your Homemade Gift
Has Adam Savage ever experienced someone throwing away his homemade gift, and how did he move past the knock to his confidence as a maker?
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9 days 11:27
Epic Star Wars Sandcrawler Scale Model Build!
We're back in Louisville for the annual WonderFest scale modelmaking convention, where we meet Chris Benware, the maker of this epic Star Wars Sandcrawler model and diorama.
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10 days 26:46
How They're Made: Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers!
This video is sponsored by Husqvarna.
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11 days 9:40
Adam Savage vs. His Peers?
Does Adam Savage ever get caught in a comparison trap with his peers? How does Adam deal with imposter syndrome, especially when charging for a job?
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11 days 33:08
Adam Savage's 3D-Printed Crown Build!
It's been three years since Adam's last build of the St Edward's Crown, but it's a piece he's still obsessed with perfecting.
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12 days 8:43
Adam Savage's New Electric Power Cutter!
You may have been familiar with Adam's power cutter that mades appearances on Mythbusters, but you may not know that Adam lost that tool during the production of Savage Builds.
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13 days 26:47
Adam Savage in Awe of This Star Trek Tricorder!
After many years in development, the Star Trek Original Series Tricorder prop replica from The Wand Company is finally becoming a reality.
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14 days 9:46
Avoid These Words (And Not Just at Work)
How does Adam Savage deal with colleagues who are knowledgable but condescending and judgmental of your work? After you land your dream job, what's next?
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15 days 9:21
Advice From a Recovering Blowhard
Has Adam Savage ever done a project that led directly to more work? How can one promote their work without sounding like a blowhard?
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16 days 12:47
Marvel Studios’ What If…? on Apple Vision Pro!
Four months after the release of Apple Vision Pro, we revisit the headset to give an update on our time with it and check out some new games and experiences, including ILM Immersive's hourlong
36 427
16 days 16:46
Adam Savage Examines The Spacesuits of The Expanse!
Last year, Adam visited Propstore to check out costumes and props from The Expanse, but we were unable to share that experience due to the Hollywood strikes.
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17 days 29:03
Adam Savage Learns About Modern Chainsaws!
This video is sponsored by Husqvarna. Learn more about Husqvarna chainsaws and tools at husqvarna.com Today, we’re going to talk about chainsaws!
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18 days 0:00
Adam Savage's Live Streams: Tuesday, June 4, at 1 pm PT
Before his convention this week (Fan Expo Dallas, fanexpohq.com/fanexpodallas ), Adam is hanging out and taking questions on anything! Hope to see you there!
18 days 21:49
The Smallest Holes Adam Savage Has Ever Machined!
Adam tests the precision of his mini Dumore drill with a set of the tiniest drill bits he's ever used.
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19 days 5:03
Compact Thrower Prop from Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire!
While visiting the props workshop of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Adam examines and learns about the new "single shot" compact particle thrower prop devised for the film!
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20 days 10:07
Into Which Sci-Fi Future Are We Heading?
Which film would Adam Savage have LOVED to work on? Into which sci-fi future does Adam think we're headed? Why does Adam think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Cliff Booth is a villain?
177 340
20 days 34:50
Adventures in 35mm Film Photography in 2024!
Join Joey as he embarks on a journey exploring film photography in the modern day, starting with the revered Nikon F2 SLR camera.
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21 day 10:01
How Old Navy Indirectly Led to MythBusters' Pilot
Has Adam Savage ever turned down a commission because he didn't like what the client was going to do with it?
122 249
22 days 10:36
When You're Underqualified for Your Job
Which discipline is Adam Savage happy to pay someone else to do? How much time does Adam spend setting up camera angles when filming himself? Has Adam ever taken a job he didn't feel qualified for?
77 432
23 days 9:12
Free Work for Exposure?
How does Adam Savage feel when challenged about his worth? Has Adam ever built something on commission that he wanted to keep for himself?
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23 days 5:13
Show and Tell: Miniature Maze from The Shining!
Adam shares a gift he received from a fan at Planet Comicon Kansas City: a miniature replica of the Overlook Hotel maze model that Adam built!
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