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8 Mar 2010
6 hours 12:29
R2-D2's Original Droid Blueprint!
The art and production design of Star Wars has been so influential to modern science fiction aesthetic, so Adam is thrilled to encounter some original production blueprints and sketches from the
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1 day 12:06
The New “Rage” in Maker Tools and Techniques
What does Adam think is going to be the new “rage” when it comes to maker tools?
101 172
2 days 9:16
Weirdest Thing MythBusters Ever Built
Was there a particular MythBusters build that Adam Savage looks on fondly now for either its form or its execution? Has weather ever affected Adam's delivery date on a project?
107 193
3 days 15:01
Adam Savage's (Very Unusual) Bathroom
As part of his workshop reorganization, Adam gives the cave bathroom a much-needed glow-up!
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4 days 13:36
What Happened to C-3PO's Original Costume?
Adam gets up close to some very special pieces of Star Wars history: C-3PO costume pieces that are part of Anthony Daniels' personal collection, going up for auction in the upcoming Propstore
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5 days 21:05
Adam Savage Replicates The Perfect Kilogram Standard!
In his ongoing study and obsession with metrology, Adam has been attempting to find his ideal recreation of Le Grand K, the object formerly used as the international prototype and standard for the
167 531
6 days 13:49
Surprising Details of Indiana Jones' Leather Jacket!
Few pieces of film history resonate as much with Adam as Indiana Jones costume--the iconic leather jacket and buttoned shirt a defining trait of not only the character but of the pulp adventure genre.
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7 days 9:37
How the Wampa in Empire Strikes Back Was Filmed!
Adam unboxes the latest prop replica from Regal Robot's Archive Collection: a recreation of the Wampa puppet used for close-up shots of the creature in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!
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8 days 12:40
Quit Taking It Personally
Does Adam Savage have advice for managing the aftermath of a bad job that you didn't have influence over?
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9 days 15:19
Finding Peace After Losing Huxley
"I have a perfect work related opportunity, but worry that anxiety could get in the way.
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10 days 23:26
Adam Savage Built This in a CAVE!
Let's revisit on of Adam's all-time favorite cosplays!
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11 days 20:38
Long-Lost Blade Runner Filming Model Found!
Adam gets up close with a filming miniature from the original Blade Runner--the first spinner you see in the opening of the movie!
161 700
12 days 23:47
Adam Savage Builds a Royal Sceptre! (Yes. AGAIN.)
Adam continues to be obsessed with not only the crown jewels, but also all the jewelry-cutting techniques he's had to learn to build his replicas.
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13 days 13:50
Should You Quit Your Job?
What's the most acceptable way to share critique? Has Adam Savage ever become aware of a flaw of his due to someone else pointing it out? How do you choose the right time to leave a job?
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14 days 7:16
Adam Savage's New Mini Pry Bars
In this edition of the Tested mailbag, Adam adds two new mini pry bars to his workshop collection, gifted to him by a viewer who claims they're the best of their kind in the world!
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17 days 35:53
Adam Savage Installs (the Wrong?) Lathe Variable Frequency Drive!
Now with two lathes set up in the shop, Adam thinks about how to maximize the utility of each for his machining projects.
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18 days 14:24
Is Your Workplace Toxic?
How do you avoid being the type of supervisor you hated when you started out? How do you know if you have a toxic work environment (and whether it's your own fault)?
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19 days 23:03
Adam Savage Sets Up His Shop's Second Lathe!
PREMIUM/PATRON EXCLUSIVE: Giving the New (Old) Lathe Some Love youtu.be/3MFUo2zQD0Q With the newly expanded workshop, Adam reclaims his second Shenwai lathe and sets it up for use with a
152 502
20 days 9:45
Adam Savage's Alligator Clip Leads Problem
While Adam is by no means an expert in electronics, he's done his fair share of wiring up lights and simple circuits to his projects.
182 696
21 day 7:54
Adam Savage's Mystery Tool Mailbag
Tested viewer Victor sent Adam this interesting hand tool he found while holiday shopping late last year, and Adam attempts to deciper its original purpose.
222 370
24 days 31:59
Stories From ILM’s Former Soundstage
What does a magic trick have to do with the house implosion in Poltergeist? On which movie did CA glue (aka "superglue") replace five-minute epoxy in modelmaking?
62 553
25 days 23:36
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Drawer Dividers!
Adam comes into the shop during the weekend for a quick build of custom drawer dividers for his kitchen. As Adam and Mrs.
166 197
26 days 13:49
Adam Savage's Post-Death Plan for His Shop and Collections
Does Adam Savage plan to use any of the materials he inherited from ILM's former model shop? What's Adam's end-of-life plan for his collections? How does one know when it's time to cull items?
292 867
27 days 8:22
Why a Former Astronaut Was 5’13” vs 6'1"
Tested member Ian Rigby wondered about the process of fitting a spacesuit, including whether astronauts need to maintain a certain weight, and our good friend former astronaut Mike Massimino (who is
235 875
28 days 37:32
Tips From a Sesame Street Puppeteer!
Puppeteer Stacey Gordon ("Julia" on Sesame Street) stops by the shop to give Adam Savage a lesson in puppeteering, from eye focus to speaking to walking.
66 781
31 day 12:16
There Are No Pictures of Neil Armstrong on the Moon
Former astronaut Mike Massimino describes to Adam Savage what it was like for him on his very first spacewalk, including the first thing he did upon exiting the space shuttle and the first thing he
477 189
32 days 19:50
Framework 16 Teardown: Fully Modular Laptop With Upgradeable GPU!
We take a look at and inside the new Framework Laptop 16, the new fully configurable laptop with fully replaceable and upgradable components.
71 927
33 days 23:12
Meet Adam Savage’s ILM Supervisor!
You may be familiar with Adam Savage's scissor-lift toolboxes, but did you know it was a colleague's comment on Adam's first day at ILM that inspired their design?
118 594
34 days 0:00
Adam Savage's Live Streams: Wednesday, Jan 24, at 1 pm PT
Time for another virtual hang-out with Adam Savage!
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34 days 48:19
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Exploded Phone Sculpture!
OnePlus has a special offer for Tested viewers! From Jan 23 to Feb 22, viewers buying a OnePlus 12 can use the code TESTEDGIFT and receive a free gift from OnePlus with their purchase.
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