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8 Mar 2010
37 days 6:27
In Space, No One Can … Lift Their Arms?
Tested member Vickie Bligh was curious what it feels like to hit orbit, and former astronaut Mike Massimino was all too happy to answer! Does his response make you want to go to space more? Or less?
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38 days 8:54
More of Adam Savage's Favorite Things of 2023!
Adam presents coda to his list of favorite things from 2023, adding three things he forgot to mention the first time around!
162 510
41 day 11:17
Worst Thing That Can Happen to Someone Who Gets Famous
What's it like for Adam Savage that MythBusters is now part of the cultural lexicon? Did his life change after starting MythBusters?
395 356
42 days 25:06
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Review: Actually Good?
We test and review the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, the 2nd-generation glasses that capture photos, video, and work as bluetooth speakers.
181 431
43 days 29:13
Tour of Adam Savage's Shop (2024)
Adam Savage's shop is almost unrecognizable since our video tour a decade ago.
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44 days 27:06
Adam Savage's Favorite Mechanical Handheld Game!
Before we had the Game Boy and other handheld video game systems, toymaker TOMY released a line of electro-mechanical handhelds that emulated the video game experience, fully mechanically.
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45 days 15:29
Adam Savage Unboxes The Batmobile from The Batman (2022)!
For our first unboxing of the new year, Adam and Norm open and check out the 1/6th scale Batmobile replica model from The Batman (2022)!
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48 days 0:00
Adam Savage's Live Streams: Tricky Work Situations (Tues, Jan 9, at 1 pm PT)
For the first live stream of 2024, Adam Savage thought a good theme would be how to deal with tricky clients, but we thought we could expand that to include difficult work situations/colleagues as
48 days 14:56
How Modern Superhero Costumes Are Made!
Adam gets up close with two of Aquaman's costumes created by FBFX for the new film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom!
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49 days 8:11
Adam Savage's Search for a Replica French Driver's License
At the back stacks of The Earl Hays Press, Adam realizes he may find a prop that has beguiled him for over a decade: a replica French driver's license to complete his Bourne Identity go-bag replica
56 298
50 days 20:29
LAST LOOK Inside the Former ILM Production Studio
Adam Savage gets a tour of the iconic 32Ten Studios before its permanent closure, courtesy of Academy Award-winning sound designer, film director, editor, screenwriter and voice actor Ben Burtt.
90 344
51 day 6:24
Why Are These Movie Props Oversized?
One type of movie and television prop we didn't expect to find at The Earl Hays Press are these comically oversized props, like a giant tennis racket and magazine cover.
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52 days 13:17
The Design of Police Badges in Film and TV
In the back stacks of The Earl Hays Press, Adam stumbles onto a deep catalog of printed graphics, decals, and seals created to dress the police vehicles and buildings in film and television shows.
81 309
53 days 10:26
How to Set Up a New Workshop
Does Adam Savage have any recommendations re: setting up a brand-new shop? How does he keep sawdust from getting into his mill and lathe?
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54 days 10:11
Adam Savage's Obsession With Brazil's Baby Mask!
Adam shares with us his collection of replicas of the haunting baby mask as worn by Michael Palin's Jack Lint character in Terry Gilliam's Brazil!
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55 days 10:34
Adam Savage Gets His Own Prop FBI ID Badge!
At The Earl Hays Press, Adam and @PropsToHistory's Michael Corrie examine all the ways in which prop government-issue ID badges have been replicated and fabricated for film and television shows over
94 465
56 days 24:06
Adam Savage Learns Precision Jewelry Cutting!
Thanks to IPVanish for supporting this video.
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57 days 40:55
An Interview With Former Star Wars Modeler Lorne Peterson
Adam Savage interviews Academy Award-winning special effects artist Lorne Peterson, whose work includes Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Last Ark, Star Wars and E.T.
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58 days 15:50
Some Encouraging Words for Freelancers (from Adam Savage)
As a freelancer did you set up any kind of savings/retirement fund for yourself?  How do you think a proper portfolio should look?
50 266
58 days 16:28
Adam Savage Meets Kayte and Mel's Animatronic Robot!
Kayte and Mel introduce Adam to their first project they completed as MKULTRA--their design and fabrication studio.
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59 days 12:33
126 487
60 days 9:25
What Would the MythBusters of Today Look Like?!
It's a reunion for Adam Savage and his former MythBusters showrunner, Emmy-nominated executive producer Dan Tapster!
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61 day 9:07
Adam Savage's Edge of Tomorrow Sword!
Adam unboxes a long-awaited mailbag from propmakers Shawn Kunst and Quinton Dube: an incredible replica of Rita's rotor-sword from Edge of Tomorrow!
109 602
62 days 12:09
Tested in 2023: Josh's Favorite Things!
Tested's video producer Josh shares some of his favorite gear and tabletop games of the past year!
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62 days 8:40
Tested in 2023: Bill's Favorite Things!
Bill of @punishedprops shares his favorite games, tools, and prop projects of the past year!
56 620
63 days 22:19
Tested in 2023: Joey's Favorite Things!
Joey shares his favorite pieces of kit, food, and filmmaking projects from this past year!
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63 days 18:00
Tested in 2023: Kayte's Favorite Things!
Kayte shares her favorite tools, materials, projects, and events of this past year!
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63 days 10:02
Tested in 2023: Mel's Favorite Things!
Mel shares their favorite gear, instruments, and projects of this past year!
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64 days 1:01:07
The Iconic Sounds of Star Wars
While in the original THX theater -- where Return of the Jedi was mixed!
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65 days 9:51
How to Organize a Chaotic Space
Does Adam Savage have any tips on how to do a big reorganization of a workshop? How does Adam dig himself out of a messy, chaotic space?
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