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8 Mar 2010
21 day 14:15
Adam Savage Meets Real Armored Gauntlets!
Despite having made his own full suit of armor, Adam has never actually held a historical piece of armored gauntlet.
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27 days 13:58
Adam Savage Baffled by Obscure Armor-Making Tools!
The largest single collection of armorer's tools in the world resides at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they're put to use in the Arms and Armor conservation lab to restore artifacts for
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25 days 10:09
The Golden EVA Spacesuit from Sunshine (2007)!
The final spacesuit Adam checks out from Propstore CEO Stephen Lane's collection is the massive golden EVA suit from Danny Boyle's Sunshine.
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3 days 12:06
Adam Savage's Latest Estate Sale Haul!
Subscribe for more videos (and click the bell for notifications): youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=testedcom Adam loves browsing through garage and estate sales, and when he was
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7 days 12:25
Adam Savage Meets Master Chief's Spartan Armor From Halo!
Behold, the Master Chief! We check out a few of the costumes that FBFX adapted from the Halo games for the live action series.
192 474
19 days 22:50
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foot Switch-Powered Shop Tools!
After returning from a recent stint helping out at Tom Sach's workshop, Adam is inspired to add foot pedals to power his shop tools!
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16 days 25:34
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Laundry Folding Table!
This build is an infrastructure improvement--not for Adam's workshop--but for his home!
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11 days 12:21
The Original Tusken Raider Mask From Star Wars: Episode IV!
In the final video from our visit to Propstore's UK headquarters, Adam sits down with Propstore founder and CEO Stephen Lane in his office to examine two of his most prized pieces of filmmaking
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8 days 3:39
MythBusters' High Speed Camera Operator Talks About THAT Cement Truck Explosion
The first assistant camera operator on one of Adam's recent non-Tested shoots was none other than Jeremy Wong, former high-speed operator for MythBusters (2004 and 2005)!
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14 days 10:44
Adam Savage Learns How Real Chain Mail Is Restored!
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Arms and Armor conservation lab, Adam gets up close with an example of real historical chain mail that the museum has restored.
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28 days 12:42
Adam Savage Visits the Arms and Armor Workshop of the MET!
Adam returns to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he visits the Arms and Armor conservation lab to learn about the history of this unique department and how its in-house armorers restore and
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9 days 17:57
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: T-Handle Wrench!
Adam's in the process of setting up a new benchtop milling machine in his shop, and one of the pieces he has for it is a new vise.
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29 days 11:58
Ask Adam Savage: On Being Self-Employed and ADHD
If an amusement park made a MythBusters themed attraction, what sort of ride would Adam want it to be? Can Adam talk more about having ADHD and being responsible for your own schedule/business?
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12 days 22:27
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Universal Tool Grinder Shop Stand!
Adam speed builds a workshop tool stand for his recently acquired Cuttermaster universal tool cutter, grinder, and sharpener--a machine that weighs several hundred pounds!
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26 days 40:42
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Repairing Adam's Cowboy Hats!
Adam is known for his love of hats, from the Indiana Jones fedora to his favorite cowboy hats for everyday wear.
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5 days 1:18:34
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: The Royal Orb!
Adam completes his next in a series of replicas of the historic crown jewels with his build of the Royal Sovereign's Orb!
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6 days 21:35
Adam Savage Learns How Armored Helmets Are Restored!
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Arms and Armor conservation lab, armorer Ted Hunter shows Adam two examples of conservation on historical helmets--an early 17th-century Italian helmet and a late
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15 days 14:53
Ask Adam Savage: Why Costumes Look Different in Person vs Onscreen
Why do costumes look so much different in person vs. a screen? How does Adam determine when to stop weathering an item?
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20 days 34:33
Adam Savage Fixes His Lathe Live Center!
Adam gives a breakdown of how his lathe's tailstock and live centers work, and shows how one of his live centers is just 1/8 of an inch too short to marry with the taper inside the tailstock.
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10 days 8:56
Ask Adam Savage: When a Fun Project Turns ... Not Fun
Has Adam ever had a project that he was excited about but once he got into it, it was ... not fun?
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18 days 5:39
The Original Headless Horseman Costume From Sleepy Hollow!
Among Propstore's collection is the original costume for the Headless Horseman from Tim Burton's 1999 film Sleepy Hollow!
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23 days 13:54
Adam Savage Reassembles His Milling Machine Tailstock!
Spend the morning with Adam as he cleans and reassembles his milling machine's adjustable tailstock, which ends up requiring a new knob to be cut and knurled from scratch.
68 224
13 days 8:05
The Mandalorian Grogu Concept Maquette!
Adam unboxes and reviews the latest statue from Regal Robot: the concept maquette for Grogu from The Mandalorian!
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16 hours 21:30
How Henson Puppeteers Bring Muppets to Life
Adam Savage visits one of the world's most joyful places: Jim Henson's Creature Shop!
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24 days 25:04
Tilt Five AR Gaming Glasses Review!
We review the Tilt Five augmented reality gaming glasses, which turn a tabletop game board into a platform for holographic gaming.
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17 days 8:32
Show and Tell: Manual Disk Sander for Modelmaking
We check out a mini disk sander designed for scale modelmaking, which separates itself from other small disk sanders by being manually crank powered.
62 307
3 days 1:01
The Most Interesting Bottle in the World
Adam Savage shows a bottle he found many decades ago that's likely unlike anything you've seen before.
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1 day 9:59
Ask Adam Savage: Favorite MythBusters Dogs and Off-Camera Narration Habits
Does Adam find himself narrating (in his head or out loud) while working off-camera? Which dog from a MythBusters episode was Adam's favorite? Adam answers these questions from Tested members Nia B.
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22 days 9:20
Ask Adam Savage: How to Price Freelance Gigs
How do you rectify a situation with a customer when there's a defect in your product? How do you balance the fear of not getting a job with the fear of pricing yourself too low?
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29 days 1:35:40
Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V Suit-Up Unboxing and Assembly!
Join Norm for a chill Saturday evening unboxing and assembling the new Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V Suit-Up sixth-scale figure, and join the chat to chat about new movies, tech, toys, TV shows, and
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