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Moxie the German Shepherd loves motorcycle adventures 😍🥰
Massive thanks to @GoRUFFLY! #petlover #germanshepherd #motorcycle
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17 days 0:58
How to make your car look like a cartoon 😮
#supercarblondie #cartooncars #customcars #drawing #diy #art #carshorts
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18 days 0:15
The Audi RSQ known from the movie I, Robot 🔥😍
#supercarblondie #audi #supercars #willsmith #conceptcar #carshorts
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13 days 0:56
Fixing a Huge Dent On a Jaguar 😮
Massive thanks to @MIRACLEEUROPECARBON! #jaguar #carrepair #restoration #repair #mechanic
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21 day 22:31
The 2023 Toyota Prius Is New and Shockingly Gorgeous
CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! carsandbids.com 2023 Toyota Prius review! The 2023 Toyota Prius is totally new and completely different from before.
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15 days 16:21
Cars are Getting Weird in 2023
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25 days 21:31
Snow Storm Launches Toyota Off The Mountain Pass!
So I got a call for a Toyota that slid off a cliff. Subscribe youtube.com/channel/UCwdVOry0oNF9WIe_3uCfz9Q Watch MORR Videos: I Made A Silly Mistake...Customers Stranded For Hours!
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27 days 14:47
Car Youtubers are Out of Hand (ft Hert)
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26 days 20:13
I Put Floats On My HUGE B2 Bomber R/C Airplane and She CRASHED HARD!!!
Get a 60-day free trial at shipstation.com/cleetus Thanks to ShipStation for sponsoring the show! My B2 is a fine machine on land... but can she tackle a Florida pond??
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25 days 15:05
We Put a Wish.com Turbo on a Walmart Motorcycle
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17 days 14:08
New Civic Type R v M135i v A35 v S3 v Golf R: DRAG RACE
Thanks to Zain for helping to organise this race: instagram.com/f1__german We’ve got our hands on the new Honda Civic Type R, so of course, it’s time for an epic hot hatch drag race!
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20 days 13:58
Can’t Leave the Garage Until I Fix My Car
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18 days 24:32
Search & Rescue Save 18… We Have The Aftermath!
So I got a call to rescue 4 jeeps left behind from Search & Rescue. Subscribe youtube.com/channel/UCwdVOry0oNF9WIe_3uCfz9Q Watch MORR Videos: Worst Case Scenario!
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18 days 15:16
We Tried to Build the World’s Smallest V8
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16 days 47:26
Massive Announcement...It's On For The World's Largest Off Road Wrecker
So I got the Off Road Wrecker Games March 9-11 mattsoffroadadventures.com Subscribe youtube.com/channel/UCwdVOry0oNF9WIe_3uCfz9Q Watch MORR Videos: Search & Rescue Save
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4 days 14:43
$20 vs $2000 Car Jacks
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27 days 11:27
New Amg Sl 55 Vs Old Amg Sl 55: Drag Race
It’s time for an AMG SL showdown!! We’ve got our hands on the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL 55, and it’s about to go head-to-head over the quarter-mile against a classic SL 55 from 2004!
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29 days 16:06
I Bought Every Instagram Car Ad I Saw
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11 days 31:04
You Took Your Hyundai Over 100 Miles Into No Mans Land!
So I got a call for a Hyundai in the middle of nowhere!
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11 days 16:24
Luxury Car Add-ons are Getting Offensive
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19 days 22:20
TOO MUCH SPEED... My Favorite RC Plane EVER Has Been Destroyed!
NEW MERCH JUST GOT POSTED!!! cleetusmcfarland.com My B2 bomber has fallen... but not after a SUPER successful flight with my new mini Turbine.
1 361 865
1 day 11:13
We Put Future Tires on our Miata
We tested 100 year old tires vs futuristic airless tires to see how far tire technology has come. Donut = We like cars, and we like making videos about cars.
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8 days 11:42
Should these 10 car trends DIE?!
There are a few things we can guarantee for the year ahead. For example, we know that there’ll be a whole load of new car releases. And we know that a whole load of them will be electric!
1 284 651
13 days 21:17
Ford's New Godzilla Engine Is INSANE... And We Got It Some Upgrades!!! (First Look In The Engine)
NEW MERCH JUST GOT POSTED!!! cleetusmcfarland.com McFlurry's new engine needed just a few good upgrades before we slapped it in. This combination should work really nicely with some turbskis!
1 216 099
20 days 22:43
Worst Case Scenario! Forced To Pull A Truck & Trailer Backwards
So I got a call for too many vehicles. Don't Drive In These Conditions!
1 211 659
8 days 17:23
We Got a GIANT A-10 Thunderbolt To Replace Our B-2!!! Twin EDF Jets, It SCREAMS!!!
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10 days 8:52
Lamborghini Urus v BMW X7 M60i: DRAG RACE
Thanks to Bav for lending us his Urus: instagram.com/bhp Can a 7-seater BMW SUV take down the mighty Lamborghini Urus? Well, it’s time to find out!
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19 days 10:58
New BMW is a Cinema on Wheels | 2023 i7
We flew to Germany to check out the new BMW i7! Packed with some insane features the BMW i7 is one of the most luxurious cars we've ever seen.
1 156 085
6 days 45:35
I drove the longest range electric cars until they DIED!
We’ve got our hands on four electric cars with the biggest range on a single charge, and we’re about to run them from 100% to 0% to see just how accurate their claimed ranges are!
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7 days 0:50
How to replace car badges with ease 🤤🔥
#asmr #satisfying #rangerover #satisfyingsounds #repairing
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