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27 Mar 2006
13 hours 15:45
FIRST LOOK: New Renault 5! £25k Retro EV Hatch
It’s finally here! In simplest terms, the new 5 is Renault’s B-segment electric replacement for the Zoe.
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2 days 8:17
New Toyota MR2! FT-Se Concept: Japan’s Porsche Cayman Rival
This is the Toyota FT-Se: nothing to do with share indexes, everything to do with driving fun.
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4 days 7:30
Need For Swede: Japan’s Emerging Volvo Obsession
Japan’s car culture is eclectic – but no one expected this! A new niche is emerging… and it involves old Volvo barges.
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6 days 25:21
FIRST DRIVE: Lucid Gravity – 1,000bhp Tesla Model X Rival
You'll know Lucid from its ultra-spacious, slippery Air saloon, which can hit 60 in 1.9 seconds and is very probably the best-handling electric family car on sale today. 10 out of 10, no notes.
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8 days 8:04
FIRST LOOK: Rotary-Engine Mazda Previews Next RX-7
It’s called the Mazda Iconic SP, a compact, classically proportioned sportscar built to simply embody “the joy of driving”. The fundamentals are fairly straightforward.
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9 days 10:11
This $850 Volvo 850R Is A BTCC-Inspired Hero
It’s safety first as Rob Dahm explores the weird world of Volvo tuning, with an $850 Volvo 850R estate that’s been transformed into a touring-car tribute – 1990s livery and all.
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10 days 13:02
NEW 626bhp Range Rover Sport SV Gets BMW M5 Power
SV replaces SVR. With the loss of a letter comes a gain in image. This isn’t the brash, boisterous car it once was. The hottest Range Rover Sport has been civilised.
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12 days 2:56
Ad Feature: How Carlos Sainz made his Dakar-winning dreams a reality with Audi
Audi and Carlos Sainz have made history. After an ambitious three-year Dakar campaign, they’ve done what they went to the desert to do: win.
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14 days 11:19
FIRST LOOK: New 656bhp Aston Martin Vantage + 200mph V600 Le Mans
Six hundred and fifty-six horsepower is what you’ll find in the new Aston Martin Vantage. But it hasn’t just upped the power and stuck on some new badges.
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16 days 6:44
The Next GT-R! Meet the 1341bhp Nissan Hyper Force
Electric GT-R, is that you? Well, if it looks like a GT-R and terrifies like a GT-R, is it…?
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18 days 10:32
MINI COOPER Build: 800kg + 230bhp Honda K20 + LSD + 6-Speed Manual
Rob squeezes into this episode's resto-modded, classic Mini Cooper, and finds there's more design flair - and performance - than he'd imagined.
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19 days 6:16
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20 days 8:07
621bhp Audi RS6 GT – £180k IMSA-Inspired V8 Estate
Is the Audi RS6 GT the ultimate V8 super-wagon? Well, if you’re a fan of trick suspension and garish liveries then it may well be.
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22 days 21:21
2024 Seventh-Generation Ford Mustang in Hawaii
Back in 2014, when Top Gear magazine was a mere 263 issues old (21, in human years), we drove a Ford Mustang around America. Not across America, no. We visited every state.
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24 days 11:18
Goodwood in the snow? What is Ferdi Porsche’s GP Ice race?
After a three year break (thanks to a global pandemic and warm temperatures), the F.A.T International Ice Race at Zell am Zee is back. But what on earth is it?
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25 days 10:43
1500hp, 216mph: This Is The World’s Fastest Honda Integra | American Tuned ft. Rob Dahm
Once the world’s fastest two-wheel drive car, now all-wheel-drive, Myles Kerr’s 1,500(ish)-horsepower “Gringotegra” excels in the worlds of half-mile racing and “no-prep”—a form of drag runs on
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30 days 10:50
Honda S2000 'R': AP2 Build With FK8 K20C1 Type R Power | American Tuned ft. Rob Dahm
Honda never gave enthusiasts the 'R' version of the S2000 roadster they'd always wanted, so Evasive Motorsports imagined and built an S2000 R of their own.
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32 days 8:58
FIRST LOOK: 2024 Porsche Macan – Best-Selling Porsche Goes Electric
This is the new Porsche Macan, and it is now an electric car. Which is a punchy move by Porsche.
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36 days 18:36
Toyota Corolla GR vs Subaru BRZ: Track Test
Life is not fair – One Direction refuses to reform, we can’t find a Caramac bar for love nor money and the US gets a pile of cool cars we, in the UK, don’t.
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39 days 14:17
Is this the most modified VW Mk8 GTI in North America? | American Tuned ft. Rob Dahm
The Volkswagen GTI has sent many a VW nerd down the tuning rabbit hole. But for a tuning shop, every new model generation means a bunch of new products to bolt on, try out, and beta test.
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43 days 21:45
7.0-litre, 625bhp RUFFIAN Mustang + 580bhp RUFFIAN GT40
Having been obsessed with both Seventies Mustangs and hairy chested Trans-Am racing, Chris Ashton – co-founder/design director of video game company Turtle Rock Studios – wanted to hand-build
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46 days 11:54
Ferrari V8-Swapped Subaru Sti Rally Car
Yeah, you're looking at a Subaru STI Rally car. Only it isn't...
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47 days 10:54
SF90 XX, FXX-K, FXX, 599XX: Explore Ferrari's XX Secret Stash
Way back in 2005, we saw the very first fruit from Ferrari's 'XX' programme. That first car, the FXX, was an Enzo like no other. It was modified by Ferrari to be run exclusively on track.
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50 days 19:52
Ford Bronco DR: 400bhp, $295k Ultimate Off-Roader
It’s not a road car, but where this thing wants to go, you don’t need… roads.
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51 day 0:46
The Ultimate Burnout 💨💨💨 #TopGear #AmericanTuned #Chevrolet
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53 days 11:32
Chevrolet Trailblazer SS: 1000hp Turbocharged Burnout Machine | American Tuned Ft. Rob Dahm
They call the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS the Corvette of SUVs for the LS3 small-block V8 that powered it, but this modified version is far beyond what Detroit imagined.
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57 days 19:55
GMC Hummer EV Full Review: 1000 BHP and CRAB WALK
The new GMC Hummer EV is not subtle.
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59 days 2:34:48
🔴 LIVESTREAM: Supercars of 2023: GMA T.50, Noble M600, Lamborghini Revuelto and More!
Join us for a rundown of Top Gear Magazine’s favourite supercar films of 2023 – from the Ferrari Purosangue, (a, er, Super-SUV?) to the Aston Martin DB12, Lamborghini Revuelto, Bentley Batur – plus
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60 days 12:14
2,000+ HP Twin-Turbo Audi R8 V10 EATS Stock Axles | American Tuned Ft. Rob Dahm
Rob meets high-horsepower tuner Tony Palo – of T1 Race Development – and gets a lesson in building ridiculously fast street cars. But we don't stop there.
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62 days 54:27
🔴 LIVESTREAM: Hypercars of 2023: Nevera, Jesko Absolut, Valkyrie and More!
Join us for our rundown of Top Gear Magazine’s favourite hypercar films of 2023 – and there are some proper heavyweights in here – from the preposterous 1914bhp, €2m Rimac Nevera, to the 1,578bhp
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