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6 Nov 2005
3 days 7:24
Pekka Lundmark's interview on CNBC about Nokia Q4 2022 results
Listen to our President and CEO Pekka Lundmark's interview on CNBC on how 2022 was a year of acceleration for Nokia and how we’re targeting growth in 2023 through enabling digitalization.
3 days 2:08
Q4 and full-year 2022 highlights by Nokia CEO
We said at the start of 2022 that it would be the year of acceleration, and our Q4 and full-year results confirm that we delivered what we promised.
3 days 9:42
Q4 and full-year 2022 results discussion with Nokia CEO
2022 has been, without doubt, a year of accelerated growth for Nokia – exactly what we set out to achieve. We grew 11% in Q4 year-on-year, and 6% over the full-year in constant currency.
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3 days 22:45
Early adopters of private wireless report ROI and strategic benefits
Research among early adopters of private wireless solutions and industrial edge shows there are clear benefits in return on investment (ROI) and other key drivers.
5 days 4:35
Customer Success Q4 2022
Take a look at our Q4 2022 customer success video summary which highlights how we’re bringing technologies and partners together to drive innovation across new digital services and applications.
5 days 2:48
Cybersecurity of 5G networks - Secure in the Cloud
The telecom world is changing, listen to Chris Che, from Nokia CNS Tech Labs, explain what it means to be secure in the cloud.
9 days 1:58:11
Nishant Batra at TechAccord Davos 2023 event #WEF23
"Cybersecurity in the #IoT and #Metaverse era requires close cooperation between regulators, governments and industries." Our Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Nishant Batra shared his views in
11 days 5:14
Pekka Lundmark's interview with CNBC at Davos #WEF23
“The megatrend towards digitalization is here to stay.” Listen to our Pekka Lundmark tell Stephen Sedgwick on CNBC how enterprises are achieving productivity and sustainability gains through
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12 days 4:27
Nokia Core TV series #15: Nokia Secure Core
Short technical video reviewing the four pillars of product security at Nokia Core Networks, demonstrating how security is integrated into our products in the development, build and delivery phases
13 days 3:33
Modernizing OSS for the 5G era with Sunrise UPC
This video testimonial describes how Sunrise UPC (Switzerland) transformed their OSS with Nokia’s Digital Operations software to better support existing services and emerging 5G use cases.
17 days 1:41
What is 5G-Advanced?
With development of 3GPP Release 18 5G is entering into new phase called 5G-Advanced.
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18 days 2:08
Nokia Data Center Fabric solution - Your network automation journey
Tips and tricks for enterprises embarking in the automation journey by Bruce Wallis, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Center Switching and Routing at Nokia and Will Townsend, Senior
18 days 3:31
Nokia Data Center Fabric solution - Evolution of network automation
Trends on network automation by Bruce Wallis, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Center Switching and Routing at Nokia Related Link
19 days 1:54
Make your chemical and plastics manufacturing plants work as one
With Industry 4.0 you can transform your production sites – use automated plants, digital twins, connected workers and smart assets to enhance worker safety and increase productivity.
19 days 3:26
Railway industry trends in Europe
In the interview, Matthieu Bourguignon, VP Enterprise Europe Sales at Nokia talks about key trends in the rail industry in Europe.
19 days 0:48
How partnering with Nokia helped WESTbahn beat the competition to market
See how Nokia provided a competitive edge to WESTbahn that helped them beat the competition hands down in bringing new features to their passengers and customers, and improve their railway operations.
19 days 2:12
Industry 4.0 opportunities for the railways
In this interview, Jochen Apel, Head of Digital Industries at Nokia, discusses where the industry is headed for the future of rail. FRMCS will be built on major technologies including 5G and IP/MPLS.
19 days 2:04
Railway Digitalization
In this interview, Chris Johnson, Global Head of Enterprise at Nokia, discusses the evolution of telecommunications for railways from GSM-R to FRMCS, from 2G to 5G.
20 days 2:13
Emerging MPEG standards for Point Cloud Compression
Point clouds are integral to immersive digital representations, enabling quick 3D assessments for navigating autonomous vehicles, robotic sensing and other use cases.
23 days 1:39
Nokia Data Center Fabric solution - Leveraging proven foundations
Bruce Wallis, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Center Switching and Routing at Nokia explains the versatility and foundation benefits of SR OS Related Link
23 days 2:25
Nokia Data Center Fabric solution - What’s different?
Bruce Wallis, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Center Switching and Routing at Nokia talks about what is unique about our Data Center Fabric solution Related Link
24 days 3:17
Nokia Data Center Fabric solution - Benefits of a digital twin
Bruce Wallis, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Center Switching and Routing at Nokia talks to Will Townsend, Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy about the digital twin and how it
24 days 14:08
Nokia Datacenter Fabric solution - What makes Nokia’s network automation approach different?
Will Townsend, Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy interviews Bruce Wallis, Senior Director of Product Management, Data Center Switching and Routing at Nokia on the importance of network
32 days 8:01
Customer success in 2022
With our customers we create critical networks that bring together the world’s people, machines and devices.
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39 days 1:27
How will industry 4.0 be transformed by immersive live streaming?
With the New Year so near, this is the best time to discover how Real-time eXtended Reality Multimedia (#NokiaRXRM) can use 360° video and 3D spatial audio capture to improve industrial situational
40 days 1:09
It’s time to open up your network – with Nokia
Your network isn’t just a network. It’s a playground of possibilities –and it’s time to open it up.
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44 days 3:28
Cost and energy-efficient 800G routing technology in Amsterdam and beyond
NL-ix describes why and how they are rolling out 800GE access and interconnection services for cloud providers in Amsterdam and Europe.
44 days 4:29
Komatsu recommends Private Wireless for Autonomous Haulage Systems
Watch the interview with Komatsu’s David Haukeness and Nokia’s Jaime Laguna in which they explain why private LTE is a key technology for Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS).
44 days 2:56
Airtel deployed Nokia NetGuard Identity Access Manager
Telecom companies have lot of end subscriber sensitive data.
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