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6 Nov 2005
10 hours 2:58
Partnering for a more sustainable world – UNICEF Finland together with Nokia
We are proud of our longstanding partnership with UNICEF Finland as we look to connect the unconnected and bridge the digital divide.
1 day 1:13
Customer Success November 21 - December 2, 2022
We’re committed to creating the technology that helps the world act together.
1 day 8:15
Troubleshooting a channel issue
In this video, we’ll troubleshoot a physical channel issue by analyzing the node alarms, the optical power levels, and by confirming the problem with a Wavelength Tracker view of the impacted channel.
1 day 1:17
Go from 'Imagine if' to reality with Nokia - Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome use case
Explore the full potential of 5G Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome use case: Go from ‘Imagine if’ to reality with Nokia Related Link
1 day 29:01
Your telco network is wasting energy! Start saving now!
Did you know that 85% of network energy is wasted? It’s true. Data transfer accounts for only 15% of mobile network energy consumption.
4 days 50:56
Nokia Foundation Awards 2022
The Nokia Foundation Awards 2022 ceremony features a keynote speech by Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks and Nokia Finland Country Manager.
4 days 9:41
Understanding the Optical Network Flow within a Nokia 1830 PSS Node
In this video, we’ll provide an overview of how the optical signal flows within an 1830 PSS network element, showing where the signal starts, how it is processed, and how it can be routed toward
5 days 2:37
Meet Miia from Tampere, Finland
Get to know Miia from our Tampere Site, who leads research and development for network management. Would you like to be a part of #TeamNokiaFinland?
5 days 2:32
Tutustu Miiaan! Meet Miia from Tampere, Finland (in Finnish)
Tapaa Miia joka vetää R&D yksikköä meidän Tampereen kampuksella! Mikä on pitänyt Miian motivoituneena pysymään Nokialla vuodesta toiseen?
6 days 10:30
Nokia Core TV series #14: Nokia 5G Core Software as a Service in practice
Technical video presentation demonstrating low latency of Nokia’s Core Software as a Service running on public cloud with local User Plane Function placed on the edge.
6 days 0:44
Nokia Liquid Cooling Ecosystem
Nokia liquid cooled AirScale portfolio reduces both C02 emissions and energy bills.
7 days 2:52
Playground of possibilities: Nokia Arena’s 5G innovation platform­
Elisa and Nokia have deployed a 5G mmWave network at the Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland to explore the future of 5G monetization.
7 days 4:44
Nokia Arena: Open up the 5G network for new business opportunities
An ecosystem of partners have come together at the Nokia Arena to harness the power of an open and programmable 5G network for the next generation of connected and customizable services.
8 days 0:46
The Metaverse: Pushing the Evolution of Internet Traffic
Hear from Gary Glissendorf to discover how SDN Communications are finding innovative solutions to add bandwidth on today’s networks for the Metaverse’s applications.
8 days 1:20
Our campus in Tampere, Finland
In Tampere, Finland’s third largest city, Nokia develops network and cloud service management, system circuits, network management and automation software, cloud computing platforms and software for
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13 days 1:39
The Metaverse: Connecting Everything
“The Metaverse is real and it is emerging. But it isn’t the killer app”. Discover what Jade Kerr from Bluebird Network is thinking about the Metaverse.
13 days 2:06
The Metaverse: Not Just Fun and Games
Tim Paulson from Dakota Carrier Network discusses practical applications of the Metaverse and the need to grow and scale today’s networks to meet demand.
13 days 6:29
Sangita Sangu and Jim Conner Discuss North America TechSquad Hot House Event With Roderick Maddox
Sangita Sangu, Partner Marketing at Nokia, Jim Connor, Partner Sales Manager at Nokia, and Roderick Maddox, Vice President of Engineering at Pierson Wireless, discuss key takeaways from our North
14 days 2:23
Celebrating the foundation stone laying ceremony of our new Campus in Oulu, Finland
On November 18, 2022 we were thrilled to celebrate the foundation stone laying ceremony of our new Campus in Oulu!
15 days 1:13
Nokia Customer Success Video 7th - 18th November
From the moon to around the world, here is a summary of our recent customer successes. For more on these exciting partnerships, visit our newsroom:
15 days 48:06
Webinar: Turbocharging 5G innovation with Telecom SaaS
Check out this panel discussion with TelecomTV as Nokia President of Cloud and Network Services Raghav Sahgal and Forrester Research Principal Analyst Dan Bieler discuss how Telecom SaaS can
15 days 3:45
Dept for Infrastructure & Transport: 5G Transport Rail User Case
DIT’s use case is to validate 5G to provide high quality video streaming for situational awareness inside train passenger compartments.
18 days 2:23
Real-time Extended Reality Multimedia – for next generation mining
Nokia RXRM (Real-time Extended Reality Multimedia) enables next generation mining operations and increases employee safety and productivity.
18 days 0:47
Nokia demonstrates 800GE Routing powered by FP5 silicon
800GE routing is ready to go! Transmitting IPv4/v6 traffic at 800Gbps clear channel in both directions on a single fibre cable using Nokia's new generation routing platforms powered by FP5 silicon.
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19 days 42:09
Nokia’s Core Software as a Service discussion with Omdia and Nokia experts
Nokia announced core Software as a Service concept. This panel discussion tells you more about the technology enablers and the paradigm shift it enables about how to deploy and operate core networks.
19 days 1:45
Nokia Cloud Native Communication Suite to simplify IMS voice services
Nokia Cloud Native Communication suite provides a complete simplified IMS voice core solution. As a single Cloud-Native Network Function deployment and operability made quicker and easier.
20 days 1:57
Customer testimonial- Jake from SDN Communications
Jake VanDewater from SDN Communications discusses network evolution and the need for automation using NSP to solve staffing needs.
20 days 19:51
Nokia Core Talk: Building and continuously innovating with British Telecom
British Telecom has a reputation of being the first in the UK for new technologies and advanced services.
21 day 2:18
South Australian Power Networks : Asset Inspection 5G user Case
SA Power Networks' use case is to evaluate 5G and edge processing for asset inspection, using images taken by a robot (or drone) and ‘Fast data transfer’ to an edge compute device.
21 day 2:41
Adelaide Airport – 5G User Case Outcome
Adelaide Airport Limited’s use case focused on the introduction of 5G and AR/VR for the purposes of remote inspection and safety monitoring, incorporating real-time, high-quality and
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