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6 Jun 2008
2 days 16:54
The new GOAT - Arctic Liquid Freezer III Review
The Arctic Liquid Freezer III is here and its supposed to be even better than the Liquid Freezer II.
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11 days 10:59
The Problem with PS5 Gaming Headsets
Finding the best PS5 headset isn't easy and that goes for any console because of USB compatibility along with latency through the controller for the 3.5mm jack.
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13 days 25:37
The Ultimate 240mm AIO Roundup for Intel & AMD
These are the best 240mm AIO's you can buy in 2024....at least some of them CLAIM to be the best on both Intel and AMD.
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18 days 25:23
Framework 16 Laptop: Is This The Future?
The Framework 16 Laptop has been generating so much buzz in the tech community.
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22 days 18:56
Always Do THIS with a new Gaming PC!
In this video, let's go over everything you need to do after a gaming (or not) system is built.
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25 days 17:30
A Masterpiece - Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max Review
What a beautiful ITX sky-scraper! Despite some minor flaws, this is going to be such a refreshing point-of-entry for many newcomers into the SFF space. Cooling? Covered! Power and Cable management?
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28 days 10:27
Ultra Portable, MONSTER GPU - Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i (2024)
The 2024 Lenovo YOGA Pro 9i might be the ultimate Windows laptop for productivity! At just 0.71” thin, it packs a ton of performance while bringing some generous efficiency gains.
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30 days 16:30
Logitech ASTRO A50 X Review - Not What You Expect
The Logitech Astro A50 X is probably the most controversial headset launched in 2024.
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32 days 13:33
Is the Google Chromebook Worth the Wait? 2024 Edition Revealed
Everyone thinks the typical Google Chromebook is behind the times for batter life, build quality and performance.
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34 days 13:10
Corsair A115 Review - An Air Cooling Surprise
The Corsair A115 claims to do everything that the A500 didn't: this is supposed to be the best air cooler on the planet right now. We put that claim to the test vs.
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36 days 10:37
Samsung Galaxy S24 / Ultra - Upcharging for Ai
We find ourselves in a fascinating era where AI is swiftly becoming an integral part of our daily devices.
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37 days 10:21
The RTX 4070 Super Review - Things are FINALLY looking Up!
The RTX 4070 Super is being launched at a price that replaces the current RTX 4070 but is this new Super GPU able to compete against the RX 7800 XT and even RTX 3090?
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38 days 14:00
The Fastest Gaming Laptop has a HIDDEN Surprise
The MSI TITAN 18 HX will be one of the world's fastest gaming laptops when it becomes available later this month and it has a few cleverly hidden surprises we haven't seen before.
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41 day 15:19
Alienware's M16 R2 - The answer to Legion Laptops
The Alienware M16 R2 is a gaming laptop that can go anywhere and do anything but primarily its meant to compete against the Legion Pro 5 series.
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44 days 12:51
Zenbook DUO 2024 - Every other Laptop looks Boring
The Zenbook DUO takes the normal formula of a dual screen laptop and makes the format not only exciting but also super useful.
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45 days 11:26
ROG Zephyrus G14 & G16 (2024) - Razer Blade Killers?
The New ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16 is here! It’s gotten a massive design upgrade, better cooling system and more! This might be one of the Best Gaming Laptops for 2024!
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45 days 8:33
mATX Cases Gone Wild
The best mATX cases out there for the gaming PC market tend to hit budget price points and look pretty generic. But what happens when a manufacturer just goes wild and designs something unique?
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54 days 19:05
The Best Laptops of 2023 - For Gaming, Creators & Students!
These are the best laptops for gaming, creators and even students from 2023 and into 2024. The cover everything from the best AMD laptops to some Intel ultrabooks and more.
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57 days 14:15
The Best PC Cases for 2024!
These are the Best Cases of 2023 for many reasons including the best airflow, design, overall space and more.
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62 days 15:24
Air Cooling Done Right
To become the best air cooler for both AMD and Intel CPUs, a few things need to happen. Luckily, these coolers do it all.
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66 days 10:27
iPhone 15 Pro Max Review - Upgrading the iPhone 12
My iPhone 12 was aging perfectly, until a friend revealed what I'm missing out on (lol).
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70 days 15:34
Intel Finally Nailed It
Intel Meteor Lake laptops with the Core Ultra processors have what it takes for the best battery life along with some impressive performance in the thin and light or ultrabook markets.
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74 days 11:53
Montech KING 95 - Dual Chamber Done RIGHT
We first saw this dual chamber PC case at Computex but now its here and the Lian Li O11 has some amazing competition that costs a lot less.
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78 days 8:29
Ryzen 8000 CPUs Aren't what you Expect...
The AMD Ryzen 8000 series CPUs have been announced but in many ways they aren't what we were expecting and they may also cause some confusion for potential buyers.
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80 days 24:24
DON'T Buy a Gaming Headset Before Watching This!
Choosing the best gaming headset for either your PC, XBox or PS5 can be difficult since there are so many choices out there. And a lot of them come down to personal preference.
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85 days 26:51
The Best 16" Gaming Laptops Compared
We set out to find the best 16" gaming laptops from companies like Acer, Alienware, Omen, Legion, Dell and ROG.
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89 days 13:39
Don't let PC Gaming "Deals" Fool You
Right now there are some amazing deals for PC hardware and gaming laptops but you have to know what to look for to get.
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91 day 17:59
The Best "Budget" GPUs to Buy Right Now
If you want the best GPU that doesn't cost over $300 what should you be looking for?
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98 days 10:18
Lian Li O11 VISION - This Case lets you see EVERYTHING 🤤
The new dual-chamber is a three-way champion! The Lian Li O11 VISION brings tempered glass to the top, surprisingly without a *cooling performance penalty.
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101 day 25:20
iPhone 15 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro - Let's SETTLE This!
Both the iPhone 15 Pro and the Google Pixel 8 Pro are currently among the most sought-after phones in 2023. In this video, I take you through my firsthand experience using these devices side by side.
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