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6 Jun 2008
3 days 17:57
Snapdragon X-Series - Everything we Didn't Know...
Its been a while since the launch of the Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus but in this video Sponsored by Qualcomm we wanted to go deeper into the architecture, technology, battery life claims and more
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7 days 22:03
Return of the King - Noctua NH-D15 G2 Review
If you are looking for the absolute best air cooler for your gaming PC, then the obvious choice has always been the Noctua NH-D15.
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9 days 10:39
What HAPPENED to Corsair Cases?
Corsair used to be known for the the best PC cases on the planet but that has changed.
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10 days 11:37
Don't Mess with Perfection - The Razer Blade 16 (2024) Review
The Razer Blade 16 is supposedly "new" for 2024 but because of there being a lack of innovation on new laptop GPUs and processors, Razer might have a hard time pretending this laptop is actually new.
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14 days 9:44
How AI is Killing Smartphones
I want to address an important issue on how a single-dimensional, almost insane focus on AI by some of these companies is restricting true innovation on the hardware side of the smartphone market.
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17 days 8:02
The S-TIER mATX Case you probably Missed
The mATX market has a new god-tier case that I almost missed because it was launched in almost secret. And that's what happens with ASUS.
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22 days 14:37
These Laptops could Change Everything!
A new class of laptops has arrived with the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7X, Microsoft Surface Laptop, HP Omnibook, Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge and others, there's a massive focus on what matters to most users
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27 days 13:14
SO Close to Perfect - Legion 7i (Gen 9) Review
The Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 9 is all new for 2024 and its probably one of the best gaming laptops (price to performance at least) available right now, especially with the high wattage RTX 4070 option.
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29 days 9:36
The Fractal MOOD Review - All Hype?
The Fractal Mood has been designed to be not only the best ITX case but also one of the prettiest. I mean this thing is SO GOOD LOOKING and it blends in to every environment.
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43 days 11:04
The Coolest PC Hardware Trends of 2024 into 2025
PC hardware is getting a bit boring but there are some pretty cool changes that are coming later this year and into 2025.
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47 days 8:30
A DIFFERENT Way to do Air Cooling
Air cooling needs and update and that's exactly what will be happening with 3D Vapor Chambers.
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47 days 14:50
The 32 Fan Case 🤯 - Corsair 9000D
The Corsair 9000D is almost unbelievable. With 32 fan mounts for extreme water or air cooling, this is actually one of the craziest PC cases we've ever seen.
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47 days 13:30
This is PEAK Case Design - Antec Performance 1M & FLUX
The Antec Performance 1M ITX case and ATX sized FLUX PRO are really trying to take case design to the next level by improving on previous designs to create something evolutionary.
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48 days 8:43
Thermalright isn't Done Yet - Peerless Assassin 140 & More
The Thermalright air cooling lineup is actually expanding with the Peerless Assassin 140, Royal Knight 120, Royal Preytor Ultra and more.
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49 days 11:11
The IMPOSSIBLE $99 Dual Chamber Case!
Montech is on a budget case kick lately with a bunch of amazing PC gaming cases coming in under $100.
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49 days 21:12
Noctua just went Boss Mode - New 120mm Cooler, Thermosiphon, D15 G2 Launch & More!
The Noctua NH-D15 G2 release date is coming up THIS MONTH and there's so many ways in which its been improved since we last saw it.
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49 days 16:19
Fractal's ITX Masterpieces - ERA 2 & MOOD
Fractal has been just owning lately in the case market and the new Mood and ERA 2 ITX cases might be their best SFF PC designs yet. These things take small form factor cases to the next level.
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50 days 10:29
These Affordable Cases got WOOD!!!
Lian Li is getting back into affordable cases with the wood-contoured Lancool 217 and even less expensive but no less capable Lancool 207.
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50 days 9:32
These Case Colors are the new Meta
Let's have an honest talk here. Black and white cases have become boring, no better than the Dell Beige from the 1990's.
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51 day 9:28
Custom Water Cooling done DIFFERENT!
For newcomers, custom water cooling might look daunting but with Glacier EZ Fit system, Phanteks is taking a different approach.
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51 day 10:42
Your next Laptop probably WON'T be from Intel
The ASUS ProArt creator laptop lineup (for thin and light at least) is largely moving beyond Intel and instead looking towards the Qualcomm Snapdragon X-series and AMD Ryzen Ai 300 - series.
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52 days 6:49
New Ryzen CPUs Make this Laptop SO GOOD - Zenbook S 16
The AMD Ryzen Ai 300 series have allowed ASUS to go ultra slim and ultra light for their new Zenbook S 16 while also offering new levels of performance.
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52 days 13:17
Zen 5 Laptops are HERE - Ryzen Ai 300 Series Explained
The Zen 5 based Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and Ryzen Ai 9 365 are coming to gaming laptops and thin and light laptops a bit sooner than expected.
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53 days 11:29
The New Phanteks Evolv X2 Is Mind Blowing!
Phanteks has done it again by thinking very differently about PC case design with the Evolv X2, G400A, G400N and a revised NV series.
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56 days 18:08
This is why GPU Drivers Might Not Matter
We used to assume that GPU drivers allowed for much better performance after a game launch but that might not be the case.
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69 days 20:22
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - A Long Term User Review
Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra the Best Smartphone?
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76 days 18:18
This CPU Cooler can DESTROY Everything
Typically the CPU cooler space is pretty boring. But the Hyte THICC Q60 changes everything.
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80 days 16:20
They Ruined my Favorite Laptop - ROG Zephyrus G16 (2024) Review
The ROG Zephyrus G16 was supposed to be the best 16" gaming laptop of 2024. That's what I had hoped because of the Zephyrus G16's battery life, claimed performance, size and weight.
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85 days 14:57
Intel vs AMD Laptops in 2024 - What a Mess...
The question of whether the AMD Ryzen 8000 series can beat Intel Core Ultra in laptops depends on a lot of things like battery life, overall performance and gaming.
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91 day 11:52
Windows Laptops will never be the Same
Performance of Windows laptops has always come down to an Intel vs AMD battle but now Qualcomm is entering the Windows PC battle with their new Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus processors.
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