GTA Modder Shares Clever Fix For Annoying Problem - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 2 Mar 2021, 0:34
Today on the Daily Fix, a GTA Online modder has come up with a clever fix for one of the game's most obnoxious problems. Fans of Grand Theft Auto Online are more than familiar with the game's incredibly long loading times, and the modder known as T0ST may have the perfect solution for Rockstar Games. Elden Ring is a game shrouded in mystery and more than just a few rumors. We’ll be rounding up all the most recent showcase rumors as well as some information gleaned from a leaked trailer. And finally, Sydnee’s got the low-down on Jordan Kent, the son of the Man of Steel himself. Don’t miss out on him or the rest of the super-family on The CW’s Superman and Lois!

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