Sony Removes Entire Item Category From PlayStation Store - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 2 Mar 2021, 23:37
On today’s Daily Fix, Sony is quietly removing the PlayStation Store’s least popular feature, the ability to rent and purchase movies and tv shows directly on the platform. In the latest PlayStation blog, Sony alludes to more popular streaming services that are also available on the PS4 and PlayStation 5 as a reason for this move. Destiny 2 bugs have been known to either break the game's economy or provide a whole lot of fun for fans, and this latest D2 glitch is one of the latter. Players have found a way to merge fireteams when entering a raid activity to play through them with 12 guardians in one instance. Fans are making their enjoyment of this latest bug known to Bungie, in the hopes that they can integrate 12 player play into the game officially. And finally, Sydnee’s got the low-down on the CW’s Superman and Lois! Will Clark keep his identity a secret from his kids? Will Lois be able to keep her journalism career alive in Smallville? Make sure to tune in to find out!

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