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Published on 6 May 2021, 12:00
The Tomb Raider franchise restarted in 2013, though it got a less shapely Lara Croft, but to our delight, it didn't escape the "overly sexy representation of women in video games."

The fact is to create the appearance of the developers went through a variety of models and from their point of view, Megan Farquhar, an American of French origin came up the best.
While still in its pre-production phase, Crystal Dynamics completely redesigned the image of the famous tomb raider, offering the concept of a young and thin girl without a prominent shape, but maintaining such iconic facial features as almond-shaped eyes, expressive lips and a slender, thin nose.

However, it's not all that simple. Judging by Farqua's interview, the developers scanned and embodied her in the form of a 3D model fairly quickly. But they later realized that they’ve needed an actress to flesh out the character and give her charisma - she became Camilla Luddington, well-known from the film "William and Kate", TV series "Grey's Anatomy" and "Californication".

It’s important that by the time Camille joined the project, Lara had already been modeled by Meghan. But later the facial elements were actively refined, making the image closer to the ideal beauty of a young girl. Luddington looks awesome too, but her facial parameters are slightly different than canon, so they weren't used.

At the same time, Camilla has a more opulent shape, to which the Lara Croft model has shifted as well - this is especially noticeable in the latest games of the series. And when you consider that Luddington was an actress for motion capture, our perception of Lara in motion is a credit to Camille. And the look and figure are a credit to Meghan. That’s amazing, don't you think?

And don't forget that it was Camilla who gave the original sound to Lara, as well as some distinctive gestures and movements. Unfortunately, they worked with Megan only during the development of the first game, but Camilla remains Lara Croft's alter ego throughout all three games following the 2013 reboot.

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