What New Streamers Need to Know

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Published on 28 Sep 2021, 12:00
If you’re looking to get into streaming, we spoke to three seasoned streamers to ask their advice on everything from overcoming challenges to growing your audience. Here are some key things budding streamers need to know when starting out. Sponsored by Blue.

Streaming is more popular than ever, with gamers from all walks of life looking to take their hobby to an online audience. We spoke to three seasoned streamers, ReadySetBen, Cadaea, and UnicornGaming, to ask their advice for new streamers starting out. They give advice on topics such as overcoming challenges when streaming, growing your streaming audience, finding your niche when streaming, while also telling their stories to better explain how to become a successful streamer. They also talk about what equipment you need to start streaming. Each streamer has used a Blue Yeti microphone when starting out, as it’s accessible for beginners without dipping on audio quality. They discuss software such as Blue Voice, what camera, hardware or consoles they use, and what streamers should invest in. Software is useful to add effects or fine tune the sound of your voice when streaming. It’s also important to keep engaging with the community even when offline, to encourage more viewers to watch your streams, and build an audience by streaming.

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