20 Minutes of Shin Megami Tensei V Gameplay (Japanese) | TGS 2021

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Forspoken Review
Published on 30 Sep 2021, 18:43
IGN Japan went hands on with Shin Megami Tensei V for the Nintendo Switch. Since the gameplay video contains a lot of Japanese text, here’s a quick summary to help you to follow along!

In this 20-minute gameplay clip, we see the player character (named in the demo only as “Protagonist”) learn the ropes as a series of tutorial messages explain the basics of movement, jumping, exploration and combat. The voice of another character, Aogami, directs the boy to reach Tokyo Tower as the “main quest” begins.

From there, we see the boy interact with a small red critter called a Miman before becoming embroiled in an encounter with a pixie. As the battle starts, the Protagonist chooses to “Talk” rather than to attack, and after some successful conversation choices she eventually joins the party. As they proceed, we learn that attacking enemies on the map while unseen will give the player an advantage. In a battle, the Protagonist uses an item to identify the monsters' weaknesses and then attack accordingly. Later, we see the player talking to monsters such as an Onmoraki in battle by selecting “Talk” and then choosing to be “friendly”, allowing the Protagonist to negotiate, with a chance of increasing his party even further.

Finally, the player meets Sophia, who teaches the boy a "Miracle" in exchange for Glory points accrued through the demo and lets him use the Onmoraki's essence to gain new powers, before entering into one last battle against three three Mandrakes, where the gameplay ends.

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