Fortnite - Official The Foundation Trailer

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Published on 15 Oct 2021, 22:03
You may remember The Foundation at the bottom of the ocean, activating after a long slumber. But this ocean was not the Island's. The Foundation has found himself in Gotham Harbor, where by fate's workings (or a guiding force) he's detected energy from the Zero Point.

Following the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point series, the standalone Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic lands in stores on October 26, 2021. The Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic includes a redeemable code for a bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital item inspired by the comic's events, including from the new Dark Multiverse Set, The Batman Who Laughs Outfit. Also from the Set, the code additionally unlocks the Robin's Perch Back Bling and Dark Days Loading Screen.

The Batman Who Laughs outfit and Robin's Perch Back Bling --as well as a Dark Multiverse Set Pickaxe and Glider--will be in the Fortnite Item Shop starting October 26 at 8 PM ET.

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