Operation: Tango Developers React to 42 Minute Co-op Speedrun (Clever Plays)

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Published on 16 Oct 2021, 14:00
In our first ever cooperative speedrun, speedrunners xWinG and HaraladX blast through Operation: Tango in a blistering 42 minutes. So ride along with the developers from Clever Games as they watch and react to insane playthrough of their game.

Also, if you've played Operation: Tango and are looking for new ways to challenge yourself and a teammate, check out the brand new free 'Challenge Mode' DLC which released on October 15, 2021.

Check out more from speedrunners xWingG and HaraladX here:


Devs participating in this commentary are:
Liz Macdonell - Community Manager
Cord Smith - Marketing Director
Mattieu Bégin - Game Director and Studio Co-Founder

Operation: Tango is a stylized espionage-themed game requiring both players to collaborate closely, with one in the role of "Agent" and the other in the role of "Hacker". It originally released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on August 28, 2020.

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