Dead by Daylight - Official Tome 9: Crescendo Reveal Trailer

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Published on 20 Oct 2021, 20:00
Check out the trailer for the arrival of Dead by Daylight's Tome 9: Crescendo, available now through the archives.

No matter how much time you spend with someone... no matter how much you experience together... no matter how much you think you know a person... you can never really know the darkness lurking... beneath the mask.

This Tome thrusts The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee, original characters from Dead by Daylight's All-Kill Chapter, into the spotlight as a violent storm looms on the horizon.

Experience chilling events from both characters' perspectives as their relationship is pushed to the breaking point.

Witness the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who have entered the Fog. Through it, the mysterious Observer grants players access to a new series of challenges to complete, designed to help piece together these memories as well as his role within the Entity's Realm.

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