Demon Slayer Set to Reveal Big News for the Anime Series in 2022 - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

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Published on 15 Jan 2022, 1:05
The Demon Slayer anime website recently updated fans that there is a very special Demon Slayer event happening very soon. The Demon Slayer livestream will take place on January 18th on Aniplex's YouTube channel, and will feature the lead Japanese VA for Tanjiro, Natsuki Hanae. According to the official Demon Slayer website, the livestream will announce two "huge" events involving the anime this year, along with highlights from the current arc, the Entertainment District arc. With this upcoming Demon Slayer news, fans of the anime are excited. With how much of a box office success the Mugen Train #Anime movie was, breaking records worldwide, many fans are hoping another movie is in the works. Some are even pleading for a spin-off series, which would be more than welcomed and well within the realm of the pre-established world #DemonSlayer has built since its release. With how much of a smash hit Demon Slayer has been since it first graced the black and white pages of the manga, any news coming out of this event will be sure to excite fans. The Demon Slayer livestream kicks off on January 18th at 8PM Japan Time. In other anime news, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is still slated for this year, and it looks like we've got some more details that'll reportedly trickle in about the upcoming movie in this month's V Jump magazine. According to online Dragon Ball news reporter DBS Hype, this month's V Jump will contain character breakdowns, Red Ribbon Army Search files, and a special message from the creator of the series, Toriyama. And finally, check out Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg in this new poster for the upcoming Uncharted movie!

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