Beginner’s Guide to Rainbow Six Extraction

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Rainbow 6 Extraction Review
Published on 19 Jan 2022, 9:50
Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op first-person shooter for up to three players. Parasitic aliens known as Archaeans have invaded and it's up to REACT to put an end to the alien threat. But they won’t go down without a fight, so here’s a beginner’s guide to Rainbow Six Extraction. Sponsored by Ubisoft.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a full standalone game inspired by Outbreak, Rainbow Six Siege’s 2018 PvE event where players faced hostiles infected by an alien parasite. In this tactical PvE shooter up to 3 players can play together to take out the deadly alien threat. Operators from Rainbow Six Siege are recruited to REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team) so you can play as some of your favourites such as Doc, Alibi and Sledge. Extraction features 12 maps across 4 areas, New York, San Francisco, Alaska and the town of Truth or Consequences.

Players drop into a containment zone and have to complete one of the 13 randomised mission types before either choosing to go through an airlock to progress to the next, and more difficult, section of the map with a new objective. Lose an operator while on a mission? All is not lost. Operators will go MIA if they lose all their health and be encased in a yellow foam for their protection. Launch and MIA rescue mission to retrieve your lost operator.

Use everything at your operator’s disposal to give yourself the best chance of survival in the containment zone, combine operator’s abilities, use REACT tech like glue grenades and revive kits, identify enemy weaknesses with REACT light and take aliens down silently to avoid alerting other enemies. Most importantly clear sprawl, a gross black substance that slows down operators and speeds up alien archaeans. Developed by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Extraction is out on 20th January on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC.

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