Babylon's Fall Review

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Published on 9 Mar 2022, 0:39
Babylon's Fall reviewed on PlayStation 5 by Justin Koreis. Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

In many ways, Babylon's Fall feels like the generic store brand of more famous games that came before. The combat is competent, but not engaging and prone to degrading into repetitive button mashing as you trudge through linear level after linear level. Like nearly all action-RPGs its perpetual treadmill of increasing your power to take on greater challenges keeps the campaign afloat, but here it's bare bones and rarely does it offer a twist to make progression compelling. Hints of a distinctive art style are wasted on drab environments and ugly character models. Ultimately, Babylon's Fall just isn't good. It's not terrible or broken, it just "is", and does little to justify investing your time into it.

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