5 Bosses to Beat First in Elden Ring - IGN Game Prep

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Published on 11 Mar 2022, 18:00
The Lands Between of Elden Ring are looking for an excuse to kill you. Fortunately for you, Tarnished, IGN's got your back. We're detailing the 5 bosses you need to beat first in Elden Ring.

Bosses include the Beastman of Farum Azula for a special Flamedrake Talisman, Mad Pumpkin Head for access to a special glintstone spell vendor, starting area Tree Sentinel, Demi-Human Chiefs for access to the Church of Dragon Communion, and the Flying Dragon Agheel.

Presented by 5-hour ENERGY Shots.

0:39 - Before the Bosses
2:03 - Beastman of Farum Azula
2:41 - Mad Pumpkin Head
3:50 - Tree Sentinel
4:47 - Demi-Human Chiefs
6:05 - Flying Dragon Agheel