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Published on 26 Mar 2022, 12:30
Halo has made the giant leap to TV, but will fans of games like Halo Infinite be ready for what's in store? In the Halo Trailer, we got glimpses of Master Chief as he appears in his live-action form, but now that the Halo TV show is out, he's out of his usual Xbox element and fans will be critiquing his new adventure against their own experiences. Paramount+ hosts perhaps its most exciting property yet with Halo. Paramount Plus is currently the only place fans can watch the highly anticipated Halo Series; trailer footage alone has likely caused new subscribers to join the platform for the highly anticipated debut. Halo: The Series has been reported to be almost nothing like the game, Halo. TV series adaptations of popular properties from other mediums certainly have their tasks set out for them. Really, it would be hard to live up to the original, but is there a chance for success from the Halo TV series? Review writers are fairly mixed on a consensus- do we have a story too different to mean success for the Halo TV series? Trailer footage was not necessarily indicative of the actual Halo TV show, and what we have is a wildly different version upon the actual Halo TV series release. Date your calendars for every Halo episode, and watch along as we break down the Halo show ourselves. What the Halo trailer didn't show about the Halo series is almost an entirely new sci-fi story. Does the Halo TV show (2022) have an impossible task in bridging the gap for fans and newcomers? We can definitively say without spoilers the Halo TV show trailer did not reveal the reality of what's in the actual Halo TV series. Episode 1of the Halo TV series explained the scenario, but it may not be what lifelong fans were expecting. The Halo TV series (2022) does have some peeks into its source material, but is it enough for hardcore franchise fans? We're breaking it down and bringing you every easter egg we could find in the Halo TV series. News reports say 343 Industries is set on expanding the future scope of Halo. The series does that, but widespread opinion could set the pace of how much we may see in the future, and it all starts with today's topic, Halo Episode 1. Review for yourself with the help of our full explainer- since you can't really ask Cortana for help on this one. The Halo (Paramount Plus) review aggregates may actually have a different opinion than your own. Is it worth subscribing to Paramount+? Keep it locked here on IGN as Clint Gage guides you through the entire debut in this episode of Canon Fodder.

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