Here’s Why Ethan Hawke’s Villain is a Threat to Moon Knight | Marvel Canon Fodder

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Published on 1 Apr 2022, 17:00
Moon Knight EP1 is here, and there's a lot to see beyond what we watched in the Moon Knight teaser before. What motivates Moon Knight? Trailer footage paints a picture, but first we should answer the question of "Who is Moon Knight?" Moon Knight Episode 1 drops us right into the action, well past the origin story, so it doesn't quite answer any immediate questions about Moon Knight. Explained by the original comics by Marvel, Moon Knight has quite the story that isn't even touched on yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is Moon Knight (Disney Plus Edition) different from what we expect from Moon Knight? Oscar Isaac plays the hero with an identity disorder, with references to the comics Moon Knight. Marvel had a major task in casting this difficult part, but so far it seems like Oscar Isaac is handling it well as the center of the madness that is Moon Knight. Ethan Hawke serves as the series' villain, and the two certainly create a new tone for their universe. Who does Ethan Hawke really play, and is it who we think? Will we see the perspective of Marc Spector at some point? Of the Disney Plus MCU shows, MoonKnight is certainly taking new steps into a more scary part of the world, and certainly something new. Rockstars of Marvel Kevin Feige and now Oscar Isaac himself serve as executive producers in the new age where darker content can air on Disney+. So does it stack up? Does the Oscar Isaac version have all the Moon Knight abilities he should have? We're going through Moon Knight episode by episode, breaking down the connections made by Marvel Studios. Moon Knight could lead the way for the next chapter of the MCU. So, are we in good hands with Marvel Studios Moon Knight Disney Plus series? That's what we here at IGN are going to figure out with this edition of Canon Fodder hosted by Max Scoville!

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