Morbius Post-Credits & Ending Explained: How it Connects to the MCU | Marvel Canon Fodder

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Published on 2 Apr 2022, 13:00
Morbius The Living Vampire has finally premiered in theaters, and there are quite a few changes in the final version from the earlier-released Morbius trailer. Morbius (2022) stars Jared Leto in the title role. Joining opposite Leto in the Morbius movie is Adria Arjona as his fiance, Dr. Martine Bancroft. With all the leadup, you may be asking, ‘Who is Morbius?’ and, ‘How is Matt Smith involved?’ We’ve got all your answers, including who else could come into contact with Morbius. Spider-Man perhaps? We’re going over the options here, and how the good Dr. Michael Morbius could fit into the picture as a character with Sony and/or Marvel. “Morbius” early on seemed to promise to fit into the Spider-Man movies, but with Sony all too seemingly happy to promote the Venom universe, the dream of an MCU Michael Morbius may not come to pass. Will we see Jared Leto in a Marvel Morbius movie sometime down the line? The future isn’t 100% clear for Morbius. Michael Keaton as Vulture in promotional material seemed to promise a bridge for an MCU Jared Leto Morbius. Evidence seems to point at ambitions for Sony Pictures involving Morbius, Vulture, and more. Is the “Morbius” Vulture the same one we saw years ago in the MCU? In Morbius, Michael Keaton may prove to be the biggest clue for characters even beyond Morbius. MCU timelines and Sony timelines may be able to exist and work together, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly provides obstacles to Marvel characters outside it. There’s so much more beyond the ending. Explained in short, the biggest indicators aren’t even in the film, Morbius. Post credit, are two new scenes. Thankfully, the first Morbius Post credit scene connects directly to the second Morbius Post Credit Scene. Explained by Vulture, we have an idea about what the overall direction is likely to be for the characters originally created by Marvel. Morbius post credit scene 1 and 2 show a pretty clear path ahead to us here at IGN. Check out this new Canon Fodder hosted by Max Scoville and we’ll show just how Morbius connects to the MCU.

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